I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 12 (Part 1)

 With Luca’s help, I was able to reach my destination before nightfall. If it had been just me, it would have taken me at least till noon the next day, as I’d have to balance between dealing with monsters and providing mana for the bike. That was why I felt thankful to him. But I’d never tell him that to his face.

 It was a vast mountainous region, with mountains soaring over 3,000 meters high at the lowest point, and over 10,000 meters high at the highest. It was said that there was a village of dragons, or perhaps a city of demons hidden inside the mountains. However, no one went out of their way to verify this in the midst of such a formidable landscape. 

 At the foot of these mountains was a gentle slope where nearby villagers farmed. It was said that there were some crops that could only be grown in this area.

 While the people who lived nearby these fields could escape, the same could not be said for their crops. We didn’t know if the chimera would destroy the fields, but if we didn’t suppress it soon, the people wouldn’t be able to farm and all their crops would be ruined.

 I instructed Luca to wait for me at the foot of the mountain and started heading into the foothills alone. It was dangerous to walk around the mountains under the cover of darkness, and with poor footing to boot. Besides, if I lit up my surroundings using magic, the enemies would notice.

 It has always been dark within the great forest, so I was used to it. Plus, dark magic was almost indistinguishable in this pitch-black darkness. You couldn’t learn this if your skill wasn’t high enough, but both I and the in-game Zagan could use it. I could blend into the darkness and erase my presence, then sneak up close to my unwitting target and assassinate them. This was one of the reasons why dark magic was considered to be so terrifying.

 As I swung from tree to tree using my tentacles, I scrutinized the presences that were near me. S-Rank monsters knew how to erase their presence from the beginning, and their ability to scan for enemies was also high. However, the Chimeras’ attribute was fire-based. Unless I erased the darkness by setting the trees around me on fire and filling the area with a blazing flame, I probably would not be noticed.

 There, I found it. As reported, there were three of them, just a bit further up. One was moving around about 1.5km away from me. The other two seemed to be a mated pair, but they didn’t seem to be moving. Perhaps they were asleep. In that case, I should kill those two first.

 Wielding my staff and dagger, I blended into the dark and approached my targets. As expected, the two were asleep.

 I faced one of their tails, then instantly poured my mana into my dagger and swung it down.

 Roaaaaaaaaar!! There was a loud screech. The Chimera spread its flames around in a rage.

 The other one woke up too, and growled lowly as it warily started to scan its surroundings. Although flames lit up the area, I used the darkness of the chimeras’ shadows to blend in. Then I circled behind the one that was scanning the area and cut down its tail too with my dagger. Screeeeech!!! It cried as well, and recklessly began spitting flames.

 A chimera’s tail spat poison and regenerated very slowly, so it was a textbook move to cut down its tail first. While the chimeras deliriously raged from the pain, all I had to do was release a spell that did as little damage to the surroundings as possible.

 I poured my mana into the staff I held in my left hand.

“From the silent abyss, lead us to the end — Death Abyss.”

 A black sphere was summoned and it moved and swelled up to swallow the two chimeras. It was a spell that sealed the enemy’s movement and destroyed their body. However, even as they were being swallowed up by the magic, they continued to rampage. The six heads continued to spew flames everywhere. I put up a magic wall to stop the flames. It was so powerful that it could destroy me if I didn’t pay attention, but I held on and poured more mana into my staff again.

 Even after the spell ended, the two chimeras were still alive. They were S-rank monsters, after all; they wouldn’t die so easily, even if you cut off their tails and hit them with one big spell. But even so, half of their bodies were gone.

 Since I had revealed my existence by unleashing so much magic, they naturally noticed me and started rushing towards me.

“Dark Blast. …—Dark Blast!”

 Black spheres struck them one after another in rapid succession, eating into their flesh. The chimera in front was annihilated by them. One down. However, it wasn’t able to destroy the chimera behind in time, and it swung its claws down on me. I instantly blocked it with my dagger.

 It was a dagger that I had received from my father. It was an extraordinary dagger that greatly increased my stamina, mana, and critical damage. My father himself had been using it for a long time. It was thanks to the protection given by such a powerful piece of equipment that I was able to grow this strong.

 Although the magic wall started to crack from bearing the brunt of the flames, it managed to stay up. And then I hit the chimera’s chest with magic too.

 The chimera slowly turned to dust, leaving no traces besides a magic stone and some items.

 I defeated them. The moment this thought passed my mind —

 A powerful force blew my body away from behind. The intense pain made me lose my consciousness for a moment.


 I was slammed into the ground, and the pain radiating through my body brought my consciousness back.

 What was it? No, I knew what it was. It was the remaining chimera that had just arrived.

 I rolled over and tried to use my tentacles to gain some distance by pulling myself up from the ground and towards the trees. But before I could leap, the flames had engulfed me. I immediately put up a magic wall, but I was a little too late, and the arm I was guarding grew hot.

 My armour prevented me from being burned all over, but the pain made my left arm grow weak. It felt like I was about to lose my grip on my staff. If that happened, I wouldn’t have the means to face my enemy. I quickly attached it to my thigh so that I wouldn’t drop it.

 I landed on the ground, and the chimera pointed its tail at me. It spit out poison. But the gap of time between its movements was huge. I avoided it by extending my tentacles again and keeping my distance. Since the area around me was engulfed in flames due to the previous two chimeras, I quickly left the place.

 As I had escaped without erasing my presence, the chimera naturally started chasing after me. This was fine.

 Run, run, run. As it grew dark and the distance between us increased, I let my body fly high into the air.

 I poured my mana into the dagger in my right hand. I also let all the mana I had diffuse through my whole body, strengthening it.

 I landed on the back of the chimera. Then I plunged my dagger into this beast that was trying to attack me.

“Black Lotus!”

 The moment I uttered the name of the spell, my body accelerated. I slashed my blade, striking it once, twice. I boosted myself with a large step, then leapt into the air. Soaring above the chimera, I continued to strike the chimera several times in quick succession.

 The moment I finally cut down the tail and landed, the chimera let out a loud cry and writhed around in pain. Black liquid started gushing out from its body here and there. What spewed out from the wounded monster was the magical element that formed them.

 I pointed my dagger at it to put an end to its misery. I took a step forward and unleashed my spell.


 Slice —— … a black line appeared as if cutting through space. Then this line crumbled, grew dim, and disappeared. Taking the chimera along with it.

 Magic stones and items dropped down. Seeing that, I breathed a sigh of relief.

 It was over. I had successfully defeated them. As I had expected, the fight was down to the wire.

 Suddenly, my burned arm and my body, which had been slammed into the ground,  started to throb in pain and I broke out in cold sweat. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t stand, and I crouched down with both hands on the ground. It hurt. I was wounded all over. But I was able to defeat them without losing any of my limbs, so that was great.

 I took out a high-grade potion from my magic bag and was about to lift it up my torso to drink it. However, I was suddenly assaulted by a sense of light-headedness and drowsiness. I had more or less run out of mana. I had to drink some MP Potions.

 After I was able to drink the high-grade potion, the pain in my whole body visibly subsided and the burn on my arm disappeared. However, since the arm portion of my armour was seriously burned, I would have to send it in for repair or get new armour.

 I drank the MP Potion and restored my mana. I still felt sleepy; perhaps it was because it was the middle of the night, or perhaps I was just drowsy. Maybe I was awash with a sense of relief after defeating the monsters. It could’ve been a combination of all these three reasons.

 As I got up to pick up the large magic stone and the other item drops — plip! Something wet fell on my cheek. Drop by drop, it fell. …It was raining. Come to think of it, it was June, which was the season for rain.

 The light shower started to grow stronger. It was quite good timing. If this goes on for some time, the flames of the chimera would be put out.

 Before the flames were extinguished, I headed for the place where I had fought the first two chimeras earlier. I picked up the two magic stones I had left behind and collected the items each of them had dropped. With this, I could now report that the subjugation to the Adventurer’s Guild was successful. Well then, let’s get down the mountain.

 Just as I did when I climbed up, I used my tentacles to move from tree to tree.

 After going downhill for a while, I could gradually see a light appear. It was Luca.

“…Zagan! Zagan! ”

 I could hear Luca’s voice through the pouring rain. When he noticed me, he waved his hand. He had found an overhang which could shelter us from the rain and had set up a tent inside of it too. I was tired, so I was grateful.

 When there were no more trees around me to grab on to, I ran up to him. The moment I reached him, Luca hugged me tightly.

“Zagan! Thank goodness, you came back. Are you hurt? Ahh, you’re soaked to the bone.”

“…You’ll get soaked too, so quit hugging me.”

“I’m fine with that. Anyhow, let’s go rest. Oh, and take off all your wet clothes.”

 At his urging, I took off my wet armour under the overhang. Luca put them on hangers and placed them to dry upon a rack. Both the rack and hanger were taken out of his bag. What he was doing in this situation might seem like something common folk would do, but these items were originally kept within the tent. I felt that he was out of touch with common people as he didn’t even think of simply folding up the clothes and putting them in a corner.

“Now that I’m looking at you, aren’t your clothes in tatters? Your left sleeve is burned to a crisp!”

“That’s to be expected when you’re up against an S-rank opponent. In fact, my injuries this time around are a lot lighter than I thought they’d be, and I was able to finish the subjugation quicker too. The power of my magic was also greater than before, and the time I took to fight was also more efficient.”

“…Do you have any idea how worried I was, waiting for you? Do you know how many times I had to stop myself from running to you when I saw the flames rising?”

“I see. You waited here for a long time too.”

“I don’t want to lose you. I knew that if I went, I’d only be a burden. Sigh, I have to become stronger.”

 I stripped down to my underwear and started wiping myself dry with a towel. As I did that, Luca, who had finished hanging my clothes, hugged me from behind and dragged me into the tent like that. He took off my underwear too, and wrapped me in a towel he had prepared instead.

“You’re too careless, Zagan. What if you catch a cold?”

“I’m not that weak.”

“I’m worried about you, so keep warm.”

 He took the towel from my hands and carefully started drying my hair. It felt nice to have my head massaged. As I grew drowsier with his ministrations, I closed my eyes without resistance.

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1 year ago

Zagan, you’re tempting fate right now.

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
3 years ago

aww I love some tender love and care by our ML to our MC our cinnaroll deserves the best

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haru haru
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A lonley frog
3 years ago

Plot twist
The evil God loved the moon goddess and the sun God was in love with the evil God, the sun God filled with heaterd tried to kill the moon goddess and the the evil God Sacrificed his life to protect the moon goddess, hiding her with darkness for thosends of years, the sun God shut himself, filled with grief for thosends of years waiting to meet his beloved evil God in their next life, there where Zagan and Luca come from and I guess you can take a hint of what their identities are

3 years ago
Reply to  A lonley frog

I’ve also thought of something similar, but it’s more like the Evil God (imo he seems to be more like the Night God than Evil) and the Moon Goddess were siblings. My theory is that the Moon Goddess fell in love with the Sun God and the Sun God fell in love with the Evil God. To protect his sister, the Evil God hid her away, not wanting the Sun God to taint her, misunderstanding that the Sun God liked the Moon Goddess.

And then when the truth came out, the Evil God rejected him which raised the Yandere flag and got them both hurt.

And the Sun God decided to have the Evil God as a human since he can’t have him as a God.

Bottom line is that no one believes in the original storybook plotline lol

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Zagan was so badass! How exciting to root for him! Luca absolutely would have been in the way at this point. He has some real motivation to improve of course- for both pure (to protect Zagan) and impure (tentacles) reasons!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

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aww the boys are being adorable as usual. maybe even more so this chapter :))

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Carina Wandering Fujoshi
3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!
The fight was exciting and the end was a bit wholesome ~❤