Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 65 – Secret Talk – Assam

Mima started talking as soon as we got to the other room. From his words, I noticed that there were many points of discrepancy between the Yarra seen in the palace and the one seen out in the field.

Yarra didn’t become a soldier because he wanted to. As he and Tsugura didn’t have any other relatives, he sold himself to the army in order to buy food. He became a spear and shield on the front lines.

While fighting at the vanguard, he also hunted so that Tsugura would have food to eat. It was at that time that Yarra first came across Laham and fell in love at first sight.

Laham had an elderly grandfather who had dragged him to the state to become a priest because of his abundant magical power.

Yarra treasured Laham and Tsugura. His pride was to protect them.

Before long, Laham entered into the service of the palace, and Yarra, at the risk of his own life, began to protect the child soldiers that were thrown into the vanguard of the war. For these children, his heroic figure was like that of a guardian angel. However, it was not long after that Tsugura was summoned to the “Bedchamber.”

The Bedchamber was a place where royals and nobles practiced sexual acts with servants so as not to embarrass themselves. For the most part, it was women with strong magical powers who were summoned to work there as it was less likely for them to have children.

When the “practice” ended, those who worked at the Bedchamber were employed as servants until they married. In the worst cases though, they weren’t allowed to leave and were turned into concubines.

The king was currently in the midst of trying to abolish that practice.

Yarra was depressed when Tsugura had been summoned to the Bedchamber in the palace, but at the same time, his deeds were finally recognized and it was decided that he too would enter the palace. Those who had been protected by Yarra thought that he and Laham could finally find happiness. However, the only thing they heard back was that Yarra was being treated unfairly.

When Mima heard that Yarra, his benefactor, had been turned into livestock, he couldn’t stand the unfair treatment any longer.

“Issa, is what he’s saying accurate?”

“Y-yes! I think that’s pretty much it. I, too, am one of the lives that were saved by Commander Yarra.”

“I see. I understand Yarra’s sentiments. However, they are not enough to overturn my decision. That person committed many sins. You say his punishment is unfair but are you aware of what he had done?”

“That… no…”

“He slept with Laham without proposing to him and in the end tried to throw him away, and he almost killed Toki. Don’t you think that the punishment I gave him was too lenient?”


Learning of Yarra’s sins, they must have become aware of just how rude and unjust their own actions were. Both of their faces went pale.

“Furthermore, Tsugura’s a virgin.”

““Eh?”” They lifted their hanging heads and asked at the same time.

Apparently, these two had the tendency to make assumptions. I should remember that for the future.

“I refused to embrace anyone aside from the one I love. You can check with Tsugura if you want. Well, she’ll probably punch you. Anyway, Laham can only be embraced by Yarra.”


“You can ask the person himself. Back then many people tried to make a move on him, but they were all repelled by a ‘Blossom.’”

““A Blossom? No way!!””

“That’s right, a Blossom – a protection spell cast on him by Yarra. Besides, Yarra and Laham are already married. Last I saw him, he was wearing a nushi-gem earring. Since they’re married, he can’t really be considered livestock anymore.”

“What have we done…”

“You jumped to conclusions and decided by yourselves that it was unfair. The problem here is Yarra, who didn’t have the courage to propose, and you guys, who made the wrong assumptions about the person you are supposed to guard. You brought your own feelings into your work and acted discourteously.”

““A-a thousand apologies,”” Issa and Mima said in perfect unison, prostrating on the floor.

I was going to cut them loose if they didn’t change their attitudes at this point… oh well.

“I have no intention of letting you dodge your mistake. No pay for one forest1. If you want to regain the faith I’ve lost in you, you should work diligently every day. Now then, Laham! You heard, right? I’ll give you one leaf2 off – go have a proper conversation.”

The main door to Toki’s room opened and Laham stepped inside. Since he didn’t conceal his presence, it seems that he still didn’t trust the two guards.

“Thank you, Your Highness. Also, Toki-sama already knows. He pointed me to this room before falling asleep. Only a person with a strong spirit would be able to resist a sleeping spell cast by His Highness. However, even if his spirit is strong, I think Toki-sama was hurt.”

“He looked like he was asleep… I understand.”

I had to put more trust in Toki. Shielding him from painful things wasn’t the only way to protect him. 

Toki had the strength to overcome hardships. I should trust him and then we could surpass these hardships together. Even if the hurdle is too big to overcome right now, I hope we are able to support each other and overcome it together eventually.

I should quickly release my magic and apologize.

When I left the room, I found Kiha waiting. He wasn’t wearing the same clothes as before, but clothes from Toki’s world instead.

He wore a kimono with a yellow and white pattern on a red background, a green apron, and a tasuki3 of the same color. A towel with a yellow and green pattern was wrapped around his head.

“Your Highness, I would be honored if Toki-sama could partake of this when he awakes.”

He showed me a small, toy-like tray with a heating mechanism inside of it. It was a luxurious black tray with a gilded rim. How did he manage to get something of this size?

“If I remember correctly, that’s… ‘onigiri’?”

“Yes. There are two of them each less than a mouthful and two sips of soup. This way it will feel like a snack and won’t fill the stomach.”

The tray was so cute, as if it were food for a baby. Everyone in the area aww-ed at the sight of it. Even Mima and Issa’s depressed expressions melted at the thought of Toki eating from that cute thing.

“Ah, I forgot to inform you but Toki-sama’s stomach is operating normally. Furthermore, maihan’s magic absorption rate is higher than most foods. It makes you feel full quickly but is also quickly digested so it doesn’t leave the stomach feeling full. That’s why it is ok for Toki-sama to eat a little bit. Also, I’ve done as you asked and changed his clothes.” (Laham)

You managed to give him a magical examination and change his clothes in this short amount of time? As always, he works quickly.

“Understood. Kiha, Toki is looking forward to your cooking. Let him eat many delicious things.”


“Laham, are you coming in to see Toki?”

“No, I have to speak to Yarra so I’ll take my leave first.”

Did he understand my desire to apologize to Toki right away? Well, that’s fine.

Our conversation over, I entered my own room.

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