I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 2 — Part 2

 On a different note, this world had four seasons and a calendar that was identical to Japan’s. The period for dungeon capture in the first city was January, February in the second city and so on. It was easy to understand.

 Of course, there are events that matched the seasons. Anyone with a favorability of 10 or higher as of February 10, the day before you dove into the dungeon, would be given chocolate.

 However, if you want to get chocolates from everyone except Cindy, who had not joined yet, you would have to continuously grind Miranda, Nina, Camilla, and Bennett in turn between January 26 and February 9.

 It was a relentless schedule, but if the favourability of the five, including Noel, who was greater than 10, it would give you an event still, so anyone would give it their best while they checked out walkthrough sites once.

 So, fueled by the sweet streets in Valentine’s season, I bought myself a bar of chocolate. I’m not a fan of anything too sweet, but I do like the bitter ones.

 I ate it with Luca because we happened to meet on the 10th. He told me that it would soon be Valentine’s Day, and I asked him if he wanted chocolate. He nodded, so I opened the bar of chocolate I had bought. From an outsider’s perspective, the scene of two men, who sat together on a park bench, as they tore open and munched on a bar of chocolate must have been a comical one. Luca seemed happy enough, oddly. Did he perhaps not get any from the others?

 In March, he took out animal-shaped cookies and invited me to eat them together. It was right in time for when he had to give a return gift for the chocolate. He was sincere, even though he was a man. Well, the cookies themselves were crumbly and delicious.

 In the first half of April, we rode a gondola and appreciated the cherry blossoms on the banks of the river.

 While the city was built in the style of Western fantasy, it was still a world wherein you could see cherry blossoms in full bloom. The beauty of the cherry blossoms that bathed in the setting sun was stunning, and when the pale petals fell from time to time, I couldn’t help but hold out my hand. As he observed my actions, Luca smiled at me.

 By the way, he used the Prince’s special right to use the gondola. I don’t know why he didn’t invite the heroines.

 If I recalled, the flower watching event involved all members of the protagonist’s party and was not an individual one. No matter how much this resembled a game, this was reality, and Luca was a living and breathing human who lived his everyday life freely and could choose to do as he wished. It wasn’t like in the game, wherein he could only take four actions a day, or where his speech and actions were dictated by the scenario.

 So it wasn’t strange for him to go look at the cherry blossoms in his free time, but I’d rather he deepen his friendship with one of the heroines, rather than to give me the invitation.

 …Well, nevertheless, I was deeply moved by the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms, and the gondola ride was fun. It was a great experience overall.


 On 11th April, the dungeon in the fourth city opened.  I avoided the early morning when the entrances and exits were crowded and entered the dungeon just past noon. And this time as well, I chose one randomly amongst the twelve routes and proceeded with focus.

 So far, I had not encountered anyone as I captured the dungeon. This is because the dungeon is split into 12 routes from the beginning, and the paths diverged many times along the way, so the probability of encountering someone else was quite low. So even if I was to meet Luca and the others in the scenario, perhaps I won’t meet him in reality. I had no reason to fight Luca.

 But it seemed like the power of the scenario was unexpectedly strong, because we ended up meeting along the way. They were on a break in an open space where three different paths converged.

“Ahh, Zagan. What a coincidence.”

“The Abyss of the Dark, Zagan!? Isn’t it quite bad luck to meet him here?”

“Oh? So this is the dark attribute fellow who defeated you last time. I see, he certainly is hiding a great deal of magical power. He looks like a tricky fellow to handle.”

“Well, but we outnumber him. We can do it if we have to!”

“I-I-I-I’m scared…”

“Oh, dear. This oneesan will also do her best to not die.”

 As they cut off Luca’s cheery words, the heroines all picked up their weapons one after another. Their attitudes had a difference of night and day.

“W-Wait a minute! Why are you acting like this with someone you just met- eek!”

 I grabbed Noel with my tentacles and hung her from above to seal her movements. With this, it was a 6 vs 1.

 The magic wall nullified all the spells from those who were a step behind, and my dagger and staff blocked the melee attacks of axes and swords that lunged at me.

 Miranda’s large, sweeping attacks were heavy, but I could endure them as I used body strengthening magic. Since the gap between us was large, I parried the dual sword attack from behind, as I dodged the axe and stabbed her flank with my dagger. I was unforgiving. They were also strengthened by armour and magic, so they wouldn’t die.

“Guh…uh…! Ak-guh!!”

 I kicked her away as she groaned. I put magic power in my legs and immediately approached Bennett​, who screamed as she saw her fate, and slashed him with my dagger likewise.


“Miranda! Bennett​!You son of a bitch!”

“Nina, calm down! Reckless attacks won’t hit Zagan! Cindy, heal the two!”

“Got it!”

“Urk… Luca, Nina, quickly shoot his staff down! He’s planning something big!”

 Camilla hit me with a number of spells as she tried to stop me from storing magic in my staff. The attacks I couldn’t defend against blew off my hood and turban. Her eyes grew wide.

“What on earth-. Ha…haha…black hair…it’s as if he’s the devil itself.”

“Pass the judgement of blood on the fool— Bloody Judgement!”

 A great spell attacked them from all directions. It had the strength to destroy this open space.



 The girls desperately tried to put up a magic wall, but at the end of the more than a minute-long spell, Luca was the only one who stood. To defend against that, he was no doubt a powerful light attribute user. However, his injuries were in no way small.

 Camilla was on her knees. As I noticed her ragged and heavy breathing, she didn’t seem to have much magic left in her. The others seemed to have been blown away and hit a wall and were knocked unconscious. Of course, Noel was caught above my head and protected by my tentacles, so she didn’t have a single scratch on her.

 I thought it would forcibly bring this battle to a close, but it seems like it still was to continue. Was it because Noel was still in my grasp? For now, I’ll just set her down gently, a little away from Luca.

“Hah… You sure are unrelentless.”

“Of course I will be. If I don’t beat you all to a pulp to the point that there isn’t a patch of unwounded skin on your body, you will come pick a fight with me unreasonably again and again. Don’t you think it’s better that I make it so that you run away the moment you see me? I’m sorry but I can’t let you win this time.”

 I pointed my dagger at him as he vigilantly held his sword. Our gazes crossed.

 The moment we each took a step towards the other. The ground beneath Luca gave way.

“Uwah..! “


 An event had begun, forcibly bringing the battle to an end. Without a conclusion, Luca and the heroine with whom he has the highest favourability would get caught up in the collapse and fall. And the in-game Zagan, out of fear that Luca would get ahead because of his fall, would abandon the other heroines and continue on with his dungeon capture.

 –Then why am I, that same Zagan, falling along with him?

 The wreckage destroyed the ground on the lower levels, and three levels were destroyed. We were then thrown out into a tremendously spacious floor. In dungeons, there are sometimes levels where the sky existed and nature spread out. Of course, we were still far beneath the ground.

 If I remembered correctly, the stone blocks on the third level we just passed by were the background setting for the scene. In the original scenario, Luca would nurse the injured heroine and sleep with her as they waited for their other friends to come.

 This is reality, and of course, it is different from the game. But how did I fall into such a predicament? If this continues, we’ll crash into the ground and die.

 I brought Luca close with my tentacles and poured in all the magic I had into my left hand holding the staff. Our fall velocity gradually grew faster. The ground grew closer each passing moment.

“O’ Meteor of Dark, gather to me— Darkness Meteor!”

 I unleashed the maximum darkness magic possible. Thousands of clusters of dark magic power violently collided with the ground. They fell incessantly as they hollowed out the ground. The impact somehow kept me from crashing into the ground, and I landed on the ground without dying.

 …I had no memories of what happened after that.

Hasr: Smut next chapter ehehehe~

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I love you... BITCH!
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Panacea Seer
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Sadie Woods
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