I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 20

After eating some watermelon, the heroines ran to the ocean for a swim. Luca and I were the only ones left underneath the parasol.

“Zagan, let’s put on some sunscreen. Camilla concocted it, so I’m sure it is very effective. Zagan’s skin is so white and beautiful; we have to protect it.” Luca said, holding up a bottle. I tilted my head thoughtfully, as I didn’t really think there was a need for it.

“I don’t mind getting tanned. Wouldn’t drinking a potion easily heal it?”

“A suntan is caused by the penetration of the sun’s rays. It’s not a scar, so it can’t be healed. Sunburns can be healed to some extent, though. Here, I’ll apply it to your body. You take care of your face. When you’re done, let’s go for a swim together.”

I had no real reason to refuse, so I nodded for the moment. However, I had never applied sunscreen before, so I was not quite sure what to do exactly. I guess it would be better not to leave any residue.

After making sure that none of the girls were nearby, I turned my back to the ocean and took off my hoodie. I then got some of the slippery liquid in my palm and gradually started spreading it on my face. Meanwhile, Luca applied it to my back as well as my neck, shoulders, sides and stomach. It tickled, probably because he was thoroughly stroking every nook and cranny of my body. His ministrations made me flinch sometimes.

“Zagan, make sure you get the spot behind your ears, too.”


After I had finished applying it to the back of my ears, I moved on to my hands, wrists and arms. Meanwhile, Luca’s hands began to rub on my chest.

“…aah…Luca…where d-do you think y-you’re touching…?”

“Hmm? Zagan’s cute little nipples, of course.”

I know that. I mean, no, they are not cute.

The question was, why was he playing with them? As he kneaded my nipples, I started to feel something pleasurable, but it also made me a little nervous. I was embarrassed because I felt like we could be seen at any moment. But since Luca was sitting behind me and shielding me from view, it was not as if anyone could really see what was happening.

“Fuu…s-stop touching them already…ah…what will y-you do if Noel comes?”

“Fufu, true. If I keep touching your nipples any longer, Zagan’s cock will get erect. I’m not going to let anyone see a naughty Zagan; I’ll stop.”

With that, he moved his hands from my nipples, but then he suddenly slipped his hands into my swimming trunks. Luca just covered my lower abdomen and did nothing else though.

“I wish I could make it so that when Zagan is in the mood for sex, this is the first place that starts to tingle.”

“Uh…umm. Don’t do such a thing.”

“Of course, I won’t right now. But over the next five days, I’ll be able to have sex with Zagan every night, and that makes me very happy.”

What? Every night…

…Oh, right. I was staying here too, which meant I would be part of Luca’s daily options. So, he was going to choose me to have sex with for the next five nights.

I wonder if I’ll be okay. The longest I have ever had sex with him was two days in a row, and even then, the second day I was pretty hypersensitive. It felt like I was going to lose consciousness. Wouldn’t five days in a row drive my body off the deep end?

“This is our chance. We’ll have so much sex that Zagan’s body won’t be able to live without my cock.”

Luca grinned at me as he continued to apply sunscreen to my legs. While I was still unsure if I should nod my head in consent or not, I suddenly felt his lips on the back of my foot. He slowly ran his tongue down my toes and then put one in his mouth, before licking it thoroughly. I could hear him sucking on it and making lewd sounds. My body started writhing a little from the growing thrill.

“Uh…ah…stop it, L-Luca…ngh!”

“We’re going to have lots of sex, won’t we?”

Luca was staring at me with narrowed eyes, as if he was seeking my assent. His fierce, almost hungry pair of eyes made me gulp. When I still did not reply, he started caressing my other calf, the one that he had not licked. He continued to slowly move his hand up, clearly aiming for my swimming trunks.

“We will! We will, so let’s go. I want to swim in the water now.”

“Fufu, okay.”

Maybe it was because I yielded, but he stopped doing lewd stuff for the moment. Thank goodness…

-No! It was not good. However, I did not have to think about it right now, so I let it be. If it ever came down to it, maybe I could just persuade him to sleep while we just cuddled or something. It would probably be okay… Luca has a soft spot for me, I think.

After we finished applying the sunscreen, Luca and I walked along the beach together; I left my bath towel on my head. When we were well away from the girls, I finally took off my sandals and my bath towel, then dipped my feet in the sea.

It was nice and cold; the water was crystal clear and clean. I wondered if there were any fish here. As I was looking around, I followed Luca, who was going ahead of me, and we gradually headed for deeper waters.

“Zagan, let’s try swimming around here. If you feel like you can’t, just pull my hand, okay?”


Remembering my previous life, I tried to do the breaststroke. My body swam along the surface of the water. Hmm, it seemed alright.

I enjoyed swimming with Luca for a while. We moved into deeper waters, then huddled and frolicked in the shallows. We also observed the coral reefs and the colourful fishes.

I enjoyed the sea so much; it was really fun. As for Luca’s selection, he ended up choosing me because I joined halfway through the trip. If one were to think of it as a game, then my event was me getting slathered in sunscreen… I was quite flustered when he licked my foot, though.

At any rate, I was glad that the erotic scenes with the heroines did not occur, but I also wanted to know who Luca would have chosen if I had not been there. So I decided to take the plunge and asked him as he was swimming next to me.

“Luca, suppose you absolutely had to…k-kiss someone when I’m not around. What would you do then?”

“Hmm? I’d do whatever it takes to find Zagan, though.”

“I-I see. Whatever it takes, huh.”

What a response. I felt my face heat up at his unexpected display of affection.

When I tried to hide my face with my hands, I automatically stopped swimming. Luca noticed what I was doing, and he braced his feet on the sand and grabbed my arms. Wait, why was he bringing his face so close to mine?

“You want me to kiss you, don’t you? Zagan has a very cute way of enticing me.”

“Huh!? N-No, I didn’t mean like that—”

“Hmm…here, open your mouth for me and stick out your tongue.”

After a brief kiss, Luca stuck out his tongue. I was a little confused, but I complied and did the same. Then his tongue touched mine and started licking it. The tip of my tongue went numb and felt pleasant.

He licked it a lot and occasionally sucked on it. I tried to lick him back, and somehow, I could feel how Luca was smiling happily. As our tongues met, Luca’s was gradually pushing into my mouth.



He changed the angle of the kiss and slipped his tongue inside my mouth, licking here and there and sucking on my bottom lip. My body trembled as the pleasure welled up from the tip of my tongue. It felt good. Kissing Luca felt so good.

“Luca, Zagan-dono! It is time to prepare the barbecue!”

When I heard Noel’s voice, my body jolted. I hurriedly distanced myself from Luca and pressed a hand to my lips.

T-T-That’s right. There are people all around us here. Ugh, Noel saw me kissing Luca. I’m too embarrassed.

I immediately tried to hide by diving into the sea, but Luca caught my arms, stopping me from doing so.

“We’re coming! Come on, Zagan, don’t be shy. Let’s go.”

“Ugh, whose fault is that?”

“It’s my fault, so how about I carry you?”

“No. That’s okay. I’ll swim by myself.”

I shook my head desperately, then headed for the beach. When I reached the shore, Noel smiled and offered me some things, despite the fact that I was hiding behind Luca.

“Zagan-dono, here’s a towel. I’ve also brought your hoodie from over there. Also, something to drink. You’ve been swimming a lot; you need to stay hydrated.”

“A-Ah, yes. Thank you.”

I thanked her, but I could not step out from behind Luca to take them because I did not want to show my hair. So, Luca took the towel and put it on my head. I complied as he dried my hair for me.

“Noel, don’t you have a drink for me too?”

“Oh, yes. But I only brought one for Zagan-dono.”

“…Hmm. All right.”

…I wonder what that pause was just now. Was there something in their exchange that troubled him enough that he started to ponder? It might just be his habit to wonder about something and before letting it slide. After drying my hair, Luca lightly wiped my upper body before placing the towel on my head again. Then he patted me on the head.

“Well, you two, I’ll be going first.”

Huh?… Wait, wait. Why was he leaving me alone with Noel here? I looked up in surprise, but Luca had backed away with a wave of his hand. Meanwhile, Noel was waiting for me with my hoodie, staring up at me. What was with this situation? How did this happen?

Confused, I somehow managed to take the hoodie and silently slipped my arms through it. Noel was also silent, so I did not know what to do. I pulled the hood over my head instead of the bath towel and worked on drying my feet, which were still slightly wet. The whole time, we both stayed quiet.

I really did not know what to do. I was unable to start a conversation with Noel. Help me, Luca.

“…Um, Zagan-dono!”

T-Thank God. Noel spoke first.

“Um, how was the cake from the other day? I heard from Luca that you seemed to enjoy it. I, um, heard that Zagan-dono doesn’t like overly sweet things. So, I went easy on the sugar and used more strawberries instead. Plus, Bennett taught me how to make it properly.”

“…Oh. It was very delicious.”

“Is that so! Oh, I’m so glad. Ah, here’s your drink. It’s orange juice.”

“Thank you.”

I accepted the drink and took a sip. The juice seemed to seep into my body. Perhaps it was because I had swum so much that I had become so thirsty without even realizing it.

As I drank the juice, I looked out at the sea’s surface, which was now slightly tinged with red from the sun, when Noel came into my view with a hesitant look.

“Actually, I have a question for you, Zagan-dono. After you’re done with collecting the star fragments, you and Luca are going to live in the capital, correct?”

I blinked at the unexpected question. After collecting the star fragments… After the game scenario was over…

I had not really thought about it before. The most important thing for me was to destroy the Lumiere and to safely reach the ending. Right now, all I could think about was how to overcome the battle that would take place in September and how to stay alive. If I didn’t survive that, I wouldn’t be able to truly build a future.

However, I didn’t need to think too hard about what to tell her; I already knew the answer.

“I can’t stay in a place that’s populated by a lot of people, you know. I’ll just continue to be an adventurer like I have always been. If Luca wants to stay in the capital, then that’s that.”

“Eh, no way… You are not even considering staying in the capital for Luca’s sake? He loves you so much, Zagan-dono.”

Having my own sister point that out to me gave me complicated feelings. She even blatantly said he loved me.

I managed to keep my face from flushing and calmly replied.

“I know he likes me, but I’m still a dark attribute user. Moreover, I have black hair. If Luca follows me, I’ll accept it, but the opposite is absolutely impossible.”

Even if I were able to collect the most star fragments and to ask the king to stop discriminating against those of the dark attribute, I knew that it would not be good for me to stay in the capital with my black hair. Furthermore, if I were to be by Luca’s side, there would be a high possibility that they would suspect me of trying to take over or eliminate the royal family. That in itself would be dangerous. If that were to happen, it would be a much more serious issue than trying to get them to eliminating discrimination.

It would be difficult to hide and remain by Luca’s side as long as he was in the capital. He was the second prince with such eye-catching golden hair. A lot of nobles were paying attention to Luca and trying to establish relationships with him. Others tried to investigate his movements. If they did, they would immediately notice my existence.

I could no longer live in hiding in a mansion like I did when I was a child. I no longer had the mentality that could accept such a way of life. That was why Luca should just become an adventurer. He had also said that being an adventurer was nice and liberating. So, if everything goes well after this, then Luca would probably follow me. There was no point now in worrying about the possibility that it might not happen.

Anyway, for now, I had to focus on overcoming my death.

“—I’m not going to give up.”

I got startled by a quiet and low pitched voice that seemed to come from the depths. Where had she pulled a voice like that from? I involuntarily looked at Noel, who was sharply glaring at me.

“I will gather more star fragments than Zagan-dono from now on. Then I will ask the king to allow Luca and Zagan-dono to live happily together in the capital. I will even build a house for you two near my family’s— the Bradys’ residence!”

Then, Noel turned from me and raced back to the rest of her companions.

If she would be able to ask the king directly for a wish, it would probably be granted as long as it wasn’t something too extreme; she should just use it for herself. So why was she saying she would spend it on Luca and me? I was not sure what Noel was thinking.

I tilted my head curiously. Seeing no point in staying here any longer, I headed over to Luca and the others. In the meantime, I planned to complain to Luca for leaving me alone with Noel. However, before I could reach the others, he came to me.

“Welcome back, Zagan. We’ve finished preparing the cooking equipment, but we’re not done chopping the vegetables yet, so it’ll take a little longer. By the way, what did you and Noel talk about?”

“If you’re going to ask me that, then you shouldn’t have left us alone.”

“Because Noel kept bowing and begging me. I couldn’t refuse after being asked so earnestly.”

Oh, was that what the subtle pause was about? I did not even realize that such an exchange had taken place.

“And nothing untoward can happen while you’re with Noel, right?

“…In the first place, nothing usually happens with anyone else except with you.”

“Zagan… Fufu, I’m so happy.”

He hugged me around the waist and kissed me over my towel. I accepted his kiss without feeling too embarrassed since he just placed it there. However, I noticed he was about to kiss me on the lips as well, so I pushed him back. Noel and the others were nearby, so stop it.

During the barbeque, everyone was just focused on eating. As soon as my plate was empty, Luca would immediately put another serving on it.

Incidentally, there were two barbecue stoves, and Camilla and Bennett were with me. Bennett occasionally placed pieces of meat in front of Luca, saying that this one was also cooked, so Luca was still able to eat it properly somehow.

Noel was eating on the other side of the table, looking very angry. From what I could hear, she was saying something along the lines of “I’ll get stronger!” Miranda was smiling wryly at her. Nina was patting her back and offering her meat, and Cindy was looking at her gently. Perhaps it was because Noel was the youngest of the heroines; they were totally treating her like she was their little sister.

After they ate, the girls set off fireworks. Noel, whose mood had improved, handed me some fireworks, and I lit some of them myself. In that manner, I enjoyed the summer to its fullest.


As I stretched, I started to wake up. I opened my eyes, feeling a little dizzy. It was morning.

I moved my body carefully, trying to keep Luca’s semen from leaking out of my ass. My first-time having sex in a month was pretty intense. I got fucked in the ass several times. Although it felt good to have my skin pressed against Luca’s, I had been too immersed in the pleasure to think about anything but how good it felt. I hoped I didn’t make a fool of myself.

I briefly surveyed the room, noting the light leaking through the gaps in the curtains, before shifting my gaze to the bed. Luca was still asleep next to me. His face looked peaceful. He also appeared younger than when he was awake. Looking at him as he breathed softly in his sleep, a smile naturally crept onto my face.

“…Aren’t you cute, too?”

I gently caressed his blonde hair, which glistened in the light. It was smooth and pleasant to the touch. I stroked it a few times, exposing his forehead, then placed my lips on it. I kissed Luca like how he would kiss me. From his forehead to his eyebrows, to the corner of his eyes, to his cheeks. Even the tip of his nose. Then on his lips.

I slowly brought my lips close to his, and soon smooching sounds were heard. Then, when I pulled away, Luca’s eyelids fluttered open a little. He gave me a sweet, dreamy smile.

“Good morning, Zagan.”

“Good morning. If you were already awake, then you should’ve just opened your eyes.”

“But it would be a waste if I did. At long last, I received kisses from Zagan. I’m so happy that you initiated kissing for the first time. Thank you.”

He smiled so tenderly that my face began to flush. He even thanked me. I had just wanted to do it for no apparent reason, though.

Luca wrapped his arms around my waist and brought his face to my stomach. Then he softly planted a kiss on the spot where he could feel his magical energy, where lots of his seed had accumulated.

“I love you so much, Zagan. I love you with all my heart.”

Luca looked up at me, and I thought then that he looked so handsome and cool.

Translator’s Notes:

Kuromaru: Fact#1 Noel is best girl. Fact#2 Hitting us with fluff right after all this sexy stuff is just so unfair! My poor heart!

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Noel: I won’t let anyone prevent my dearest brother from having a happy life with the prince!
Zagan: I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble…
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Carina, wanderingfujoshi
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