I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 14 (Part 1)

 I reported the outcome of the subjugation to the guild staff who were staying in the nearby village. Since the contract was signed in the big city, I still had to give a proper report there. But for the time being, I let them know that there was no more danger in the area.

 Towards the end of that day, we set up our tent once more at a resting place a short distance from the village. We spent a leisurely evening sitting in front of the bonfire. As I looked up at the night sky, I had a conversation with Luca.

“You see, the day after we talked about the moon, I wrote a letter to my brother while everyone was still sleeping and you’d gone ahead. I told him that there was a moon in the night sky, and that there was someone who had gone to another country and confirmed it. From what was written in the picture book, there was probably some event that had occurred a thousand years ago. I also included the picture of the moon that you had given me, and the image from the picture book. I mailed it as soon as I arrived in the Sixth City. So I’m sure my brother will look into it.”

“I see. I hope we get some answers.”

“If he could use his position as the Crown Prince to get his hands on the forbidden books, then maybe. There are a number of books in the Great Library of the Royal Castle. If my brother asks them, my younger brother and sister will help too. Oh, and Cindy’s going to look up books in the libraries wherever she goes as well.”

“It’ll be great to have someone that talented giving us a hand. It’d definitely be impossible for me.”

“Did you try to look it up on your own, by any chance?”

“Yeah. I tried to read a history book, but it just made my eyes tired.”

“Pfft, you did well.”

 The next morning, on the 9th, I rode out with Luca on the back of my bike and headed back to the 6th city. We didn’t need to rush as we had on the way to the mountain, so I slowed down to conserve my mana.

 Dusk caught up with us as we were travelling. As such, we looked for a resting place where monsters couldn’t get close to us and pitched up our tent. Then I was embraced by Luca again. Since we had done it the day before, it was mostly just kissing and caressing, with plenty of skinship. He was inside me for a long time, but only came inside once. It felt good, and Luca seemed very happy, which made me feel warm and tender too.

 Then, before the evening of the 10th, we arrived back in the 6th city. When we reached the guild, I presented the chimera’s magic stone and items, and received a reward for completing the subjugation. Since the request from the adventurer’s guild had been commissioned by the kingdom and was for three S-ranked monsters, I was able to get a substantial amount of money. I only sold the items from one of the beasts and kept all the magic stones. This was because they could be used as components for magic circuits.

 Incidentally, when I entered the adventurer’s guild, the guild employees were all relieved to see Luca. The staff member who couldn’t stop Luca was markedly sobbing. Perhaps he was relieved that he wouldn’t incur any punishment. Apparently, he was given a direct order from the king to tackle the dungeons on his own, a task which would’ve certainly led to his death, though once we’d safely returned there was no need to worry about it anymore.

 Anyway, that was the end of my four days alone with Luca.

 The next day, the sixth dungeon opened. I stashed away my singed armour in my magic bag, put on some spare armour, and dove into the dungeon alone as usual.

 Since it was only the sixth dungeon, there weren’t any S-rank monsters until one reached the deepest part. Besides, the bosses along the way were all quite weak; even the sole S-Rank monster that appeared as the boss of the lowest level was rather low-ranked.

 Starting from the first dungeon, the enemies would gradually get stronger and stronger. Just like how many game protagonists started at level 1 and the enemies that appeared then were at the weakest level to match them, the protagonist of ‘Lumiere’ became stronger as you captured more dungeons.

 But in reality though, Luca already had a certain level of skill from the start when I met him unlike in the game. His skill was initially around the level of a B-Rank Adventurer. Now he was probably already at the level of an A-rank adventurer. If he had used his sword skills instead of magic then, he would have been able to deal more damage to the Minotaur last time.

 Collecting the star fragments was for the sake of the kingdom, but it was also training for the youth to grow stronger. As such, the participants for this quest, especially the knights and mages from the royal capital, have all been around the age of Luca and Noel from the beginning. And as more people continued to drop out one by one because of the growing difficulty of the dungeon, the stronger and more experienced people living in the city replaced them and joined in on the dungeon capture.

 Among them, the in-game Zagan was an overwhelmingly strong participant. He had gained an insane amount of strength through the process of killing countless people. Therefore, it was Zagan again who had gotten the star fragment in the sixth dungeon, although Luca had beaten him to it in the previous dungeon.

 However, as I walked through the dungeon, I couldn’t help but wonder how Zagan got through the traps and puzzles scattered throughout the game. Since there was originally no description of such scenes, it was interesting to imagine how he might have cleared the dungeon. Maybe he had cleared it in a straightforward manner, which would be a surprising twist for a madman like him. Or perhaps, he just demolished the floor into nothingness with his strength.

 I liked solving puzzles and disarming traps, so I could move forward without resorting to destroying the floor. I could destroy the floor if I wanted to, but since the dungeon was created with the world’s power, it would consume a significant amount of time and mana. Therefore, if you understood the puzzles, then it was just faster to solve them.

 Well, if I really couldn’t solve it, I would destroy the floor though. I couldn’t help destroying it if it was necessary.

Hasr: This part is a slightly short one coz we got some major plot in the next half~

Also I hear you folks shitting on my word choice in the smut T^T, alright I’ll stop with the bussy (Goodbye my Debussy puns)

P.S. There’s more smut on Patreon *wink* *wink*

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9 months ago

The bussy made me laugh out loud ngl Thank u for ur service

1 year ago

He was inside me for a long time, but only came inside once.

^ Wait, t-this….. is this c0ck warming? a very specific thing that I’ve only ever read in fanfictions, is in an actual novel I read?! yup, this novel is advancing above number 1

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Lol lol lol. Well…. Bussy….. Pfttt.

Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
2 years ago

I adore the fact out MC is so OP it just warms my heart that he is so casually bada$$ and the ML just has to keep trying to work hard to match. But our child turns to putty in the ML’s hands so 🙂 I am good. And so is Luca

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
2 years ago

This novel makes me happy, it’s so wholesome ~❤
Thanks for the update

2 years ago

LMAO sorry translator, but I kinda agree, bussy just sounded so weird to read last time ahdsgjjn

Maybe in another smutty story you can use it lol

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

To be fair to your smut choice, it’s bussy is a legitimate erotic term. It’s honestly all preferences. It’s really hard to translate to begin with but trying to please everyone with the smut scenes? Impossible ask! I’m not into feminization for example but it’s a really popular preference. If we’re talking terms here I guess I prefer “entrance”, “channel”, “hole” or just “ass”. You can’t please everyone though! There are few things people are so divided about when reading something than what smut they prefer!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

2 years ago

hahaha sorry for ruining your puns, then xD (but seriously, thank god, literally any other word will be better xD )

can’t wait for more plot!! looking forward to it so much :3

i wonder what would happen if zagan was ever forced to present himself to the king – you know, to hand over the star fragments (will all the pomp and ceremony). imagine how uncomfortable the court would be if zagan-chan came in with his armor and cloak and turban to receive honors and rewards from the king for retrieving the stones. i wonder if he’ll ever meet his father again…