Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 5-4: Forbidden Pink Thread

After some more time passed, the number of finished cow plushies gradually increased…

“Ow! My right middle finger…”

Sungmin sighed at his red finger.

“Min-kun, use this thimble.”

“Sorry, manager… Hey, who’s currently in first place?”

“Right now, you and Sukunabikona-san are on your third one. It’s the same with me.”

“Alright… It looks like we’re neck and neck.”

Sungmin compared his work with the others.

“You two are doing a good job. How about a break? I can make you guys hot dogs too, if you’d like.”

“Wow! Thank you!”

“Oh, you can also drink that apple juice there.”

Uta stopped sewing and headed to the kitchen.

Sungmin looked over at Sukunabikona, sitting next to him, and peered into his hands.

“Whoa, what’s that?!”

Sukunabikona’s cow plushie had a perfectly majestic face.

“How did you end up making its face like that?”

“Remember when I mentioned the cow god from the Fuda Shrine?”


Sukunabikona stroked the oddly realistic cow around its eye.

“Oh, right. Should I use this chance to have it carry a bag of rice~? …No, maybe it should be an oval coin? Yeah, an oval coin, it is♪”

Sungmin watched the small god begin to remodel the cow plushie.

“Hey, where did you even pull that coin out from…?”

Sukunabikona had pulled the oval coin out from thin air.

“Using your ‘god skill’ is unfair!”

“Unfair? There’s nothing unfair about it. This is the fruit of all my work.”

“Then, I…”

Sungmin ruminated for some time before grabbing some embroidery thread to sew the cow’s face.

Sukunabikona looked over at Sungmin’s plushie with an impressed face.

“Hey, looks like the little one is pretty skillful himself.”

“Well, I am the manager’s number one pupil!”


“Ta-da! By adding this hairpin to its fringe, I’ve created the manager! A satisfying outcome, if I do say so myself!”

Sungmin lifted up the cow plushie after finishing the embroidery.

“Whoa! Uta as a cow…”

Sukunabikona conveyed his astonishment.

It was certain that the plushie encompassed Uta’s characteristics.

“Ehe. Do I get extra points for this?”

“Eh? Weren’t we competing on the number of plushies we made?”

“An adorable ‘Uta Cow’ can’t be worth one point like the normal cows!”

Sungmin insisted, full of confidence.

“Then, my ‘God Cow’ should get a high score!”

“No, I have to say, the manager is more precious than the gods! Alright, I just need a few more touches, then it’ll look just like the manager!”

“Then, me too!”

While Uta was making the hot dogs, the two headed off in different directions.

“Ooh, my Uta Cow is too cute!”

Sungmin hugged the finished plushie.

“Little one, let me look too.”

“Just a peek.”

Sukunabikona accepted the Uta Cow and blushed.

“…Wow, it really looks just like him! I want to bring him home with me!”

“Hey! Sukunabikona-san, you can’t kiss him! The manager’s first kiss belongs to me—”

“Oh, sorry, but it looks like I’ve already kissed him…”

“Argh, you really had to do that?!”

Sungmin snatched the Uta Cow back and forcibly rubbed its mouth.

“Come to think of it, Sukunabikona-san, you also kissed the manager during your tennis date… right?! How could you so easily do such a thing?”

Recalling this, Sungmin pouted in regret.

“Sorry about that~. But, you know that he didn’t return the kiss back.”

Sukunabikona cackled in response.

Sungmin brooded over things and flipped the Uta Cow around.

“…Then, I’ll take the manager’s virginity…”


Sungmin grabbed some pink embroidery thread and began to skillfully sew an asterisk on the plushie’s bottom.

“…The manager’s butt is mine…”

Then, he planted a kiss on the newly-sewn asterisk.

“EEH?! …Hey, Mister! The little one’s virgin mind is going crazy. You should do something about it!”

Sukunabikona shouted in the direction of the kitchen.

“…Eh, what?”

Uta left the stove and returned to the front.

“Min-kun, what are you doing?”


Sungmin, whose face had been buried in the plushie’s behind, averted his eyes.

“Having a lewd dream, I’m sure♪”

Sukunabikona snickered and tattled.

“Min-kun, are you okay?”

“I… might not be okay…”


“I don’t know. I feel sick…”


That was when Uta noticed something weird on the table.

“AAAH! Min-kun, that’s not juice. That’s Housou-san’s rum!”

Sungmin had mistaken the apple juice for the bottle of rum Uta had left out next to it.

“I see. So that’s why the little one was strangely excited.”

Sukunabikona muttered to himself.

“Here, drink some water!”

“Mana~ger, I—Imma adult! I can *hic* totally handle my alcohol!”

“Um, you don’t look fine at all though…”

Sungmin drank some water and chewed on his hot dog, but afterward, he still ended up face-down on the counter, asleep.

“Looks like he fell asleep while hugging the Uta Cow.”

Sukunabikona poked the boy’s cheek from the side.

“Uta Cow?”

Uta tilted his head.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. More importantly, it looks like it’s just the two of us now.”

Sukunabikona’s eyes twinkled.

It was true that after Haraedo went inside and Sungmin fell asleep, the two were technically alone.

“Then, I win the competition by default, right? Hey, where do you want to go on tonight’s date? I’m fine with whatever as long as I’m with you. But, we might as well spend the whole night together.”

“The whole night? As in, until morning?”

Struck by Sukunabikona’s flirtatious glances, Uta was at his wit’s end.

“There’s still a curfew going on, so I don’t think there are many places that are open until morning…”

“Oh, please, you know what I mean, Mister. Hand me your phone, okay?”

Uta held out his phone and Sukunabikona took it.

“Let’s see, let’s see… Oh, found one. I recommend this hotel♪ Yay, there’s an opening! Let’s make a reservation~♪”

“Huh? Sukunabikona-san?!”

“Okay, reservation secured~! Check-in starts at three, so let’s keep making the plushies until then~☆”

The smiling Sukunabikona returned the phone to Uta.

“EEH?! You really made the reservation?”

Uta stared dumbfoundedly at the reservation confirmation screen.

“By the way, how much does it cost to cancel on the day of…?”

“Why are you thinking about canceling it?! You’ll go with me, won’t you? You promised.”


Uta didn’t think he made any promises, but he did say he would treat whoever made the most plushies. Leaving aside the matter of staying at a hotel with the small god, he should still treat him to dinner.


(If I go to a hotel with Sukunabikona-san, it’s highly likely that I’ll be caught up in his pace…)

Uta’s resolve wavered.

Sukunabikona glanced over at the sleeping Sungmin and gloated.

“Sorry, little one. It looks like mister’s that is mine.”

“What’s that?”

“The pink thread.”

“Pink thread???”

Naturally, Uta didn’t have a clue.

Sukunabikona extended his hand and stroked Uta’s behind.


Uta reflexively flinched.

“Ahaha, it’s fine, Mister! I’ll be sure to treat you nicely.”

At that moment, something black slammed against the store’s glass door.

“…Eh? What was that?!”


Sukunabikona’s expression stiffened.

To Uta, it looked like some kind of crow…

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