I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 2— Part 1

 In the end, I won –  I defeated the protagonist’s party in a three to one fight. Well, I had expected such an outcome. So far, the game had only progressed to the first chapter so I’d be in trouble if the protagonist was already stronger than the villain.

 Even in the game, Luca lost to Zagan. However, in this version of events, Noel would be taken hostage and restrained by the villain’s dark attribute tentacles. Zagan would then toy with the injured Noel’s private parts. Luca realized that the only way to save his childhood friend was to hand over the star fragment. As he snatched the fragment, Zagan left the dungeon, but not before he ridiculed their weakness and said that even killing them held no value.

 This was the scene, where Luca, whose powerful light attribute had been praised to the skies which made him conceited, learnt of his setbacks and resolved to become stronger.

 However, I didn’t plan to provoke Luca into becoming stronger. Even if he doesn’t become strong, it’ll be fine if I can capture all of the dungeons. Right now, I was not associated with the dark organization in any way, so there’s no way I would have all my fragments stolen after being betrayed.

 So, the question is now, why bother to fight? Well, it was simply to punish the man who put a hand on my cute little sister. I knew that it was unavoidable since it was in the scenario, but as her older brother, I wouldn’t be able to relax unless I hit him with at least one shot of magic. Of course, I didn’t regret it.

 As he fell to the ground, Luca was bound by my tentacles. I looked down at the man who exposed his pathetic figure.

“I wondered how strong you would be after looking at your splendid golden hair but my expectations were thoroughly betrayed. Perhaps you should train a little more?”

 I had to hand it to him as he was able to blow off my magically protected hood and turban and exposed my black hair. However, he was a fool who had nothing but openings after being disturbed by the sight of what was underneath.

 As I parted from the battered Luca, who looked up at me in frustration, I stopped in front of Noel, who sat nearby. Since I had not attacked her, she was unscathed.

“Leave her alone!”

 I heard his voice, but ignored him. By the way, Miranda had fainted from my merciless attack and had been quiet since then. I’m not so nice as to have mercy on someone who tried to kill me, female or not.

“N-No…don’t come here. Don’t come!”

 Noel was in tears as her face was full of fright. She had a holy attribute and could use nothing but recovery magic but it had a range that was too short to formulate a proper attack. If I could seal off her movements, I would cut off her means of a counterattack. Even if she struggled desperately, she definitely wouldn’t be able to escape the tentacles that were a crystallization of my magic.

 When I got down on one knee and met her line of sight, a small shriek escaped her. As I thought, she didn’t remember me – after all, she was only four years old when we last saw each other. It was natural for her not to remember, since fourteen years have passed since then. Although I felt a tad bit lonely, I didn’t mind it since it was for the better that she didn’t remember her older brother with a dark attribute.

 I placed my hand on the frightened girl’s head and patted her hair.


 In the game, this scene was described where the villain mercilessly played with her private parts. Zagan went even farther with his abuse as he violated the girl. As she cried and was bound, he forced his fingers inside her vagina. Zagan didn’t know she was his younger sister at that time.

 He only discovered their familial ties in an event that occurred in the latter half of chapter five. When he finally found out, he did something even more outrageous.  He abducted his sister, confined her, and raped her. It was your typical rape scenario by men other than the protagonist, seen in eroges catered towards men. When he saw his sister live a normal life without confinement or abuse, despite being born to the same parent, this made in-game Zagan’s hatred swell.

 However, this reality was no longer the game. I was now Zagan, and was a dark attribute user. I understand that I just happen to be born with the dark attribute, so I think those who are scared of me just because of my attribute are foolish. Thus the feeling of wanting to kill all those who persecute me was not an unfamiliar one. 

“…If the people around hadn’t persecuted us, those with the dark attribute, would not try to hurt anyone.”

 When I muttered to myself for god knows what reason, the two turned their gazes on me. Without care, I pulled my hand away from Noel’s head and stood up.

 I picked up my turban from the ground and put it on, pulled over my hood, and headed towards the altar. A magic circle was deployed inside it, and when I climbed on, I was instantly teleported to the large hall on the first floor.

 Once outside, I was greeted by the blinding sun for the first time in a long time.  When the star fragment left the dungeon, all those who were in the midst of capturing the dungeon were forcibly teleported to the great hall due to the will of the world.

 I activated my magic so that I wouldn’t be seen, and waited in the shadows for about ten minutes. A few people came out of the dungeon and then the numbers increased, and after some time, Luca and the others too came out. All three seemed to have recovered.

 After I confirmed that they were safe, I left the scene.

 The next encounter between Luca and Zagan was set in the fourth chapter. In the second and third chapters, Zagan once again beat them to the punch, and they were forcibly expelled from the dungeon. At long last in chapter four, they met each other in the middle of conquering the dungeon and had a fated rematch.

 At that time, all the heroines had gathered.

 With the first chapter over and done, the day before they left for the next city, the party caught Nina, a thief, who was stealing. Nina bowed her head and asked them to let her free since she helped out the commoners and when she found out that Luca is a prince, she forcibly tagged along for the money.

 In the beginning of the second chapter, they bought their supplies at the legal loli alchemist Camilla’s store while they stopped in a small town on their way to the second city. She learned that Luca and his friends will be travelling up to the 12th city to conquer the dungeon, and joined them to purchase rare materials.

 As soon as they reach the second city, the weak femboy Bennett joins them. He was saved by the group when he was being chased by a pervert. Left without a place to stay after his father sold it off due to debt, he…no, she was added to the team because of her excellent cooking.

 And lastly, a little after the dungeon capture in the third city, the third chapter began. The party encountered a soft and homely bespectacled oneesan, Cindy. Unable to disarm the traps in the dungeon and stopped in their tracks, Luca’s party temporarily left the dungeon to borrow the intellect of Cindy, who worked in a library. Although they were defeated in the dungeon capture itself by Zagan, just like that, they became friends with Cindy.

 Anyhow, my next reunion with Luca would be around three months later. It would be a seven against one fight. If it followed the scenario, an event would occur midway through, so the result would be inconclusive. While I don’t know how it would play out, a fight against seven was quite troublesome.

 As I arrived in the second city, lost in my musings, for some reason, I met Luca.

“Huh, Zagan? What a coincidence. You’re also helping people out?”he called out to me with a smile.

 We were currently in the Adventurers’ Guild of the second city, and since I had time before the dungeon opened, I came to check if there were any quests while I sold raw materials. That’s right, unlike the game, I now live in the city like normal. So it wouldn’t be strange to encounter him outside of dungeons.

 The flow of the game is that during the period when you did not dive into dungeons, you basically could choose your activities four times: morning, noon, evening, and night.

 From the first chapter to the fifth, when you travelled between cities, you can choose between training, conversation and reading. The parameters to raise the level of training and conversation depended on who you did it with. Your favourability with your party members can be increased too, but in small quantities.

 And at night, you’ll get the option to invite one of the heroines to your bed. It’s an eroge so of course, you’ll have sex with her. Sex is also a way to increase favourability. But you needed to be careful, since your morals would decrease every time you had sex. If your morals became zero, it directly led to a bad ending.

 From the 6th to the 10th and from the 26th to the 30th, you will be in the city.  The actions you could perform then were, training, conversing, reading, trading, walking or quests.

 You could regain your morals by doing these quests. That’s why these were extremely important actions that could only be done in a specific time frame. Because of this, I didn’t think that a basic quest given by the Adventurers’ Guild would contribute to your morals level. The only things available were quests like taking care of dogs, delivering goods, manning cafes or cleaning up local parks.

 What’s more, Luca knew of my black hair and had been utterly defeated by me the last time we met. Yet, he still called out to me.

“Luca Soleil, was it? So the prince too takes quests from the guild.”

“I wanted to be of help to the people in any way possible, no matter how small, that’s why. I’ve only recently registered with the guild, though, so I can only take small requests.”

 He currently stood in front of the G-Rank quest board. On it were papers that detailed  part-time jobs that were akin to G – Rank quests –  some of them included taking care of dogs or cleaning up local rooms and facilities. When I first joined, I had submitted rare materials and been promoted directly to D-Rank, so I never knew of these types of quests.

 Taking care of a dog, huh. I bet it’s a cute one.

“This quest, does Zagan also want to come along?”

 Perhaps because I had stared at the paper too hard, Luca peeled it off the board and invited me to join him.

 Why, this man had strong social skills. But I was a black-haired dark attribute user, remember? And don’t bother tilting your head and looking into my face just because you’re taller than me. I knitted my brows.

 But, to take care of a dog, huh. It’s a request that I would never accept on my own.

“……If it’s for a bit, I don’t mind helping.”

 After much deliberation, I decided to accompany him as his senior adventurer. It would be nice to mentor a junior adventurer once in a while.

 As it turned out, the dog was very cute. It wagged its tail in delight when you pet it, and was not frightened of my dark attribute, unlike humans. Luca too, brushed its fur and took care of it with a smile.

 After that, I began to accompany Luca on all the G-rank quests he received. Whenever I went to the guild at noon, he’d always be there for some reason. Moreover, he’d invite me to join him without fail each time. If it was something I wasn’t interested in, I’d say no, but since he only chose animal-related quests, I had no choice but to go along.

 I had tagged along on his quests. Three times before the dungeon capture in the second city and two times after. In the third city, four times before and twice after. And three times before the dungeon diving in the fourth city. 

 After we met up many times, we started to talk to each other. Nothing too deep or heavy, just small talk between us as we did our tasks. I had asked about his own profile, how he spent his days, about his parents and grandparents, and about his siblings. Although Luca was royalty, it seemed his family got along well.

 He had asked about my profile too, so I had answered him. By the way, my birthday was on 8th July.

 I told them what kind of life I’ve led so far,  though I hid the fact that I’m a nobleman and that Noel is my sister. I talked about my childhood in the basement, about my life in the forest after I left the mansion as well as how I became an adventurer at fifteen.

 While we wandered onto the subject of the mating season of animals and their copulation, he casually brought up the topic about my experience. My sexual experience.

“Do you think there’s anyone who’d want to sleep with someone with a dark attribute?”

I found myself shaking my head. “It’s impossible to have such an experience unless you rape someone.”

“…And have you ever thought of raping?” Luca looked at me from the corner of his eye, his face unreadable.

“No way. I don’t want to touch people who are scared of just looking at me.”

Luca sighed. “Ah if so, that’s good. But I wonder if you’ve not had your first kiss yet.”

“……If it’s kissing my sister’s hair or cheeks, I have.”

“I see. That must be a lovely memory for you.”

 I felt a little embarrassed at my lack of experience if I say so myself, but Luca didn’t make fun of me. However, was it a good thing for him to be gentle with the members of the same sex, despite being an eroge protagonist?

Hasr: Hehehe, somebody’s falling in love~
P.S. If anyone here knows japanese, please help me TL QAQ

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I love you... BITCH!
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