Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 61 – Confirmation – Toki

Assam, His Majesty, Laham, and Tsugura were currently the only ones in the room. I checked the faces in this lineup one by one.

“Not father, have question for majesty.”

“It can’t be as your father? Then what did you want to ask?”

“Second prince, name Lark?”


“Lark mother, blue hair?”


So far everyone’s spirit sound was normal. The true test will be from here on.

“Before, said Assam hunt die, remember?”

Everyone nodded as one.

“Blue hair said Assam kill.”

“I see…”

Starting from His Majesty, Laham, Tsugura, and even Assam, there were no changes in their spirit sounds when I said that she wanted to kill Assam. I didn’t sense anyone trying to hide any evil intentions. I’m glad – they’re innocent.

“Toki, why are you smiling?” Assam reproached me.

“People here, not bad. Blue hair, not bad.”

“Lillia isn’t? What do you mean when you say she isn’t bad?” His Majesty urged me to continue.

“Lillia-san, to protect Lark, said kill Assam. In Assam name, many letter, many present to kill Lark came.”

Everyone’s gazes turned rigid at my words.

“But Assam, Laham, Tsugura didn’t send. Lillia-san talk two men. From behind so didn’t see face. Majesty, know Lillia-san worried? Lillia-san cried. Know that she ask, ‘Assam, why?’”

Every person in this room was busy in their own way and not one had paid attention to Lillia. Even though His Majesty was supposed to be her husband.

“My dream not lie. Investigate. Before punishment, properly talk.”

His Majesty’s spirit sound was a bit disheartened when I finished speaking. Assam was angry and… satisfied? Hm? Satisfied with what? Laham was the same. Tsugura was just angry.

“Toki, thank you for telling me. I would have accused Lillia one-sidedly. Thinking about it, I haven’t properly talked to her or seen her face since Catalina died. I’ll go there now. I’ll have a proper investigation done. Thank you, Toki.” His Majesty smiled and patted me on the head. It made me feel a bit shy.

“Think Lark lonely,” I tried saying because if he was like that with the mother then he probably hadn’t gone to see his child either.

His Majesty left the room saying he’d go see Lark as well.

I was surprised to see a number of His Majesty’s guards at the door and wondered how long they’d been standing there.

“Ah, Mima-san and Issa-san?”

Among the guards were the two that I’d been introduced to earlier and I tried calling out to them.

“Toki-sama, you don’t need to add ‘san’ to the guard’s names. Tsugura, to work.” (Laham)

“Yes. Well then, Toki-sama, I shall take my leave.” (Tsugura)

“Un. See you.”

Perhaps she was still thinking about her brother, but Tsugura sounded somber when she spoke to Laham. 

It was decided that, for the time being, it was better for Yarra to keep his distance from those that were close to him. Assam’s judgment was not to completely push him away but to put him in a position where he could reach him at any time.

I wonder how many people have noticed the sense of distance and consideration that Assam put into his decisions.

“Hn? What?” Assam asked and I suddenly remembered his spirit sound from earlier.

“Before, Laham, Assam, heart sound why satisfied?”

At my question, the two looked at each other, turned back to me, and laughed.

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