Trails with Cuddle-Cuddle Osbon

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Editor: Helen

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Chapter 017 – Fufufu, son. It’s the April Field Study⑥ [B]

{“She’s extraordinary.”}

“I also never thought that she could take down an arm with a single attack!”

Power of Ashen was an energy entity made of mana, so even if the arm got cut off, it could quickly repair itself. 

But the important thing was that in front of Aurelia’s sword, it had lost its function as armor, and it was proof that it became impossible to attack using only Loa Valimar.

{“Rean. Are people who have reached ‘Boundary’ all that absurd?”} 

“I want to believe that she is the exception, but I think the Old Master and the Radiant Blademaster could do similar things.”

Aurelia’s offensive gear, clad in her golden fighting spirit, was many times higher than before. 

Rean tried to attack with Loa Valimar since it was just a training session, but it seemed that his judgment was too naïve.

Therefore, he decided to use everything at his disposal from now on.

“Spirit Unification…… RRruuuuuuuuooOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!”

Rean’s hair turned ashen due to the power of ogre. 

Aurelia only narrowed an eye slightly and showed no sign of disturbance in her fighting spirit.

In fact, seeing Rean bring out his hidden cards one after another, Aurelia instead smiled as if she was genuinely enjoying herself.

“Let’s go, Valimar!” 


“{ARCUS, activate!}”

Rean and Loa Valimar’s bodies were enveloped in a pale light. 

Rean, who was given control of the Power of Ashen, unleashed his power of ogre and rushed towards Aurelia.

“Arcane Gale!” 

Rean disappeared from Aurelia’s sight. 

Rean’s attack, which surpassed her in speed, was still unable to fool her senses and was blocked by her sword.

But Rean had already expected that. Rean didn’t care even if he couldn’t break through her defense and continued to attack her with a flurry of sword slashes.

Making the opponent use their sword to block meant preventing that sword being used for attacking, and Loa Valimar’s pursuit started there.


Aurelia was engulfed by a ray of the power of ashen that he shot from the side. 

Rean had prevented Aurealia from using her sword through a series of attacks using Arcane Gale, so she had no way to avoid it.

At least that was how it was supposed to be, but right before the moment of direct hit, Aurelia blocked Rean’s tachi using her hand for just an instant.

She then used the opening to utilize Arcadia as a ray shield to thread through the gap and deftly parry the attacks.

Other than her clothes being slightly torn, Aurelia didn’t have any scratches.


Loa Valimar, who expected this from the beginning, raised its arm, and light emitted from its paw towards Aurelia. 

As Aurelia slashed at it with her sword, Rean unleashed Fatal Crimson Slash at her.

Aurelia used Dynast Sunder to intercept, and the slash that Rean unleashed was destroyed.

As Rean avoided it, it was still within Rean’s expectation.

The goal was—— to slam both of Loa Valimar’s arms.

However, the target was the ground.


A huge body approaching 10 arges in size swung its arms down with all its might. 

Instead of aiming at Aurelia, it hit the ground of the arena, violently distorting the terrain and gouging out the ground with the power to sink a huge hole.

Naturally, stones and debris attacked Aurelia, but she didn’t care about that and prepared for the main attack.

The flying debris that was avoided made the nobles scream, but the three on the battlefield didn’t notice it. 

Whether it is the long distance, short distance, or that Power of Ashen… come at me again, show me, Schwarzer. 

Aurelia waited for the challenger with the leisure of a champion. 

Around them, Loa Valimar seemed not satisfied with just hitting the ground, and was also destroying the walls of the arena, blocking Aurelia’s vision.

You know this much isn’t enough to hurt me, thought Aurelia as she sensed Rean’s location as if it was the most obvious thing to do and she readied her sword.

The first to rush in were three clones of Rean. They used a blinding attack from Rean’s main body that was behind them.

Not a bad idea, but not good enough, thought Aurelia as she tried to blow Rean along with his clones, but then her movement stopped.



Aurelia let out a genuine agitation for a moment, which was rare for her.

The stones and rubbles fragments scattered around and rained down, all of them instantly transforming into Rean’s clones.

Due to a swarm of over 100 clones of Rean Schwarzer from what she could see, Aurelia missed the location of the main body, and instead of intercepting the attack, she tried Military Might to endure, but Rean’s attack reached Aurelia faster than that.

“Ashen——Mortal Leaves!”

Perhaps because Rean had been accumulating a lot of strength, it was the most powerful attack that Aurelia received from Rean, which broke her stance. 

Even so, Aurelia still didn’t shake, and seeing that, Rean didn’t stop and grit his teeth.

“Then one more time, Valimar!” 


Loa Valimar was an energy entity. 

The clones were also energy entities, and by combining the techniques that increased clones with Loa Valimar’s Piece of Power…… it became possible to develop clones utilizing Loa Valimar’s total energy.

Naturally, since his control was still immature, all it did was just increase the number of clones, but deploying over 100 clones in an instant would definitely cause fluctuations against any opponent.

Through the tactical link with Valimar, Rean single-mindedly increased his own fighting spirit and, combined with the power of ogre, delivered a blow to Aurelia.

It was done out of confidence it could at least cause damage to a more powerful opponent.

Therefore, Rean had no qualms about repeating the tactics that were fatal for people who were experiencing it the first time.

However, Rean didn’t think hard enough.

The genius known as Golden Rakshasa wasn’t a naïve opponent who would take the same kind of unpolished attacks twice.



It was in the blink of an eye.

Rean, who landed a blow to Aurelia, tried to hide again in the crowd of clones that increased in number due to Loa Valimar, but in an instant, all the obstacles, which were the clones, debris, and flying debris, were removed.

Rean only understood the fact that the swarm of sword armies that had sprung from the earth had wiped out all the clones only after he reflexively raised his tachi and it broke.

The broken blade spun around and pierced the desolate ground.

It took a little while for Rean to comprehend reality.

“——You can be proud of the power that managed to land your blade on me, Schwarzer.”

Rean didn’t respond to Aurelia’s honest praise. 

Perhaps he lost his will to fight because his weapon broke.

I guess this is the end, thought Aurelia and the moment her fighting spirit began to wane, Rean declared.

“Are you planning to end it here, Aurelia-san? In that case, I guess the match is my win.” 

His words were so arrogant that she felt more refreshed. 

Hearing that, the Rakshasa gave a sound of joy.

The boy in front of her should have realized who won the match.

Even so, his eyes told her that he wouldn’t give up on the fight and wanted her to finish the battle properly.

“Aah, it was such an enjoyable time. I was supposed to be here for work, yet I almost forgot about it because of how fun it was. I’ll make sure everything is over by the time you wake up.” 

Aurelia noticed that her voice was rising as she spoke to the person with a great vessel who could potentially surpass her in the future. 

I guess I’m still an inexperienced person who couldn’t control my emotions, though Aurelia as she raised her sword.

Rean also accepted the blade without avoiding it in order to finish the matter.

This battle is coming to an end —— just as they thought that, shouts reached their ears.



When he turned his head, there were four other members of Class VII Group B, Kurt, and Sara. 

Rean was sure that they were heading to the monster breeding facility to collect evidence.

Since they were here, that meant——


[“Fufufu, son. They seem to have successfully concluded their field study, is it okay for you to be the only one who fails?”]

For the first time since the battle began, Osbon’s voice was heard. 

[“Your ability doesn’t reach her. Your Craft is ineffective against her. Indeed, that is certainly a reason to lose. However —— that’s not a reason to give up, Rean.”]

Hearing his name called, Rean, who had accepted defeat, lit a flame in his heart. 

[“Show me more of how my son is doing his best.”] 

{“Rean —— there’s still something we haven’t tried.”}

Immediately, a mysterious impact hit Rean, knocking him unconscious. 

His ARCUS lit up.

The thing that connected Rean and Valimar fell on the students of Group B and Sara, who were exposed to the fragments of the shattered Loa Valimar—— and their ARCUS was also emitting a faint light.

“Everyone, that’s……”


The first to notice that was Kurt.

He pointed out that Fie’s body which was glowing, and the five each looked at their respective bodies.

Rean’s heart could be felt through his ARCUS.

It was just one simple and clear reason.

“—————Win, Rean!”

However, the Rakshasa didn’t hesitate even in the face of a mysterious phenomena. 

Her sword was already swung down from the top and was about to reach Rean.

Divine Art —— Starlight Sword.”1

Rean deflected it. 

A blade of spiritual particles that extended from his broken tachi, that exceeded the size of Aurelia’s sword, accompanied by starlight.

Although Aurelia swung her sword first, Rean deflected her sword with a speed that surprised Aurelia.

“Rean…… you are the man who overpowered us, so you shouldn’t show us a shameful appearance!”

Rean did it unconsciously. 

However, the feelings that reached Rean from everyone in Class VII ARCUS moved his body.

“Divine Art —— Holy Monarch Sword.”2

The blade of spiritual particles was unleashed with holy light and in the shape of a thrust. 

Aurelia immediately blocked it, but she was blown away by the brute force despite her defense.

“Aah geez, why does he always cause trouble without regard to time…! But you see, we all did our best, so you should try to respond to that too!” 

The holy light was enveloped in fiery heat and fell from the sky above the Rakshasa as the radiance of the sun. 

“Divine Art —— Sunlight Sword.

Aurelia intercept it with Dynast Sunder. 

The sword of an Overlord, which had completely swallowed Rean’s attack before, was stopped. It was completely offset.

“I hate nobles —— but the incident this time was resolved with their help. If the case isn’t resolved yet, I’ll do my best to help!”

Rean rushed forward. 

Aurelia also galloped forward.

In response to the Prismatic Tetra Blade she unleashed, the sheathed spiritual particle tachi had a hidden glimmer of moonlight.

“Divine Art —— Moonlight Sword.”

It was an offset again. 

Aurelia used Military Might and unleashed her golden fighting spirit to the utmost.

What Aurelia unleashed next was her ultimate technique that had erased hundreds of Rean’s clones in an instant earlier.

“Rean…… so you were also a challenger. In that case —— don’t stop as a follower! Surpass the Rakshasa, Rean!”

Light lit up in Rean’s eyes. 

The spiritual particle tachi, which he raised upwards, was swung down with a storm that threatened to engulf the sword army led by the rakshasa.

“Divine Art —— Dragon Monarch Sword!”

Rakshasa —— Onslaught!”



At the end —— the person who stood there was the Golden Rakshasa.

The figure that stood there, breathing heavily and used her sword as a support, was that of someone who had been driven into a corner.

However, Rakshasa was still the winner.

As Rean fell on his back, the quivering voices of Class VII Group B, Kurt, and Sara could be heard. 

Aurelia spoke in front of the bond that wasn’t smooth yet seemed certain.

“With this, I confirm the accomplishment of the request I made to Thors Military Academy, Class VII, Group B. The achievements belong to all of you. You have done well.” 

The expression she had there wasn’t that of a Rakshasa, but rather that of a Thors’ alumni, praising the horned lions who were growing stably. 

Author Note:

Celine was the only woman that Instructor Rean had ever explicitly invited to his bed. 3
You can think from the order of the combination craft based on their current favorability of Rean. 4

As for the Principal of the branch campus, I think she was trying to learn the Eight Leaves One Blade.
Since Rean became a swordmaster over the course of the plot, he could be taken in as a disciple.

Considering Aurelia is beyond the promising level as a swordswoman… U~hn I think Instructor Rean will have a hard time.

I did write about the group’s activity at the monster’s breeding facility but didn’t post it in the end, since I considered that it might go too far from the intended plot, so I decided to just focus on Rean VS Aurelia. 

I hope the appearance of Group B at the end wasn’t too abrupt. If it was to you, then you have my apologys.

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