Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 60 – Pet Pet – Toki

Once I’d finished with my meal, everyone in the room started dispersing.

Speaking of which, there was something important I’d forgotten to say1. I stopped Laham and Tsugura from leaving.

“Toki-sama? Me as well?” Tsugura seemed confused.

The two of us hadn’t really had the chance to talk much, but… I had to check this thing out first. It would be too late for us to have a conversation afterward.

“Un. Tsugura, lately present sent did?”

“A present? I have not sent one personally.”

“Then, Assam name sent?”

“If it’s in His Highness’s name, I have prepared presents for Toki-sama and a ceremonial gift for the shiromiko rituals.”

“Assam, truth?”

“Aah, that’s correct.”

“And Laham?”

“I didn’t send any personal gifts. I did present a ceremonial one for the shiromiko and the consorts that birthed them in the name of the temple.”

“And Yarra?”

“Yarra hasn’t sent any personal gifts either. I’ve confirmed it during the management review. At most, he would have also sent a ceremonial gift as part of his job. Other than that, lately, he’s been arranging gifts for Toki-sama from His Majesty from when he had gone to work at his majesty’s side,” Laham answered.

Management review… I guess Laham was the one holding the purse strings. I kind of ended up imagining Yarra asking him for pocket money.

“Assam? Other than me and shiromiko, sent?”

“I haven’t.”

There were no abnormalities in any of their spirit sounds. 

That settles it – Assam wasn’t the one who sent that gift.

“Understood. Talk His Majesty. Important. When can meet?”

Tsugura left to contact the king.

“Toki-sama? Is something starting?”

I gave the anxious Laham a wry smile and beckoned him over.

I had him come up next to me and bend down. Then I patted him on the head.


Despite going red, Laham didn’t brush my hand off or avoid me. A beautiful person acting all shy truly was cute.

“Laham cute.”

For some reason, as I reciprocated the smile on the troubled yet beautiful Laham’s face, I felt the sensation of a hand on my own head.


When I looked up to see who the hand belonged to, I met with kind, blue eyes that were narrowed by a smile.

“You who says stuff like that is cute.”

Heat rushed to my face, but I couldn’t help but giggle at how good it felt to have Assam stroke my head.

Soon after, Assam let go, I stopped petting Laham and Laham straightened back up. A knock was heard on the door and His Majesty suddenly appeared.

“You wanted to see me? huh? What’s wrong? Your face is red – do you have a fever?”

I denied His Majesty’s words in a fluster. I thought for certain he’d make an appointment and then we’d meet later, but I ended up summoning him here – sorry about that.

As I was about to start talking, Assam cleared the room of people. He asked Tsugura for some tea and I waited until she finished serving to start.

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