Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 58 – Soft Heartedness – Assam

I cast cleansing magic on both Toki and myself and was about to go to sleep when I heard Tsugura’s mild-mannered voice coming from behind the door. 

When I told her to come in, she sat down at a work desk far away from the bed. As expected, she was here to talk about her brother, Yarra.

“Please save my brother. It is too harsh a punishment to treat him as livestock. If you are willing to save him, I am prepared to sacrifice myself and talk to Laham.”

I told Tsugura, who had gotten worked up, to lower her voice. 

I was wondering how to dodge her request and came to the conclusion that it would be best to tell her the truth. Tsugura didn’t know about Yarra’s lack of responsibility after all.

“I’m sure that your actions are just needless concern for the two of them. Are you aware of your brother’s nature?”

“No. However, normally-”

“Normal doesn’t apply to them. You didn’t think to ask what your brother had done to Laham, right? Here, I had both parties corroborate it in the Kenbun1 report.”

It would be better for her to read it than hear me say it out loud. The Kenbun was an organization backed by the castle’s secret service. Their reports were accurate. As Tsugura read the report, the blood drained from her face.

“No way… Nii-san, such a thing…”

“And to make it worse, Yarra didn’t propose nor apologize to Laham afterward. As that was going on, do you remember what he said to me? In front of Laham?” I continued even as she shook violently.

I told her how Toki trembled, recalling Laham’s memories, and how Yarra had attacked Toki after that. I told her how Yarra had thanked me for forgiving him twice for his betrayal.

When I was finished, Tsugura, in tears, fell to her knees and bowed her head. She had finally come to understand just how irredeemable of a man her brother was and also the clemency of those around him.

“Happiness varies from person to person – there are those that enjoy dominating others and those who enjoy being dominated.2 However, it is probably harder for the person being dominated to come to terms with their own tendencies than it is for the person doing the dominating. Yarra couldn’t endure that despair. That’s why I pressed him – become a pet or die. No matter which choice, it gave him a place to escape to, an opportunity to protect his spirit when he did eventually come to terms with it.”

I didn’t really care if Yarra broke, but I wanted to avoid hurting Laham.

When it looked like I was going to kill him, Yarra decided to become Laham’s pet. He decided to protect his own heart.

“That’s why you should leave those two alone. Now that you know the truth, are you still saying you will separate them?”

“I won’t. I won’t. A thousand apologies. Please punish my impudent self. I don’t know how to make it up to Laham and Toki-sama and you, Your Highness… turn this body into livestock, take its life. I, I-” Tsugura prostrated as she cried.

Truthfully, this incident had already been closed. I didn’t want to make it even more troublesome by doling out punishments.

“It would interfere with my work and my livelihood if I lose you as well. I have no intention of turning you into a pet or executing you. Whether you feel indebted to me or not, this palace is understaffed. If you feel the need to make it up to me, then train more workers. Also, make Toki’s revue with Laham. You can apologize to Laham then or whenever you want. That’s it. I’m going to sleep now,” I said one-sidedly, pushing Tsugura out of the room.

I owed Yarra a debt. He saved my life numerous times when I was young during the civil war. Stripping him of his job and turning him into livestock was a punishment not only for his current sins but his past sins as well.

“Me too, I’m too soft on people.”

“I like that part,” Toki said, smiling at me despite looking sleepy, his arms open wide.

He must have been worried about me, and I was soothed by that kindness of his.

I ended up waking him. I came closer and settled into his warm, open arms.

“I love you too. Night. Sweet dreams.”

I gave him a soft, gentle kiss, wishing him a good night.

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