I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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 Chapter 10 (Part 2)

 When a player arrived in the city, they chose what they would do from training, conversation, walking, trading, to quests. Next, they would choose who they wanted to work with. It is possible to choose no one at all, but you would probably only do that if you wanted a bad ending. Only the quests that you should complete alone were those that were for regaining lost morals.

 If you were aiming for a harem ending, if I remember correctly, all the heroines would have a high favourability towards the player by the sixth chapter. That was why the heroines you asked to accompany you would do so quite happily. However, the ones you didn’t choose, even while they saw two of you off with smiles, would silently lament in their hearts.

 Of course, since it was originally a game, there was no need to dwell on such things. But I, who now lived in this world, couldn’t help but ponder over it.

 If Luca doesn’t come to the guild in the afternoon either, will I have to wait for him? Come to think of it, there were some games in which the favourability dropped if you left them for too long. I wonder what would happen if Luca left me? Better yet, should I perhaps change my timings and visit the guild in the morning?

 That way I wouldn’t meet him, and that meant I’d have no expectations and thus I’d not feel lonely. I would go back to being the strong person I was before I met Luca.

 …It was just temporary. The loneliness I felt from not seeing Luca was just temporary.

 It was nine in the morning. After I got ready to leave, I headed towards the adventurer’s guild. Early morning had already passed, yet the guild was quite crowded inside, and I could see nothing but the top of the bulletin board. I only wanted to check the S and A-rank quests, so I focused myself on trying to slip through the crowd, while I held my hood with my hand to ensure it didn’t slip off.

 After about ten minutes, I finally finished checking the bulletin board. There was nothing urgent, so I decided to leave the city and go hunt for monsters. Immediately after I decided that, I moved away from the bulletin board.

 When I was hugged by someone from behind, my body grew stiff.

“Good morning, Zagan. You came to the guild early today. Fufu, I’m glad to see you earlier than I planned.”

 How did I not notice him reach out from behind? This fellow, he’s become a lot stronger than before. …Wait. Why was Luca here in the guild at this time?

 When I turned my head towards Luca in surprise, as usual, he pulled back my hood a little and peered into my face. My eyes met Luca’s as he smiled happily. At that moment, my chest felt tight and my heart was filled with joy.

 Why? I had just made the decision to stay away from him, yet my resolve was shaken so quickly. If I meet you at such a time, won’t your existence get etched in my heart more and more?

 I was going to leave you while the wound was still shallow. With this, if I leave you in the future, won’t my heart hurt a lot more?

“Zagan? What’s wrong? You look like you’re about to cry. What happened?”

“No, I don’t look like that – nothing happened. You too, why’re you here at this time? Have you always been here in the morning? ”

 I tried to keep my face expressionless, and pretended to be calm. Luca stared at me probingly, but eventually gave up and answered my question.

“I would have liked to say it’s for your sake, Zagan but that would be a lie. I’m sorry. But instead, I requested the guild staff to come inform me at the place I have rented for stay as soon as you arrived. I’m the Prince, how could the guild refuse my request? ”

“…You’re such a—”

“Ahh, but it’s only from this time onwards. Look, we were not able to meet after the dungeon capture last time. At that time I had waited and waited, but Zagan didn’t show up, so I requested them to tell me if you showed up. In the end, you didn’t show up, but I thought it would be useful to ask the guild staff in the future. I’d hate for us to pass by each other and never meet… are you shocked? ”

 Ahh, I am shocked – at his perfect timing, that is. At a time when someone thought of changing their timings, he would make preparations as if to block off their escape.

“…Yesterday, you weren’t here, Luca.”

“Yeah. I just came before dusk yesterday. But then I rescued a few people who were being attacked by monsters along the way, so they said that they wanted to repay the debt of gratitude, so I ended up stopping by a nearby town. So I came to the guild yesterday, just before dusk. …I see, you must have come to meet me. I’m sorry I made you wait. You must have been lonely.”

 This is the problem. Just like this, he quickly noticed my changing emotions and wrapped me up in his warmth. His affection soaked through my heart – that was why I felt happy. That’s why I felt like crying.

 Even Luca must have waited for me. Compared to my mere one day of wait, he must have been waiting all this while. And yet, he didn’t blame me for not stopping by the guild. In fact, he apologized to me saying he was sorry.

 It was now that I realized the pain of waiting, and felt racked by guilt for making him suffer by waiting.

 I wonder, would it have been different if I didn’t have the dark attribute… if we were able to do tasks together? No, it would have been impossible. Luca had the heroines around him and I wasn’t among them.

“Excuse me! Please let me through! ”

 I heard a voice behind me, and a guild employee came to the bulletin board. When I retreated to the side, nearly dragged aside by Luca, the employee hurriedly pasted a page on the S-rank bulletin board.

“Let me see that.”

 I took out my guild card from my breast pocket. The staff member was relieved to see the golden card and handed the paper to me.

 To Subjugate, 3 Chimeras. The contents were certainly an S-rank quest.

“Where is the village written on the paper? ”

“It is near the foot of the mountains. Would you like to see it on a map? ”

 I nodded and moved with the staff to the counter. I checked on the unfurled map. It would take more than a day just to go one way. Would I still be able to make it back when the dungeon opened on the 11th? I didn’t know.

“Are there any knights or mages on their way to defeat it? ”

“No, not yet. The dungeon will open soon, so most of the people are preparing to attack the dungeon and a few are guarding the city. Therefore, it would take a lot of time to gather the people needed, and so they turned to the adventurer’s guild.

“Yeah. I’ll be taking this.”

“Thank you. Please sign here.”

 I wrote my name in the designated place with a pen that contained mana. With this, my name would be erased if I died and the guild would deem the subjugation a failure and would then immediately switch over to the next measure.

 After I accepted the quest, I faced Luca who was looking on from beside me.

“Then, I’ll be going for this. I’ll return just before the dungeon opens, so-”

“Yeah. Then, let’s go together.”

“…Huh? ”

“Hey, you there. Tell my friends that I won’t be coming back till the dungeon opens.”

“W-Wait a minute. Is Your Highness also planning on going? ”

“Of course.”

“W-Wait, Luca! ”

 My hand dragged by Luca, I left the guild with the staggering staff looking askance. No matter how many times I tried to stop him, Luca wouldn’t listen to me and went straight out of the city.

 Ugh, why are all guild buildings always near the outer gates?

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2 years ago

they both love each other sidjskdjsdosjwk

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
2 years ago

Haha Finally he is gaining so emotional selfawareness now our ML needed to stop him before he makes any stupid plans on how to manage said emotions. I am really curious about how the myth is going to incorporate into the pairing (crossed fingers*reincarnated lover reincarnated lover)

2 years ago

zagan, you silly goose, that’s not how you deal with emotions 😀 I’m glad it was resolved – and that zagan won’t be running away so much from now on, now that he knows how much it must hurt luca. aah, zagan is adorable as always. :3

hmm, i wonder what level luca and his girls are right now. enough to deal with s-rank quests? are thet catching up with zagan in such short time, or is it just that they are strong as a group? CAN luca even kill an s-ranked beast?

…or is he doing this and did he train so hard because he knows zagan would die in the 9th city otherwise?

(still suspicious of our beloved blondie prince’s game knowledge)

great chapter, as always. thanks for the TL 🙂

2 years ago

Awwww!! They both miss each other, that’s why Luca insisted on going with Zagan on a S-rank quest. To make up for the times wasted for they weren’t together. Realization of Zagan’s feelings is basically the summary for the Chapter 10.

Thank you for the chapter!!