Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Side Story: Details of the Promised Date

“Min-kun, about the matter of your bonus that we talked about before.”

It was after the closing hour for Coffee Galette Chofu.

Sungmin watched with eyes sparkling in anticipation as Uta stuck his hand in his apron’s pocket.

“Manager, did you really think about it?!”

“Of course. I can’t betray Min-kun’s expectations, after all.”

Uta grinned and took out two tickets from his pocket.

“Ta-da! These are tickets to a 4DX theater. Want to go now?”

“EHHH?! Are you serious?! Isn’t that the one that can display 3D stuff and even rock the seats and blow wind at you?!”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Wow! It’ll be my first time!”

“Mine too.”

“What should I do? …The first time experiencing the object of my dreams and it’s with the m-m-manager!!”

“What are you two getting all excited about? Or rather, what’s with that weird choice of words…?”

The two had thought that they were alone in the store, but Haraedo could suddenly be seen leaning against the wall.

“You were there, you third wheel?”

Sungmin’s face, which had been melting in bliss before, was now stiff.

“Who’s a third wheel?!”

“I mean, aren’t you intruding in our personal space?”

“Listen here. There’s nothing special between you and Uta.”

“We’re going to get closer with this date!”

“The intensity of your delusion must be extremely high for you to declare that…”

Haraedo said as he approached and took the tickets that Uta was holding from the side.

“So, you can see a movie with these?”



For some reason, Haraedo made a baffled face as he looked at the tickets.

“Huh, Haraedo…?”

Uta noticed something.

“Could it be that you’ve never seen a movie before?”


“It won’t be displayed on that tiny piece of paper. You watch the movie on a huge screen in a dark room.”


“Ah, as expected…”

Uta looked at the dumbfounded Haraedo and was shocked.

“You’ve lived in Chofu but have never seen a movie before?!”

Chofu had once been known as “The Movie City.” It had gotten its name from the numerous film studios and movie affiliated companies that were situated around here, though the most an average person got involved with movies was when they went to watch them in the new cinema complex that had been built in front of the station.

Uta had gone and bought the tickets from there during his break.

“You’ve never seen one despite being dressed like someone who came straight out of a historical movie…?”

Sungmin said with a stunned look on his face.

Haraedo retorted.

“You got a problem?”

“There’s no problem!”

Uta sensed that a fight would break out soon, so he got in between the two.

“But I think you should try going to one once.”

“How do I go to one?”

It appeared that he didn’t understand the meaning of Uta’s words.

“In other words, use these tickets.”

Uta temporarily snatched the two tickets in Haraedo’s hand before giving one each to Haraedo and Sungmin.

“Wh-wh-what is the meaning of this, manager…?”

Sungmin looked uneasy.

“You two should go. Min-kun can fulfill his dream of watching a 4DX movie, and if Haraedo is to experience what a movie is, the simplest way would be to see it on the latest technology.”

“No, but… Eh?”

“Ah, the movie’s going to start soon! Min-kun, I leave my god to you.”

Uta pushed the two on the back.

“ARGH! 4DX!”

Sungmin seemed to have given up as he left the store and headed towards the cinema.

Haraedo smirked as he followed after.

(Now then, let’s close up for the day!)

Uta nodded to himself in the quiet store.

After that, Uta had asked them about how it had gone. It seemed that the two had enjoyed the movie and they excitedly told Uta about the wonders of 4DX.

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