I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 1 – Part 2

 The game scenario would begin on January 1st this year. The news, “For the first time in 80 years, a Lumiere had appeared in the royal castle” would travel throughout the kingdom. The Lumiere was a mass that was the physical manifestation of all the negative magic power in the kingdom.

  The moment the Lumiere appeared in the royal castle, gemstones collectively called the star fragments would appear in the insides of the twelve dungeons, one in each metropolis that surrounded the capital. Therefore, we, the people of the kingdom, must explore the dungeons that open every month starting from the first city, and obtain all of the star fragments in 12 months — one year. If we fail to collect the star shards and purify the Lumiere, the magic power of the country would not circulate and the land would wither away. As the Lumiere was purified, the cleansed magic power would scatter throughout the kingdom to give us its blessings for decades to come.

 Although an attack on the dungeons was accompanied by a danger to one’s life, the king would reward the person who collects the most fragments, so all the knights, mages, adventurers greater than A-rank, and other capable people who lived in the country, would challenge the dungeons.

  However, there do exist those who seek star fragments in the dungeons not for the kingdom, but for themselves. The fragments possessed enough cleansing power to destroy even the Lumiere if you collected all twelve, so it is only natural that some would try to use them for their own desires. In the game though, that would be Zagan, and the dark organization that betrayed him.

 The prologue began with the protagonist as he walked through the royal castle. He would receive an imperial order from his father, the king, to collect the fragments as a representative of the royal family.

 The second prince of the kingdom of Soleil, Luca Soleil, had magnificent golden hair, which was a sign that he was an enormous light attribute holder. He was 21, although not mentioned in the game. He was the protagonist of the eroge, and although his face did not have any graphics in-game, he was an adonis in reality. …That’s because he was the prince.

  After he received the imperial order, Luca left for the first city with his younger childhood friend, the daughter of his magic instructor.

 She was the main heroine. Her name was Noel Brady. She was a silver-haired girl with a rare holy attribute and since her magic power wasn’t that vast, she was an apprentice knight. Although she was dignified and beautiful akin to a knight, she was also a cute girl as she had a clumsy side to her.

 To tell the truth, Noel was my younger sister. The reason why the villain Zagan who died in the middle of the game has detailed settings is because he appeared in her scenario. She was five years younger than me and currently eighteen years old.

 Before she arrived at the first city, there was an obligatory erotic event where she was attacked by tentacles and saved by Luca, so she was already in his clutches by that point. I didn’t go to interfere because I had enjoyed the game to the fullest in my previous life and I had no intention to reveal my identity to my sister, but I had mixed feelings when I saw them walk in the first city.

 Unlike Zagan in the game, I had no reason to steal the fragment from Luca. However, if I didn’t go, the dark organization might take the star fragments from the first dungeon. I had to definitely stop that from taking place. As an S-rank adventurer living in this kingdom, I can’t afford to not participate in dungeon diving.

 The doors to the dungeons opened on the 11th of every month and started with the first city. As a consequence, those who wish to challenge dungeons must arrive in the city by the tenth, and aim to reach the deepest part of the dungeon in 20 days.

 What surprised me the most as I entered the now opened dungeon was that the interiors had really changed from that of a few years back. I knew that Dungeons was created with the power of this world, but I still can’t help but be impressed by this phenomena. Even the dark magic that people tended to avoid was trifle compared to the power of the world.

 The interiors were magnificent enough to pass for a banquet hall and from the beginning, the route was divided into 12 branches. This was different from the game. It must be created this way in order to avoid the crowding of hundreds of people, as they waited to challenge the dungeon.

 For the time being, I entered randomly and proceeded forward in a random manner. I walked through the complex paths as I defeated any monsters I encountered all the while, disabled traps I encountered along the way. When I got hungry, I ate the food I had in my magic bag, checked my watch to keep track of time, and wrapped myself in a blanket when I got sleepy. Anyone can use life magic, so I used this, I was able to stay in the dungeon for days and kept my body clean.

 There was a save point in the dungeon from which I could go out temporarily, but I just single mindedly focused on the capture of the dungeon.

 I forged ahead in the days that followed and reached the deepest part of the dungeon in about 10 days. The star fragment was still on the altar and the boss monster was present too. It looked like I was the first to arrive.

 In the game, Luca’s party reached here first. It was an obvious outcome when one considered the huge amount of magic power he had. But now, I was here first.

 I quickly defeated the boss and obtained the star fragment that was placed on the pedestal.

 It was a deep crimson garnet. As a man, I shouldn’t be interested in gems, but the sparkling crimson magic was very beautiful. Even though the stone was only about five centimeters in diameter, when you touched it, you could feel the thrum of magical power it contained. I couldn’t feel it in the game, but now that I actually touched it, I could see how wonderful the star fragments were.

 As I put it away in my magic bag while fascinated, I heard the door open behind me. I turned around to see that Luca and his party had finally arrived.

“Huh, were we beaten to it?”

“For someone to arrive even before us. That too, alone? That’s amazing!”

 Luca and Noel looked up at me from under the altar. I had only caught a glimpse of them on the street, but as I confronted them again like this, I was deeply moved. It was strange to see Luca, who was the player’s point of view, from a third person’s perspective.

 And Noel, who was only an illustration in my past life, now stood in front of my eyes as a living being. She still spoke in the same voice as that of a voice actor I liked. That small sister of mine had grown up into a splendid woman. 

“I thought we would be the first ones. Who are you? “

  The second heroine they met inside the dungeon had also become a proper ally. Miranda, a big-boobed big sister type. She was an A-ranked adventurer. They saved her when she was in a tough battle against the monsters in the middle of trying to capture the dungeon. They then made a pact to capture the dungeon together. Incidentally, the reward from the king would be given to all party members, so there was no need to worry on how to split the rewards. 

“… I’m Zagan.”

“By Zagan you mean?The one who became an S-Rank in a mere few years, the Abyss of the Dark, Zagan? We seem to have chanced upon quite the big shot, eh? Luca, Noel. He has a dark attribute. If we don’t take the star fragment from him, it’ll spell trouble.”

“Eh. But he’s an adventurer, isn’t he? And an S-rank one at that.”

“Young lady, don’t you know how dangerous people who use dark magic are!?”

“I know that, but.”

 Noel was perplexed. I’m not sure what kind of education my younger sister received from my father. If the contents were the same as mine, she must hate the dark attribute. Miranda’s beloved lover was killed by a dark attribute user in the past, so the mere mention of it would stoke an intense hatred in her. 

As I watched them interact, Luca stepped forward. 

“You said your name was Zagan, right? I am Luca Soleil. It is not your fault, but those who have the dark attribute are indeed regarded as dangerous. So I was wondering if you would let me take the star fragment you obtained to the royal castle. Of course, I’ll report to the king that you obtained it. How about it? ” 

He was more intelligent than I thought. I don’t remember much about him now, but was his personality always like this?

 Hmm, what to do? In the game, Luca and his team got the star fragments first, but Zagan came later and stole them. The situation was a confrontation just like now, and Miranda had heard Zagan’s name similarly. Of course, since I answered “Zagan,” she could tell that I was an atrocious criminal with a dark attribute who massacred over and over, and she recognized me as a complete enemy.

 But I was now an S-rank adventurer, and I didn’t have any ambition to revive the evil god, so there was no reason to be hostile. I don’t even need a reward from the king, so I would not mind giving it to him. 

 Luca’s blue eyes stared at me as they searched mine. I looked back at those pairs of eyes and slowly opened my mouth. 

“—You are allowed to do whatever you want to those with the dark attribute, right? You can persecute and kill them without being charged with a crime, right? If so, kill me and take it from me. After all, you’ll not be considered evil even if you do that.”

“Tch…who do you think you are!?!”

The moment I provoked them, Miranda swung her axe. Flames leapt up. It was the beginning of a battle.

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3 months ago

I dont really like the writing style of the novel but I’ll manage, also Miranda needs to chill her tits if Zagan was evil as she persecutes him as he would’ve already started a fight, yet she is the one starting a fight she wont win

5 months ago

Thank you for the excellent translation! ✨

1 year ago

I get that it’s probably too late to change this but i always wondered why you decided to use Noel (the male form) for the sister’s name and not Noelle (female form).

I love you... BITCH!
I love you... BITCH!
2 years ago

If this was me I’ll probably skeedadle lol the protag would have it easy no work if you give it lmao

2 years ago

Time to beat some Canon fodder into the ground, some face slapping in the future is gladly appreciated!! Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Wait. He’s the protag of an eroge, a visual novel, yet with NO GRAPHICAL ILLUSTRATION…?

2 years ago
Reply to  Cf411

Actually, there are quite a few visual novels out there that don’t give the protagonist a face, because they want the audience to insert themselves in the protagonist’s place. These blank self-insert characters are especially common in romance and eroge media…

3 years ago

Me: motherfu
My brother: u are calling mother? Are u watching horror movie?
Me after thinking how he would react if he knows I was reading smut yaoi novel: yes, u will have a nightmare if u see tat, bye(っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ*heads to bathroom panicking*

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
3 years ago
Reply to  Lucas

Bro I feel the same way, telling a friend I like light novels then they ask me to name some and my brain blanks to the sheer amount of yaoi I’ve been reading… “Egh just some random ones off webnovel ya know cultivation, isekai heh ‘D~D “

2 years ago
Reply to  Panacea Seer

Most of my friends know I read BL and we will discuss them together XD One of them is a boy which is surprising because of the lack of males in the yaoi fandom and I am quite lucky to meet one in real life. I did asked his sexual orientation and turns out he is bi. Well, these are some little happy incidents that happened around me.

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Add zero
Add zero
1 year ago
Reply to  Chrom

I’m male and I read yaoi quite a bit!! We exist!

1 year ago
Reply to  Add zero

Nice meeting a fudan!

3 years ago

I am hooked