I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Beeberry

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Chapter 19

“Amazing, Zagan! You’re really amazing to be able to create something like this!”

 It was the day after Luca finished capturing the dungeon. Inside the woods, away from other people’s eyes, I showed Luca the magic barrier I had completed a few days ago. He immediately began heaping praises on me, visibly excited. He seemed especially taken by the remote control, and had been playing with it, moving the six discs, for a while now.

 I was delighted to see his eyes sparkling like a little child. It was the first time I had seen Luca like this. And to hear him showering me with compliments. I was glad my efforts were being recognized, but it was getting embarrassing now.

“Luca, you’re giving me too much credit. I was only able to make this because I had an original to go off of. Don’t forget that this is all thanks to the engineers who research this kind of thing day in and day out.”

 Using the barrier as a basis, all I had done was make it specialised for the dark attribute, and as for the floating, I had simply borrowed the principle of a levitating rail car that runs above rails through which mana passes. 1 I had just incorporated my previous life’s knowledge of remote control into it.

“Maybe that’s true. But you’re really amazing. Zagan, you’re really cool.”

“I— …Is that so.”

 I guess a man who knows how to play with machines will always be cool. I don’t mind telling you more about it. But stop bringing your face close, making me all shy and then calling me cute!

 Luca reduced the size of the barrier and moved it in front of him. It was a hexagonal barrier, a little larger than his height. He turned to face it and released a small magic spell. Being of the light attribute, it smoothly passed through.

 I also released a spell of my own. And as expected, mine was absorbed.

“It really only guards against the dark attribute. Amazing.”

 Luca touched the surface of the barrier with great curiosity. His arm passed through. Normally when you touch a magic barrier, ripples spread out and you cannot pass through. It must be quite an unusual sensation. Watching him pass his arm in and out through it multiple times, he seemed to be having fun.

 I was also curious, so I touched the barrier from the other side, but my hand didn’t pass through and only the ripples spread. Mhm, it was working properly.

 When I tried to remove my hand from the barrier, Luca caught my hand through the other side. The sensation of our fingertips touching was transmitted across. And then, his palm.

 I felt a tight grip and he came to me through the barrier. He put his arm around my waist and pushed me down to the ground. His tentacles covered me, so it didn’t hurt, but wait a minute. It’s still the morning.

“O-Oi, Luca.”

“Zagan, Zagan. I love you, Zagan.”

“…, ……I know.”

 He rubbed his cheek against mine like usual, kissed me on the cheek, and buried his face in my shoulder. It did not seem like he was going to do anything more, so I indulgently rubbed his head. When I did that, a joyful rumbling came from his throat.


‘You’re heavy, let go.’ I was just thinking that you didn’t say that today.”

“……Shut up.”

 I was only in a slightly better mood than usual today. I had gotten a lot of compliments after all. That was all.

 Luca raised his head, and peered into my face as he gently covered me. He gently brushed against my forehead, cheeks and lips.

“During the dungeon capture this time, I was happy that Zagan contacted me, but it was hard to control my desire to see you every time I heard your voice. And everyone was pointing out how I had all my attention on the phone, ready to take a call at any moment.”

“Then why don’t you be the one to call me in the dungeon next time?”

“That will be hard to endure in it’s own way, so let’s stop at this.”

 Seeing him say it with a straight face, I giggled. He then murmured that I was cute and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I’m really happy that Zagan relied on me and called me multiple times.”

“…I see. That’s enough now. Let’s hurry up and go to the armour shop.”

 I averted my face and dismissed Luca, but he simply laughed happily and obediently got down.

 August, in the eighth city. It had been quite a hot season. That said, a good quality armour is both heat-resistant and cold-resistant, so it’s not hot even if it covers your entire body. Even while walking through the town, there were many warriors wearing full body armour, disregarding the season.

 As we passed through the outer gates and were almost at the adventurer’s guild, the communicator device on my waist began buzzing. I walked into a back alley nearby to pick up the call.

“What happened?”

“Zagan, where are you now? Have you reached the city?”

“Yeah, I’m heading to the adventurer’s guild right now.”

“I see. The house we’re staying at has its own private beach, so everyone wants to play in the sea first. So…”

“I understand. Have fun.”

“Ah, yeah…”

 I hung up the call and tried to remember the contents of the game. There was no doubt a beach event in August.

 When the protagonist arrives in the city, the lord who protects the eighth city takes him to a private beach. Was the setting that he had a close acquaintance with the protagonist? I couldn’t remember.

 Anyhow, when the heroines see the private beach, they rent swimming costumes at the house where they stay and run out to the sea.

 As a result, the pictures of the heroines from just that time had all of them in swimsuits, and there were stills with all of them playing too.

 There was also free time, and the protagonist would always choose one person to do the deed with. Yes, that was for sure.

 It was an eroge, of course erotic things would happen at the beach. For example, they’ll be groped by a tentacle-like sea monster, or their swimsuit will somehow come off and a small fish will enter their genitals. I also remembered there being one where you were requested to apply oil on them. There was no penetration because their friends were nearby, but there were some erotic scenes with the heroines.

 With me not around, I wondered who Luca would choose. Was it safe to say Noel?

 If Noel was to be his partner, he would get caught up when he tried to help her when she almost falls on the beach. Because his face somehow falls right on top of her crotch and for some reason his head is thrust inside her swimsuit, the both of them were unable to move and…

 It made me angry just thinking about it. Even if it was an accident, I could not forgive him doing something like that to my sister with the same lips he kissed me with. There was nothing I could do when the player was controlling the character in-game, but Luca was a living, breathing human. If Luca chose Noel, I would avoid him with all my might.

 By the way, Luca’s lips never came in contact with anyone else other than my sister. However, the notion of him choosing someone else also made me strangely uncomfortable. Noel was a childhood friend and my sister, so I could live with that.

 I wondered who Luca would choose. 2 I was really curious. …Should I go take a peek?

 A private beach surrounded by trees and cliffs. Right there was the seaside mansion that served as the background for the selection screen in the 8th city. Even the blue skies. It was a refreshing summer scene. The sea was emerald green near the beach, which made it look even more summery.

 I could see the scenery from a distance, but there was a magical barrier in the trees that kept you from getting any closer. There was also a gate I could go in through along the way if I went straight, but when I checked, it was locked.

 I tried climbing a tree with tentacles as a test, but the barrier stretched all the way to the top. As expected of the nobles, their security was perfect.

 But I could see Luca and the others from the top of the trees, albeit tiny, so I decided to observe them from there. Before long, Luca would be alone with someone. I’m sorry for being a peeping tom, but I can’t help my curiosity. I hope you forgive me this once.

 As I absentmindedly gazed at the girls playing beach volleyball by the seaside, I enjoyed the relaxing melody of the waves.

 I used to often play in the sea as a kid in my past life. But in this world, it was in the seventh city that I saw the sea for the first time since my birth. I had been holed up in the great forest all my life. Well, I didn’t particularly want to see the sea though.

 Although I was going to leave once I had confirmed who Luca chose, but it was not going to just end there because there are seven of them in rotation confronting each other. They had even made preparations for watermelons on the side. They must be planning to smash the watermelon. 3 They seemed to be having fun, so that was good.

 I could feel the summer vibes just looking at them from here. I had been holed up all my life thanks to my black hair, but I wondered now if I should have gone out to town a bit more. Each place must have had a summer festival of its own. I could also blend in at night. Perhaps there might have been a few places that even set up fireworks.

 Just as I was reminiscing about the fireworks I saw in my past life, my communication device suddenly buzzed. I wonder what it is?

 Tilting my head in confusion, I answered the call.

“Zagan? I can sense you, are you perhaps close-by?”

 …I had hidden my presence properly, yet for him to notice me, isn’t he improving way too quick? Well, he’s able to move his tentacles that well, it goes unsaid that his mana perception must also be quite high.

 Besides, it’s past noon now. Just like how I was strong in the dead of the night and would lose a bit of my abilities during the brighter hours of the day, Luca was the strongest from morning till the evening.

“Zagan? Answer me, Zagan.”

“……I wanted to check on you guys, just for a bit. I’ll be going now.”

“Wait, don’t go! Why don’t you stay with us this time, Zagan? You won’t be seen by anyone here. Is it no good?”

“Huh? It’s no good, isn’t that a given? What do you intend to do about your friends?”

“As long as everyone agrees, it’s fine, right? Wait a minute, I’ll ask them all.”

 Such high handedness. It’s no good, isn’t that a given? I have the dark attribute. I am the ultimate scourge of the kingdom. If you spend 5 days together with such a person, won’t your favourability with the girls drop?

 Especially Miranda. I think Nina also dislikes me, and Bennett was the type to get stressed when the mood around got sour, so it was obviously a bad thing.

“Everyone said they’re okay. I’ll open the gate right now.”

“Hey, is that really fine? Isn’t it just that they can’t refuse because you’re the one asking? Don’t force your friends too much.”

“It’s fine, Zagan. You’re just as kind as always. I’m waiting at the gate, so come on!”

 Before I could say anything back, the call was cut and I could see Luca getting permission from everyone and running from the beach to the gate. Nobody was going to stop him, huh…


 A sigh escaped me, but I still climbed down from the tree and headed for the gate.

 Luca had already opened the gates and was waiting for me, and when he approached, he caught my arm and pulled me inside, closing the door immediately after. You don’t have to be in such a hurry, I’m not going anywhere.

“Zagan, I’m glad you came. I had tried to invite you before, but you just told me to have fun by myself.”

 He had? Ahh, was it when I had contacted him about going to the guild? I thought he had contacted me to say that he couldn’t make it to the guild, but perhaps I was mistaken.

“…I didn’t notice.”

“I thought so. But Zagan, you also came here because you’re curious about the sea, right? Fufu, let’s play a lot. But first you have to change clothes, Zagan.”

 What I was interested in wasn’t the sea, but who Luca would choose. But there was no way I could say that, and now I was feeling a little bit like wanting to play in the ocean, so I let myself be pulled along quietly.

“We have swimsuits at our lodging, so it’s fine. Also, this private beach belongs to the Marquis who protects the Eighth City, but he’s been a friend of my father’s since he was a child. We’ve met several times since I was a child, and he has been quite accommodating this time. So, no one will ever come while I’m here. Just relax and enjoy your stay.”

 I see, so that was how they knew each other.

 When I got to the beach, Noel waved to me.

“Zagan-dono, it’s been a while! We have watermelon, so quickly change your clothes!”

 I glanced at her and nodded.

 Noel’s swimsuit was a bikini, but the area covering her breasts was quite large. It had white and blue checks. It was just like in the game, but of course it was cuter in real life. She wouldn’t be approached by any perverts, would she? Well, there was no one other than Luca here, so I was relieved.

 Nina looked like she was in a bikini, but she was wearing plain-coloured shorts. Bennet had frills covering his chest and thighs, and I could see him as nothing but a woman.

 Miranda and Cindy’s swimsuits were scant in coverage, and Camilla was in a one-piece.

 By the way, Luca was in ordinary swimming trunks. As a fellow man, I had no particular impressions about it. If I had to say, I would say that he was handsome as usual.

 I was taken to the villa and changed in the room where Luca was staying for the night. I also chose an unassuming pair of black swimming trunks.

 But the hoodie he handed over to me was not black but white, and because of it’s small size, it could not hide my black hair. I couldn’t wear my turban to the sea so I rejected the idea, and I had to wear only one hairpin because I couldn’t swim if I wore too many.

 I-I’m restless. I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable wearing something other than black outside, and standing under the sun so lightly dressed. I was so restless that I kept tugging at my hood that could not even cover my hair.

“Lu-Luca. Can’t I just wear my usual hooded cloak?”

“You’re finally going to the beach, shouldn’t you dress for the occasion? And if you wear something black, you’ll stand out even more. Don’t worry Zagan, you’re as cute as always.”

 Luca could say that because he was used to seeing my black hair. Ordinary people were afraid of it. Because it was the color of the evil god. My mother did not even look at me because of it.

 Unable to take my mind off the prospect of my bangs showing, I could not take my hands off the hood.

 In the end, just like that, I put on my sandals and Luca took me to the heroines. They were eating watermelon under a parasol when Luca called out to them.

“Sorry for making you wait. Is there still some watermelon left?”

“There is. It’s delicious, ufufu.”

“Ahh, Cindy-san! You’ve got a ton of juice on your chest. Where’s the towel, a towel?”

“It can’t be helped. Here Bennett, use this.”

“Th-Thank you, Miranda-san. Here, Cindy-san.”

“Bennett-chan, can you wipe it for me?”

“Eh? …Uh, Uhm. …Excuse me.”

“Ahh, yes, yes, I’ll wipe it instead—” Nina came to Bennet’s rescue.

“Ara ara, thank you, Nina-chan.”

 …The atmosphere made me want to escape. If Luca hadn’t caught my hand, I would have definitely returned to the room.

 Even though I was trying to escape somehow, Luca wouldn’t let go of me, and instead was holding on to me tighter. Damn, I couldn’t take my hands off the hood, so I was at a massive disadvantage.

“Luca, Zagan. I don’t know what you’re doing, but why don’t you come here and sit down?”

“Thank you, Camilla. Noel, too, sorry for making you wait.”

 Noel was holding on to our share of the watermelon, but was at a loss because she couldn’t find the right timing to hand it over.

“N-No, it’s fine. Uhh, Zagan-dono. How about wearing a bath towel on your head?”

 Huh, was that an option?

 Seeing me nod readily, Luca gave a bitter smile. But still he handed a bath towel over to me.

 My field of vision became much narrower, and now that I could hide my bangs from the sun, I finally calmed down.

 Luca sat down next to Camilla, and I sat down beside him. I was at a spot that couldn’t be seen from the parasol on the other side.

 Noel sat in front of Luca and me. She offered us the watermelon. I accepted and took a bite. Mhm, it was sweet and delicious.

 I hid behind Luca and enjoyed the delicious watermelon while I listened to the heroines playing, shooting the seeds. I placed all the seeds on a plate nearby.

Hasr: Sorry folks, I really tried to keep up with full chappie releases, but it’s killing me inside, so I’m going to go back to doing it in parts unfortunately…

I’ll try to not split the smut as far as I can, but no promises. Pulling off being a model student and a BL TL at the same time is hard…

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Thanks so much for the chapter, Hasr! We appreciate the hard work you put into this!

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Carina, wanderingfujoshi
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