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Part 1: He and She had Comprehended Something

01: “…the 13th Year?”


“I am Student Number 1, Asaka Natsumi. I have come from the neighbouring prefecture due to family circumst…”



When I began my self-introduction in the first Homeroom on the day of the Entrance Ceremony, all my classmates raised a shout of joy. Following that, the Homeroom teacher began crying.

What is this?

“…A loop?”
“Well, I get that you can’t believe it.”

After the strange Homeroom where all my classmates only introduced themselves to me ended, I received an explanation from the already-decided Class Representative, Andou-kun. My other classmates surrounded us and looked on with expressions of great interest.

Meanwhile, the Homeroom teacher, Shiratori-sensei was still crying at the teacher’s desk. Incidentally, the Homeroom teacher was a woman and this was her first class.

“Rather than saying I cannot believe it…it’s that I can’t make heads or tails of it.”

I get the loop itself. It is a standard in Science Fiction and Fantasy. But if someone said it happened in reality, it would obviously cause confusion. After all, of my classmates except me + the Homeroom teacher said the same thing.

“Umm, maybe everyone other than me went to the same middle school or something…”
“Oh yeah, Asaka-san must be thinking that we all decided to play a prank on you together.”
“But that’s not it—. More importantly, we’ve most probably forgotten about our middle schools.”
“You’re right. After all, it is the 13th year.”
“…the 13th year?”

The two girls nearby, Yuzawasa-san and Narumi-san spoke to supplement the explanation.

“In other words, all the students in this class…1-C —other than me— as well as Shiratori-sensei have repeated the same year 12 times?”
“In reality, some of our actions did change certain things, so it wasn’t as if every year was the same.”
“But, school events or some of the bigger incidents…situations in society, earthquakes and such did not change the least bit.”
“I see. …That’s right, when I see it for a week or so, maybe I’ll start believing it somewhat.”

And so, I received a pocket notebook from Andou-kun which had the weather for each day in the year to come written. In hourly intervals.

A week later.

“I still can’t believe it, but…it was even more accurate than the weather forecast….”

Andou-kun quietly gave a fist-pump. My classmates nearby nodded in agreement too.

By the way, a week since the entrance ceremony, I was shocked by a few other things too.

Top of the list were the past questions of the proficiency tests…. It wasn’t their original intention, but the question and answer sets my classmates had memorised… after 12 loops they said; were something all classmates (excluding me, of course) had split up amongst themselves and secretly prepared.

“Ah, but, didn’t we more or less skimp on the tests? That’s right, everyone at most aims for 90% correct answers at most.”
“That time in the second loop, we sure had a devil’s time…”

They said that class 1-C was the only class where all students pulled off getting nearly perfect scores in all subjects, and were suspected of cheating. Moreover, for a newly formed class to organise itself so soon after enrollment, …

“As the homeroom teacher, I was suspected… Those were tough times… Ugh”

Seems like it was Shiratori-sensei who had a devil’s time.

Here’s a chappie coz I’m in a good mood coz I just fangirled about Ossans love to my only fujoshi friend I met on the train.

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