Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 44 – Regret – Assam

I said it too casually. I thought that if I learned the language of Toki’s world, I would understand what he was saying when he talked to himself. When I asked him to teach me the words I wanted to know most, Toki cried to the point where I, too, was flustered.

How did I not notice his homesickness? Of course, he felt homesick.

Toki’s tears, his feelings that I had failed to notice, were like a punch to my gut. No, I would rather someone had actually hit me. I’d been too happy in my own world.


For some reason, he was startled when our eyes met after he had called out my name. Immediately after, I could feel Toki grow angry for the first time.


“Assam. What regret doing? Regret doing summoning me?”

“Of course not! There is no part of me that regrets summoning you and having the pleasure of loving you.” I denied his words in a panic.

I’d forgotten about Toki’s power. At what point had he started using it? What I just said, however, wasn’t a lie.

“Then, what regret?”

“That I’d been lost in my own world. I didn’t notice you were homesick.”

I didn’t try to make myself look less pathetic; Toki’s heart took priority over that.

For some reason, after I’d confessed my transgression, Toki just looked at me blankly.

“Assam. I happy cry. Why think?”

“Why? Wasn’t it because you felt closer to your world when you heard the language of your birthplace?”

Toki started crying after I said『I love you. 』

“Wrong. Because Assam say『I love you. 』First time told I love you『Japanese.』Assam I like, said to me. Happy crying did.”

Toki told me he was happy because the person he loved, not anyone else, had told him he was loved in the language of his birthplace.

“When come here, give up hearing『I love you.』Because no speak『Japanese.』Assam said learn 『Japanese.』Was happy. Feels like Assam say, no forget birthplace. Is ok.”


Toki, who told me with a tearful smile that he was happy that I said I would learn the language of his world, and that it was as if I was telling him it was ok not to forget it, was painfully lovely.

I pulled him into a hug and he relaxed, entrusting his body to me. His heart, straightforward as always, was dazzling. It made my own heart grow warm.

If it made his straightforward heart flutter, I could tell him『I love you』as many times as he wanted, since those words weren’t lies.

“After I learn your language, let’s have a lot of conversations. So that you don’t forget where you came from. I’ll give you a lot of 『I love you』s.”

“Un. Thank you.”

This world was full of things from his birthplace. After Toki is healed, I’ll take him to see them. I wanted to protect that smile on his face.

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