I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 11 (Part 1)

“Luca, the opponent is a chimera. I won’t take you to a place that I know very well is dangerous. Hey, are you listening!?”

Chimeras had three heads: one of a lion, an eagle, and a snake; they were also equipped with a large serpent’s tail. Their length was 3-4 times that of a human, making them an S-Rank sized monster. The flames it belched out were so powerful that they can raze the surrounding area to the ground. The slightest miscalculation could kill you. Furthermore, their tails secreted a poisonous gas, and their claws could easily rend armour to shreds, gouging your body in a single hit.

And we needed to subjugate three of them. Even I could just barely manage doing that.

“But Zagan, aren’t you going?”

“I accepted it, so it’s obvious I’d go. But fighting whilst also trying to protect someone will be troublesome. That’s why—.”

“I can defend myself just fine.”

Luca finally came to a halt at a deserted spot outside the city.

“It should be fine for you to take out your magical car here. It won’t create a commotion. Will you let me ride on the back?”

“……I’m telling you, it’s dangerous.”

No, I should’ve known he wouldn’t budge. Just as Luca said, he wouldn’t die easily now. I knew he was capable of that much, at the very least.

The reason I tried to stop him was because I was hesitant to do things together with him. I’d rather go alone because when I was with him, my resolve seemed to weaken. Alone, I was stronger, better.

As I was hesitating to take the bike out, Luca cupped my cheeks with his hands. His face moved closer and peered into mine.

“I know it’ll be dangerous. But I want to stay by Zagan’s side. If we go together, we can be alone for the next four days. And I also want to make up for the times I made you feel lonely. That’s why, let’s go together, alright?”

As I stared back at his cerulean eyes, he started to kiss me lightly on the lips. I was aware of what he was doing, but I silently accepted his actions. When his lips slowly parted from mine and he smiled happily at me, I finally realized that I had not rejected him at any point.

I had received his kiss as if it were natural. I couldn’t explain it well, but I realised then that I had slowly gotten used to them.

“…Isn’t it bad for the Prince to accompany a dark attribute user?”

“I think I’ll be fine. Zagan, you were only active in the 12th to 4th cities, right? That’s why you didn’t seem that well known in the 6th city. I mentioned your name at the guild yesterday, but they still had to ask me what you looked like. Though when I told them you were my S-rank friend, they just accepted it pretty normally. If the adventurer’s guild here, which is supposed to know the adventurers best, didn’t know Zagan, then the nobles likely won’t know you either.”

Was that really the case? Though come to think of it, when I produced my guild card while selling raw materials the other day, the guild staff’s face didn’t noticeably twitch at all. Though I was so focused on observing other people inside the guild that my memories were somewhat faint.

“Of course, there are knights and mages who have participated with us all the way from the first city. If you use magic in the city, they’ll notice that you are a dark attribute user, so you have to be careful.”

“I got it.”

That was the reason why I was holding back the urge to summon my tentacles, and letting myself be dragged by the arm.

I sighed deeply. It wasn’t like he’s going to give up. If anything, he would just continue to talk me into it, even though this wasn’t the place or time to be deadlocked in a debate. It would be much better to head towards the subjugation as quickly as possible.

“…It can’t be helped. Get on.”

I resigned myself to the situation and took out my bike. I straddled it and Luca got on behind me. He tightly wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed himself on my back. And as always, he rubbed his cheek against my head.

“Thank you, Zagan. I love you lots.”

Really, was there any need to say that second sentence just now?

I felt Luca’s warmth on my back all throughout the journey, which went quite smoothly, much to my reluctance. If a monster noticed us and attacked, Luca took care of it right away.


He swung his sword down and summoned lightning bolts, which struck down with a zap. This was an elementary magic skill for the Light attribute magic. If it hits you, it will either kill you instantly or damage and immobilize you. Even if it didn’t hit, it acted as a distraction; and since we were on a bike, we only needed 5 seconds to get away from the target…

We left the items the monsters dropped as is. We didn’t have time to stop and pick them up every time.

But although I was riding at a fairly high speed, Luca’s magic was hitting his targets pretty accurately. It seems like it wasn’t only his abilities that have improved, but also that his sword’s stats were much better.

Weapons were important. Of course, your armour mattered too.

Everything in this world has mana in it. The earth, the sea, the vegetation, and even the beasts and other living things. Of course, various materials also contained mana, and the stronger the mana, the higher the performance of the equipment made from them.

When it came to ores, silver held more mana than iron, gold more than silver, and of course, orichalcum held the most overwhelming amount of mana. Even with armour, dragon-type armour was the strongest, not only increasing physical and magical defense, but also amplifying reflexes and user’s mana itself. In this way, weapons and armour could supplement the various abilities of its wearer.

So no matter how much you trained your body, honed your sword skills, and increased your mana and magic proficiency through spellcasting, if your weapons and armour were weak, these efforts would only be useless. It was only when you have trained and properly equipped yourself with better equipment that you are considered a strong person.

Conversely, even if your ability was a little weak, you could become strong if you equip yourself with good equipment. The ones who could immediately do so were the kingdom’s knights and mages.

The majority of them were royalty and nobility, and the kingdom provided them with high performing equipment. That’s why they were considered stronger than the adventurers who had to steadily work their way up from G-rank, and that’s why they were also popular among the civilians. All these perks led to fierce competition, resulting in only the strongest joining their ranks.

Because the civilians were all strong, the royalty and nobility trained hard to keep up with them. Because they too had pride. As a result, the whole training system for knights became stronger as well.

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2 years ago

Hey, this is just a speculation but, what if the MC’s soul is the moon goddess that the evil god had hidden… in another world? That’s why the sun god couldn’t find her, in his weakened state (or he might have used a portion of his life, after he realized this, to summon back moon goddess soul into Zagan’s body), and fell into a deep slumber.

—Or just nvm. Haha

Last edited 2 years ago by Cf411
1 year ago
Reply to  Cf411

Or maybe the sun god was in love of the dark god and the moon was jelous.

Carina Bruckschwaiger
Carina Bruckschwaiger
2 years ago

Oh unexpectedly there was a little world building in this chapter.
Thanks for the chapter ~♡

2 years ago

that love you lots line Hit Me in the heart and zagan being used to luca’s affection uwu

2 years ago

mmm i wish someone would draw fanart of the bike scene – zagan driving his bike while luca shoots lightning at monsters. ooof. just picturing it is great- like a scene from a badass action movie!

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Thank you for translating!!!