Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 64 – Punishment – Assam

I cleansed both of our bodies using magic and provided Toki with his daily dose of energy, something that had become routine at this point. I slowly let my magic flow into Toki’s heart.

“I was just drinking his semen and couldn’t control myself.”

The next time, if Toki took my member into his mouth, I’d probably end up deflowering him. Even if he said no, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

I might do it for a whole leaf1… no, two leaves even, without pulling out. I want to hold him. I want to make him mine. I want there to only be the two of us.

“Really, I can’t make fun of Laham if I’m like this…”

Now then, let’s go vent some of my frustration.

I stopped the flow of magic that I was pouring into Toki’s chest and concentrated on the door instead. It flew open with a bang.

“Ng! Geh!” The sound of choking was followed by the noises of someone being squashed.

When I looked down, I saw the figure of a burly man on the ground.

“I’m only going to ask this once: what were you doing?”

At my question, he flattened his body to the ground. What was his name again? Issa?


“Were you too late in running away?”

“Eh? Ah! No! I, I was the only one here.”

“You’re covering for them? You’re fired. All of you.”

With those words, the other three came out of the waiting room. Joo and Tomi were looking at the ground while Mima looked at me with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

“A thousand apologies, Your Highness. May I ask why you are firing all of us?” Joo asked as their representative.

It was disrespectful of them to take a peek at Toki and my private affairs, but more than that…

“You people, what are your priorities here? Self-preservation? Camaraderie? Did any of you even think of Toki? Your master? I don’t need guards or attendants who can’t prioritize the person they’re supposed to protect.”

“Pardon me, but if that’s the case then wouldn’t that mean that Issa doesn’t have to be fired?”

“No. I’m firing him. The four of you are co-conspirators, incapable of protecting Toki. Issa covered for you, didn’t he? So that you wouldn’t be fired along with him. Despite not knowing you for long, you are the ones who betrayed the trust I put in you. Am I wrong?”

All of them, except for Mima, prostrated. 

When Issa noticed this, he grabbed Mima’s hand and forcibly yanked him down to his knees.

“This is bullshit. It was wrong of me to snoop, but you’re the one who betrayed Commander Yarra! Livestock? What even is that?! You’ve got no idea what the commander’s been through!”

“HEY!! Stop it Mima! You wanna die?!”

“I don’t care if I die! If Commander Yarra hadn’t been there during the last war I’d already be dead.”

Issa was holding back the agitated Mima.

I heard a clattering sound from behind me. Of course this would have woken Toki up.

I was angry about it, but also concerned with what Mima had said about me betraying Yarra.

“You’ve woken Toki up.”

When I told him that, Mima calmed down a bit, perhaps thinking about the severity of the punishment he’d receive for that.

“I can hear you even if you don’t shout. Mima, I understand that you have some things to say about Yarra’s situation. Issa, Joo, Tomi – do you have anything to do with this?”


“Joo, Tomi, I’m deducting your pay for a tree2. We will discuss this in further detail later. There will be no next time. Go to the waiting area.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“Y-yes, Your Highness! Thank you!”

They bowed deeply and disappeared into the room across the hall. Once they were gone, I went to Toki’s side.

“I’m glad.” He hadn’t woken up. 

I cast some sleeping magic on him and then summoned Laham from the nap room to look after Toki.

It left a bitter taste in my mouth, learning about a different side of a person I’d already judged.

No matter what one does, information isn’t a straightforward thing. Toki’s power can’t see through a person’s entire life. If it could, Toki would have broken – a human life is a heavy thing after all.

I left the room after confirming that Laham had arrived, taking the two guards with me to Toki’s room.

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