Trails with Cuddle-Cuddle Osbon

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Author Note:

The night of the first day of field study didn’t go as planned after all.

Thank you for the typo reports as always.

Chapter 015 – Fufufu, son. It’s the April Field Study④

Done with all the requests that day, Rean’s group returned to the inn, while Sara left for Celdic.

Laura, who remained in the Vander dojo’s training ground, was swinging a sword by herself.

But unlike the amount of sweat she had shed would suggest, her feeling didn’t improve at all.

…………He’s so far away…………


Rean was strong. Laura should have noticed that during monster subjugation.

However, whenever Laura recalled how she fought together with Rean and defeated Vander’s assistant instructor as well as when he fought against Jusis and Machias, Laura felt an intense thirst and hunger filling her.

Laura believed that she had lived a life that was meritable like her father, the strongest swordsman of the empire, who was known as Radiant Blademaster, and held the rank of viscount.

She had no rivals in her age group in terms of martial arts, and while her mannerism could be a bit rude, she grew up watching her father’s back, and believed that as a daughter of a noble, she had acquired the skills worthy of a viscount.

To think I got swayed by emotions like this… I guess I am immature, very much so. 

She felt frustrated. 

She never thought it was so difficult to rein in an emotion that felt similar to shame.

There were people superior to Laura in Arseid school, just like her father.

However, this time it was a swordsman from Eight Leaves that her father told her would meet someday.

And just because the said person happened to be in the same age group, Laura’s heart was disturbed.

At the tip of her sword, she created a virtual image of Rean in her line of sight when in reality did not have anyone there.

Laura had experienced the Eight Leaves Sword, observed it, and got to feel firsthand how it felt to receive follow-up from it.

Laura tried to calm herself by swinging her sword endlessly at that imaginary blade, but it didn’t seem to calm her down.

Fie, whose might was probably at a similar level to me, was able to honestly praise Rean, yet I… thoughts that came made Laura hate herself for not only turning her ugly thoughts onto Rean, but also Fie.

But once that thought came to mind, the current Laura couldn’t shake it off.

Fie…… even though she possessed an ability that put her above the rest just like Rean, I could tell that she was holding back. It’s shameful to admit, but the fact she didn’t go all out is because I’m just not good enough for that. But why doesn’t she try her best? If it’s her, she could have……


A shadow appeared before the sword she swung.

Before she knew it, the black-haired boy she had been picturing in her mind had changed into a silver-haired girl.

Laura’s sword immediately became disordered.

However, Laura didn’t care and was engrossed in cutting the imaginary Fie.

The disciple of Vander’s dojo, including the assistant instructor, looked at Laura as they found her behavior surprising, but also felt an equal amount of empathy.

This was because they were also comrades who felt frustration of not being able to reach the strong.

As they watched over Laura without speaking to her, a boy visited.


“Ah, young master!”

“Please don’t call me young master…… by the way, she is?”

“She’s the daughter of that Victor S. Arseid.”

“Did she… come alone?”

“No, she came with people from Thors Military Academy, but……”


The boy then found out what happened here.

He wasn’t able to find the person he was looking for, but thought it was a good idea to have Laura to guide him, so he talked to her.

“Excuse me. You are Laura S. Arseid, right?” 



Perhaps because she had been concentrating so much and swinging her sword without even wiping away the sweat that was shed like waterfall, it took her some time before realizing she had been spoken to.

“You are……”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kurt Vander.”

“So you’re Matteus-dono’s… gh, nice to meet you as well. I’m Laura S. Arseid.”

“I’m sorry for being sudden, but there’s something I’d like to ask……”

“Muu… ah, my apologies……”


Laura lowered her sword, but Kurt didn’t seem to want to continue.

Laura noticed that but before she could ask, Kurt made up his mind and spoke out.

“Laura-san. It might be rude to ask this when we’re meeting for the first time… but would you like to cross swords with me?” 


“It might be presumptuous of me, a beginner in Vander school, to request this to you, an intermediate of Arseid school… but I want to have a match, in a lot of ways.”

“Kurt-dono ……”

“Please just call me Kurt. I’m the one who issued the challenge after all.”

“…………Alright, I’ll accept the challenge gratefully, Kurt.”

Laura accepted the offer, and Arseid and Vander’s swordsmen lined up in the training ground. 

The match attracted a similar degree of attention to Rean’s earlier match, nay, perhaps even more than that, as the eyes of the disciples focused on them.

Kurt was using Vander’s twin blade technique.

Vander School was well known for their use of strong swords, so Laura blinked her eyes upon seeing something unusual.

However, seeing Kurt’s serious expression, she immediately switched her thoughts.

The two of them clashed and exchanged swords for about an hour.

There, Laura’s disarrayed sword seemed to be energized upon receiving Kurt’s swords filled with emotion.

The match itself was Laura’s victory, but she felt the match held greater meaning than mere victory or defeat.

By that time, Laura had calmed down and was grateful for Kurt for breaking her doubts.

“You have my gratitude. It seems I was so confused that even Kurt could tell.” 

“No, I could understand the feeling of worry about the sword… besides, if I am to expose my shame, it’s not like the match is for Laura-san’s sake alone.”


“What did Laura-san think when you saw my swordsmanship?”

“To be frank, I found Vander’s dual swordsmanship to be unusual. But that feeling soon disappeared. I can feel that your sword was forged honestly, and I can see the depth of your training.”

“It’s an honor to hear such praise. I… want to compare Vander’s strong sword and your sword.”

As Kurt made a regretful confession, Laura sensed a part of his worries. 

Vander’s strong sword required a special physique to generate its power.

Yet Kurt’s body was slender, which made him more suitable for utilizing agility than strength. 

But during the match, Kurt mixed in some brute force with his sword attack.

It was as if a child was throwing a tantrum, and it was in no way connected with his previous skill, which made Laura suspicious.

“I see. Vander’s dual swordsmanship is not inferior to its strong sword. It seems you wanted the confidence for that.” 

“……I’m in awe of your wisdom.”

“Stop that. I’m just a woman in a similar age group.”

“That’s not true. Laura-san’s sword was so straightforward that I couldn’t even block it.”

“Hahah, it seems we’ll continue to apologize to each other at this rate. Let’s both accept the compliment honestly.”

“……I understand.”


Kurt didn’t seem very convinced.

Laura couldn’t bear to see the younger boy, who used his twin swords to dispel her doubt, look troubled, so she asked the reason why he came here.

There Kurt remembered his business and, in a panic, told her the reason he had come here.


“Would it be okay if you guide me to Rean Shchwarzer-san?” 



After Rean and his group returned to the inn, they wanted to write that day’s report.

However, Jusis and Machias were still fast asleep in bed, exhausted from the fierce battle with Rean during the day.

Naturally, it had been Rean who carried the two of them from Vander’s training ground to the inn on his back. 

At this rate, won’t this affect their performance tomorrow? Thought Rean as he decided to wake them up before going to bed.

“You have a bad expression somehow.” 

“Did it show on my face?”

“Yes,” nodded Fie, who seemed to be having a hard time writing the report. 

Because men and women were equal, they were in the same room, and two of the three men were asleep, with one of the remaining girls in Vander’s training ground, leaving only a pair of boy and girl spending their time together.

“Your expression is similar to my father when he is up to no good.” 

“Do I look that old?”

“No, there’s not enough dignity. Also his voice sounds deeper.”

“I guess I can’t overcome the age barrier……”

“In the first place, my father is definitely more attractive than Rean.”

“I guess you’ve a father complex.”

“Got a complaint?”

“Nah, I’m also similar after all.”

“I see. Well, my father is probably better though.”

“No no, my father and dad are both good men, you know.”

“My father is definitely better.”

However, there was no bittersweet atmosphere between them. 

Both of them boasted their respective fathers in childish ways as if shouting how they loved their fathers more. But it was precisely such pure feelings that pierced their hearts.

As Rean felt offended and was about to start an argument, it was Rean’s dad who stopped him.

[“Fufufu, son. It’s immature to get angry at such a young girl. It does feel ticklish, though.”] 

“My dad has a deep and lustrous voice. And as for dignity… maybe he has a lot.”

“Why you aren’t sure about it?”

“How would Fie feel if your father turned into a doll and cuddled on your left arm?”

“Eh, that sounds disgusting.”

“I think so too.”

[“Fufufu, Vali-kun. Pure words can sometimes hurt people.”]

{“Are you crying, Osbon?”}

[“Unfortunately, this body is incapable of crying.”]

It was at this moment that Osbon shed a manly tear. 

Regardless of world and age, the words of adolescent girls were especially effective against middle-aged fathers.

“But even if it’s a doll, I think I will be happy to have my father stay on my side.” 

“The doll can talk too. Something like ‘Fufufu, daughter’.”

“My father won’t call me in that manner.”

“Then… Yo, Fie?”

“That sounds like a fake foreigner. Yofie sounds like a name too. Uh~hn, I think he’ll just call me Fie normally? Does Rean’s father call you Rean?”

“Perhaps feeling owed to Father Schwarzer, he tends to call me son. He hardly calls me Rean at all. Well, not that I mind, though.”

“Heeh, so you have two fathers………… I guess it’s Leo in my case?”


“Yes. He’s my brother, but the atmosphere he gave is more of——”


Fie forgot about the report while she was talking about her family without mentioning they were all jaegers.

In response, Rean also didn’t mention Osbon but talked about the Schwarzer couple and his younger sister Elise.

As they finished writing the report while chatting and sometimes with Rean helping Fie, Fie yawned and fought off her sleepiness.

“Fie, take a bath before going to bed.” 

“Hm~ I want to sleep just like this.”

“You’re already grown up, so you have to clean up properly. Celine is with Laura—— now that I mentioned it, Laura hasn’t returned yet.”

When Rean looked at the clock, it was already nine o’clock at night. 

Even though there are still some field study activities tomorrow, is it really okay for her to not write her report? Rean began to worry.

By the way, Celine became the mascot of the bar for this day only.

[“Help me will you!”] Celine requested for help, but Rean just gave a moment of silence and returned to the room to write his report. 

I guess I should hold her to sleep for today, when Rean decided on that and actually acted on it later, more scratches would appear on Rean’s cheek, but that was another story.

“Sara talked to her so I think there won’t be any problem… but it’s still Rean’s fault.” 

“Isn’t it terrible of you?”

“I think it’s better to look at yourself more objectively, Rean.”

“Even though I did my best for the field study… I did lose to Jusis and Machias, so I guess my score will be lower than those two.”

“Come to think of it, Laura and I didn’t have such a match.”

“Now that you mention it. Since the three boys have done it, I thought Laura and Fie will proceed to have a match just like that……”


After Jusis and Machias lost consciousness, Sara declared the field study was done for the day.

Fie personally thought that was a good thing since there was no hassle, but Laura talked about something with Sara and remained at the training ground.

“Considering the two of you’s abilities are quite similar, I think it will be a very interesting battle.”  

“You’re right. It might be an even battle in normal circumstances… but against the current Laura, I think I can easily win.”

I guess so, just as Rean was about to agree, the door of the room opened as if aiming for the moment. 

When the two turned their heads, they saw Laura gritted her teeth as if enduring something as she stared at Fie.

Oops~ thought Fie as she inwardly cursed the bad timing.

“Fie. I see that you’re saying something interesting.” 

“Ah~ Laura, the thing just now……”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Rean got up from his chair and tried to intervene, but Laura brushed him off and approached Fie. 

Fie sneakily hid behind Rean to avoid Laura’s gaze.

Rean also moved accordingly to conceal Fie as he moved, but Laura’s eyes seemed to pierce through Rean’s body and looked directly at Fie.

“Don’t hide. I won’t run or hide.” 

“No matter what I tell Laura right now, you won’t listen properly, right?”

“I am calm.”

“I’ve never seen someone who said that actually is calm.”

A hostile atmosphere filled the room. 

Even though Rean tried to defend Laura, he actually agreed with Fie’s words, so he couldn’t lie and couldn’t speak properly.

Amid such tension, the rescue came from outside the room.

“Laura-san? Is something wrong?” 

The person who peeked out was a young boy with blue-gray hair. 

His face was so beautiful that one could make him mistaken to be a girl and when combined with his slender figure, he could only be described as pretty.

However, he was someone Rean never met before.

Rean turned around and asked Fie, but she didn’t seem to know either.




Since Laura knew his name, perhaps he had business with her? Thought Rean as his doubt immediately cleared.

Since he knew Laura’s name, it was obvious he was her acquaintance just by thinking a little.

I’m saved, thought Rean as he asked Laura about the boy.

“Laura, who is he?” 

“Yes…… he is Kurt Vander. He is the second son of the Vander family who took care of us today.”

“I’m sorry to visit late at night. Nice to meet you, I am Kurt Vander. This time——”


The boy, Kurt, entered the room and bowed his head again.

His appearance suggested that he was a martial artist and he had good manners.

However, upon seeing Fie hiding behind on Rean’s back and Laura who narrowed her eyes while looking at her, Kurt was at a loss for words.

However, it seemed he wasn’t a person of Vander family for nothing.

Kurt immediately spoke up.

“I came because of business with Rean Schwarzer-san.” 

“Rean, you actually can cause trouble even while acting together with us?”

After hearing Fie’s words as if to cover Kurt’s sentence, Rean just tilted his head and asked for more details. 

“I’m terribly sorry. This is a personal matter for Rean-san, so can we please change places before I proceed to the details……”


Kurt said that while urging Rean to leave.

Before nodding to go, it seemed he came up with an idea and made a suggestion to Fie.

“Okay. That’s right, Fie, you said you’re going to take a bath, so why don’t you go? Make sure not to cause trouble with others. Laura, too, you should write your report, or it will affect your performance tomorrow.” 

While saying that, Rean summoned (woke up) Jusis and Machias (sacrifices for Laura). 

Fie also quickly got ready and headed for the bath.

Laura tried to block her movement, but before she could, Rean intervened and approached Kurt.

“Rean, Fie! You two……!”

“Kurt-kun, is it? Then let’s go downstairs.”

“E-eeh… um, is that okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let’s go now.”

Rean pushed Kurt’s back and left at the speed of a gale. 

Laura was also a woman, so she intended to rush to Fie’s bath, but Rean’s words reminded Laura that the bathroom was shared, so she stopped short.

It was because if Laura met Fie right now, her voice would definitely turn rough in her questioning.

Laura’s anger toward Rean, who had watched the situation to disgusting degree, and as Jusis and Machias slowly woke up, they encountered a shura, so they responded by sleeping again.

Laura would have exploded were it not for her earlier spar with Kurt, but thanks to him, she just on verge of exploding, but that quickly subsided the following morning.

As the other four were suspicious that Rean hadn’t returned, Kurt, who brought Celine with him, made an explosive remark.

“Today, Rean-san will have a match with Aurelia Le Guin…… the swordsman known as the Golden Rakshasha.”

And as the details of the story were revealed, Laura’s anger instantly dissipated. 

On the second day of the field study —— the other four members got caught up in the problem that Rean was forced into.

Author Note:

I thought it would be interesting to bring Kurt out, so the night conversation with Emma disappeared.
Laura and Kurt feel like siblings.

The reason for his visit will be explained in the next chapter.

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