I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 15 (Part 2)

 On the afternoon of the 7th, I reached the Seventh city.

 After leaving the dungeon and checking the date, I was surprised to find that it was already July 4th. Normally, I kept track of the date, but this time I had neglected to do so. Although there was no need to hurry since Luca and his party would be the ones to obtain the next star fragment, I couldn’t suppress my desire to see him. As such, I rode on my bike, sacrificing my sleep.

 The checkpoint at the outer gate, which I had never thought of as troublesome before, seemed to take an inordinate amount of time today.

 I flashed my S-rank guild card and paid a silver coin as part of the city’s entry tax. As soon as I passed through the gate, I spotted the Adventurer’s Guild banner, so I quickly headed towards it.

 I wonder if he’s there. I hope he is. If he isn’t, I’ll punch him in the stomach.

 …Ahh, he’s there. I can feel Luca’s presence.

 I passed through the guild’s broad entrance. Where was Luca?


 Before I could find him myself, Luca called out my name. He ran up to me as usual and hugged me tightly. I was wrapped once more in Luca’s gentle warmth.

“Zagan, we finally met! I missed you so much.”


 Having finally found who I was looking for, I sighed in relief. This was worth riding my bike hard for three days straight. Being in Luca’s arms felt strangely comforting.

 I had to work harder so I could still do this three months later.

“I heard that you had other plans. Are you alri-…Zagan!? What happened? Why do you look so distressed?”


 As he peered into my face, Luca questioned me with raised eyebrows. He was perceptive as always.

 But I couldn’t say it. How could I say that I might be dead by the end of September? And furthermore, the basis for that was an eroge scenario that I had played in my past life. Even if I said that, he’d only think that something was wrong with my head.

“Really, it’s nothing. I’m just a little tired.”

“…Really? Then, shall we go on some G-Rank quests after a short rest? We can relax and be healed by animals.”

“No. I don’t have time for that. You’ll have to go by yourself this time.”

“Hm? What kind of plans do you have? There are no urgent quests posted for either S-rank or A-rank adventurers today. Or is it perhaps a personal request? No, that isn’t possible.”

 The back of my head was patted. Perhaps it was to avoid the risk of me being exposed as a dark attribute user. Certainly, if that was the case then I couldn’t object.

“Uhm…I’ve been trying to defeat the monsters in the outskirts of the city, at least a bit in my free time.”

“You can leave that to the knights of the city. So let’s take it easy today, okay? If you don’t rest, you will harm your own body. Besides, I found a quest that you might like, Zagan. It’s this one.”

 Luca pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. Wasn’t it annoying for you to hold on to it for such a long time? No, this was a request with loose regulations. It was a part-time job at a cafe, and any time was fine; also, you only had to do it for a few hours. And besides — it was a cat cafe.

“……I’ll go.”

 I sat down on the sofa in the corner and ate a late lunch while looking out over the entire restaurant. I had ordered a fluffy omurice with a demi-glace.1 It was extremely tasty. The black tea served with it was also delicious. It was also delightful to be able to watch the many cats playing and relaxing.

 A few of them would look at me from time to time, but they never approached me. It seemed that they had been trained not to come near guests who were eating.

 And besides, this damn Luca even looked good in an apron. The women entering the store were also glancing at Luca. Was he really more appealing than the cats?

 That handsome man was frequently looking at me while washing dishes and pouring drinks at the counter. The female customers all looked disappointed when they would call out for a shop assistant, but other employees came instead of Luca. They could have talked to him if there were counter seats, but the store was such that you could only place orders there. Thus, if you wanted to talk to Luca, you had to order something. Manager, you sure placed him in a good spot. 2

 As soon as I finished eating, Luca came to clean up the plates. The table was wiped clean and there was nothing left in front of me.

 Immediately, a cat approached me. It was a black cat. It climbed into my lap and meowed at me. So cute. Since it was firmly pressing its face against me, I stroked it, and it squinted its eyes as if it felt comfortable.

 Then a few more came. Some of them climbed onto my lap, some lay on the couch beside me, and some huddled around my feet.

 Perhaps it was because I was surrounded by fluffballs or maybe it was because I was sitting so comfortably, but my eyelids slowly seemed to grow heavy.

“Sweet dreams, Zagan.”

 He stroked my head and pulled my hood back down over my eyes. As my vision darkened, I suddenly felt sleepy all at once.

 I felt my shoulders being gently shaken, and I slowly regained consciousness. When I opened my eyes, Luca was peering into my face.

“The quest is completed. Let’s go home.”

“…I see. Good job.”

“Thank you. Zagan sure slept well. Around three hours, but…yeah. Your face looks much better, and your dark circles have diminished too.”

 He gently stroked my cheeks and the corners of my eyes. I see, I was forced to rest. Of course, I was grateful. The cats were cute too.

 The manager, the staff, and the cats saw me off. I walked out of the store with Luca leading me by the hand.

 It was already evening, and I wondered where we were headed. I had to fight to get stronger, but I didn’t feel like going out of the city at this time so I just quietly tagged along.

 Come to think of it, we were walking while holding hands this time too. But since same-sex marriage was possible, it shouldn’t have been strange for men to hold hands with each other. I curiously observed the people around us, but didn’t find anyone acting particularly out of place. …Since I was with Luca, I decided to forgive him for this.

 The number of canals surrounding us gradually increased.

 The seventh to eleventh cities faced the sea. Among them, the seventh city was unique in that a third of it was built as a floating city. There were canals criss-crossing all across the map, and gondolas were the main mode of transport.

 As I walked while listening to this explanation, the sea slowly came into view. Luca took my hand and as we sat on a gondola, he held me by the waist.

 The destination Luca told the gondolier was for a villa located closest to the seafront. It was a vacation home exclusively used by royalty that was floating on the sea. The gondolier’s surprise was understandable. I was quite surprised as well.

 As the gondolier nervously rowed the gondola, we headed towards the sea.

 The sun was sinking into the horizon. The sea glistened crimson under the bright red disk.

“I’m really glad that Zagan came to the guild today. I really wanted to see this together with you.”

 While I was admiring the scenery, Luca placed his head on my shoulder. I tilted my head in confusion, even while patting his head.

 Was there some sort of special occasion today? The date was July 7th though.

 …Ahh, Tanabata3. The Tanabata event. It was the event where you gazed at the Milky Way together with the heroine you had the highest favourability with. Of course, since it was an eroge, there were some spicy scenes as you watched the Milky Way.


 Was I also going to have sex out in the open? Even though there was a villa?

 It took about 30 minutes to reach the vicinity of the villa, and we got down on the bridge in front of it. It seemed that the area ahead was protected by a magical barrier that could only be released with a key. The key was kept by the lord who guards the seventh city, and Luca had taken the trouble to borrow it.

 After Luca opened the barrier, the bridge leading to the villa rose up from the sea. It seemed to have a complex magic circuit built into it. Furthermore, you could even use the magic tool to lower it again after crossing it. We were now completely isolated from our surroundings.

 It was not clear from the game screen, but it seemed that this was that place. …No, but was it really? My memories were fuzzy.

“Zagan, let’s sit here.”

 Since Luca sat down facing the sea, I sat down next to him too.

 The sun had already set and there were many stars twinkling in the night sky. They were truly innumerable.

 Was this the Milky Way? The sheer number of stars was overwhelming; they were so beautiful that I was mesmerized.

“I never thought that stars could be this beautiful.”

“Is this your first time seeing the Milky Way?”

“Yeah. The great forest is dark, even during the height of noon, and it descends into pitch black during the night. It is extremely rare to even have an occasional glimpse of them. That’s why I never realized.”

 There was also the fact that I was never that interested in stars in the first place. Even in my previous life, I only saw them in pictures and never thought to see them in person.

 But being under the starlit sky like this, I couldn’t help but be fascinated. The brilliance that filled the vast night sky made my heart tremble inexplicably. I wondered what was going on beyond the world of those stars, out in the universe.

 As I was earnestly looking up, I felt a touch on my cheek. When I unconsciously looked to my side, I saw Luca give me a slight smile.

“When Zagan gives his best effort, it’s really cute.”

“…I’m sorry. I ended up getting lost in my thoughts.”

“No, I don’t mind. No, it was your precious first experience after all. But looking at the cute Zagan…you know.”

 His hand brushed against my thigh. Although my body reflexively shrunk back at his sensual touch, it wasn’t of much use. His arms were already wrapped around my waist. I was then gradually pushed down.

 This was a dangerous turn of events. If this went on, I’d end up having outdoor sex. My beautiful memories of the Milky Way would turn into one of sex! What an awful image.

“Lu-Luca. Let’s hurry to the villa. It’s dinnertime.”

“Zagan, you had a late lunch, didn’t you? You’re not hungry yet, right? I snacked in between work, so I’m fine. …More importantly, we need to talk. About what’s going on with you, Zagan. Why did you make such a distressed face?”

“…What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Hmm. So you plan to play dumb. Then, I have no choice.”

 I didn’t expect him to bring up what had happened at noon again, but I breathed a sigh of relief since it seemed like he quickly dropped the topic. But at that moment, Luca’s mana suddenly surged outward and something seemed to coil around my body.

 Wh-Wh-…Huh? What was with the glowing white tentacles? Were these…Luca’s tentacles?4

 As I nervously looked back at him, I saw that he was smiling. But that smile of his didn’t reach his eyes.

“Hey, Zagan. I told you before, right? If you try to force yourself and do everything alone…I will punish you. —You remember that, right? ”


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Carina, wanderingfujoshi
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