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Part 1: He and She had Comprehended Something

02 : “I wonder…if it is fine even if I do nothing.”

One fine day, around the time when I had by-and-by large begun to believe them, the Class Representative, Andou-kun, once again spoke of the ‘Real Issue’.

Let me add that because of the usual conversations and gossip being more or less the same over the past loops, there was no need for it to occur. No, but this is my first time. Still, I wonder if it is all right for committee members to sit around doing nothing.

“And so, because of a dramatic change occurring the 13th time, everyone is hopeful that we will escape the loop at long last.”
“A dramatic change…You mean, me enrolling?”
“That’s right. Checking our memories of the past twelve times, you did not join this class…or rather, even the school.”

Weather and the like were on a separate level; but comparing the past 12 times, my enrolment was a wholly different event it seemed.

“You said it was because of family circumstances, mind if I ask what exactly the reason was?”
“My reason? Uhh, maybe it began from when my mom suddenly got transferred to Dubai halfway through Middle School Year 3?”
“Then there’s also the fact that my dad works from home as a Day Trader and went with her. There was a talk of me being a single child going with them too.”

Hm? The reaction of my class was somewhat strange. Were both my parents that weird?

“Because I stayed back, I appeared for the high school entrance exams for this prefecture, where my relatives live, and so, here I am.”

This turn of events was relatively set in stone. Speaking of my scope of choice, I would say it was narrow. Be it with regards to my circumstances or my feelings.

“Hmm, perhaps the 12 times up until now, you joined a different school, or maybe you chose to go to Dubai with your parents…”
“Or it might be that your parents did not even meet in the first place? Maybe the very existence of Asaka-san is what is different about this loop?”
“No, wait a second. Be it Middle school year 3 or a few decades ago, if the changes began then, wouldn’t it be strange for the loop to just begin in April this year?”

They chattered and clamoured.

…Everyone sure is amazing. They were discussing in solidarity. It’s just that, I wonder what’s it about wanting to escape the loop. But everyone seemed used to this style of discussing and sharing their opinions. I wonder if this was the result of repeating the same school year twelve times.

“Well, opinions can be a dime a dozen, however all we can do for now is speculate. Let us observe the changes caused by Asaka-san joining a club from here on.”
“No objections!”
“That’s right.”

I wonder if it is alright to just watch over how things progress from here on? I wonder…if it is fine even if I do nothing?

“Sigh–, but it’s somehow fun. The feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen.”
“It’s been such a long time. No, this is how it originally should have been.”
“That’s right… That’s why it is better for Asaka-san to not know what is going to happen in this one year beforehand.”
“Ahh, no need to worry. There were hardly if any accidents, scandals or disasters. It was a peaceful year. At the very least, the past 12 years were.”

I see. If that’s the case, well.

“Ah, of course, the past questions… I’ll hand them over.
” In moderation though…in, moderation… ”

Shiratori-sensei nodded strongly. I wonder what she went through in the second loop…. Well, the truth is, I did cheat a little. Let us try to avoid blindly trusting just rote memorising.

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