Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 5-6: Christmas Dinner and an Overnight Stay

“Min-kun made four. Sukunabikona-san also made four. I made seven. So, that means I still need fifteen more…”

Uta counted the number of cow plushies lined up on the counter and sighed.

Sungmin did wake up later, but Uta didn’t think it would be best to allow him to keep working, so he sent the boy home.

“Well, there’s still a week left before the New Year. I’m sure I can manage.”

Uta muttered to himself inside the empty store and was about to grab the next plushie when he noticed something.

(Huh? Am I missing some kits?)

According to his calculations, he should have had fifteen left, but there were only two kits left in the cardboard box.

He recalled that Haraedo had made some, but he should have only made one. Even with this added information, the numbers didn’t add up.

(What’s going on?!)

Uta wracked his brain.

Then, he headed inside the store to his residence on a hunch, where he then heard voices from the living area.

“You really are good at this.”

“Not really. Even a god of disease can do something like this. More importantly, shut up and keep moving your hands.”

“Aye, aye.”

“…Sigh, why have you just been watching this whole time?”

“I mean, I haven’t seen you work in over a thousand years.”

“Weren’t you the one who told me to work for Uta’s sake…?!”

The two sat on opposite sides of the living room table and carefully moved their needles.

“Haraedo, Housou-san…”

When Uta called to them from the hallway, the two looked up at him in surprise.

“…Oh, Uta. I made some cow plushies.”

“Thanks. I’m surprised. You didn’t tell me you were making them here…”

“Well, actually, Housou’s the one who made them. I think he made eight and I made three?”

Housou-no-kami corrected Haraedo’s statement.

“I’ve finished this one too. So, I’ve made nine of them now.”

“Thanks, Housou-san.”

Uta grabbed one of the plushies from the table and could see absolutely no flaws with it.

“Housou-san, you’re quite skillful.”

“Yeah, when he’s not drunk.”

Haraedo chuckled.

“So, how many more do I need to make?”

“Umm… three more, I think?”

“Then, if the three of us make one each, we can finish.”


If they could pull it off, the job would finish right away. Uta felt the pressure lighten and was relieved.

“Thank you so much! I’ll be able to spend my New Year’s at ease thanks to you.”

“Oh, that’s great. But, is the winner for tonight’s Christmas date Housou?”

“Hm, I guess he is.”

In terms of numbers, that seemed to be the case.

“I see. Housou, I’m sure you know this already, but don’t you dare try to do anything weird to Uta, got it?!”

Haraedo reminded the god. But, it didn’t seem like Haraedo was against the actual date.

That was despite Uta being dragged to the realm of the dead because of this god and needing to be rescued.

Taking that into consideration, Haraedo was kind-hearted.

However, Housou-no-kami shook his head.

“It’s okay. I’m exhausted.”


“Uta’s your devotee, right? You should be the one to babysit him.”

After Housou-no-kami finished making the last plushie, he let out a yawn and disappeared.

“Um… did he run away?”

“Nah, that was him conceding to me. Damn you, Housou. Why are you trying to be cool?”

Now, it was just Uta and Haraedo who were left behind.

“I thought today would be lively, but it’s the same as always.”

Haraedo’s face had completely relaxed.

“Fufu, I guess it is.”

Then, Uta suddenly recalled something and brought it up.

“Oh, so about tonight’s date…”

“Yeah. What do you want to do? Since we got this chance at hand, want to eat out? I’m fine either way.”

Haraedo watched Uta take his phone out of his pocket.

“Well, actually, Sukunabikona-san made a reservation at a hotel under my name without my permission…”

“A hotel?! Hm, but didn’t Sukunabikona go somewhere else?”

“He was called over by Ookuninushi-san and left. That’s why, Haraedo…”

Uta didn’t finish and looked up at the god.

A Christmas dinner and an overnight stay. A sweet moment for couples to spend…’

He read these words on the phone’s screen and looked up at the god again.

“Do you want to go, Uta…?”

“I mean, there’s no refund if I cancel the day of.”

“I see…”

“…But, that’s just an excuse. I kind of want to go now that I’ll be with you, Haraedo. I mean, we’re… you know…”

Even though they had been together this whole time, their relationship remained rather vague.

He had to take this opportunity to advance their relationship.

In the first place, the two of them lived in different worlds, but Uta wanted to close that distance.

He wanted to convey this, but he was embarrassed and couldn’t put it into words properly.

Haraedo covered his mouth with one hand.

“Hey, Uta… I’ve lived for two thousand years, but this is the first time a human has ever invited me to a hotel!”

“This is also my first time in the twenty-five years I’ve been alive! But, I want my first time there to be with you.”

“First time… You’re so…so innocent!”

Haraedo laughed while ruffling Uta’s hair.

“…You’re fine with me?”


“Okay. I’ll make all your wishes come true.”

The god gently hugged Uta. Then, he planted a warm kiss on his head…


Uta looked up and the two locked lips this time.



“I love you,” he said, with a sweet breath escaping his mouth, and slowly separated.


“Don’t look at me like that. If I hold you any longer, I’ll end up pushing you down… But, I guess you’ll have to wait till tonight for that. We still have to finish up the plushies.”

“Finish…? Oh, yeah, you’re right!”

The two sat across from each other.

The mood in the room was warm and fuzzy.

Afterwards, the two spent a night far sweeter than a caffè mocha with whipped cream, finally achieving their dream—

<Side Story: Christmas Cows, Concludes!>

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Housou-kun is too cute.