I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 22 (Part 1)

The next morning I woke up in Luca’s arms. Trying to escape the brightness of the morning sun, I nuzzled deeper into his warmth, before dozing off again.

Last night, he ended up coming inside me numerous times. But I went into a daze halfway through it so I didn’t know the exact number of times he came inside. I couldn’t even remember when I fell asleep.

However, I did vaguely remember him saying a lot of embarrassing things to me. Stuff like, Zagan who’s really feeling it, despite not wanting to, is so cute. Or, your belly’s so swollen with my semen, it looks like there’s a baby inside.

This man, he definitely gets off on other people’s embarrassment.

The thought of it made me a bit angry so I hit him on his side.

“Mnhn. Zagan? Morning…”

“Morning. The sun’s already out. Wake up.”

“Um, Zagan, are you in a bad mood?”

“I am. It’s your fault.”

“I see. Sorry… I wonder why though?”

Luca tightened his embrace around me. Though he was still half asleep, it seemed he still didn’t want to let go of me and a warm feeling started to fill my chest.

“… It’s just that I remembered a little of last night and it made me feel embarrassed.”

As I hugged him back as an apology for taking my anger out on him, Luca sighed in relief. Then he nuzzled his head against my cheek.

“Sorry. Zagan was so cute that I couldn’t help it. Can you forgive me?”

“I guess it can’t be helped then… I’ll forgive you.”

When I replied, he kissed me on the lips. Then his eyes met mine. Completely awake now, he smiled softly.

“Fufu, I woke up today with Zagan next to me. I’m so happy. Tomorrow, we’ll have to separate since we have to go clear the dungeon, so let me spend the whole day with you today.”

I could sense a tinge of loneliness behind his modest request.

After putting on some clothes, we went to the living room. Maybe it was because we got there a bit early today, but the heroines were still in the middle of breakfast preparations. Nina and Camilla were already sitting in their chairs, while Cindy and Bennet were preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Noel was helping out by setting the table, and Miranda was leaning against the wall.

After we gave a short reply to their morning greetings, we also went to stand in a corner of the room so as not to hinder them. As we did this, Miranda came up to us. I figured she just had some business with Luca.

“Zagan, do you have a minute?”


She wanted to talk to me? Why?? I mean, could she even look me in the face? Was this really fine?

Although Miranda’s brows were furrowed, whenever I glanced at her as she was talking to me, she properly met my gaze. 

“As a fellow adventurer, I understand feeling uncomfortable without your hood up. Also, there are a lot of folks who do eat their meals in full armor. But, don’t you think it’s ok for you to take your hood off, at least inside the house? Besides, everyone here already knows you have the dark attribute. At this point, it’s no problem if we see your hair.”

It wasn’t just a matter of whether it was a problem or not; I just thought it would make them uncomfortable. But Miranda, who should’ve been the most uncomfortable with it, was the one who ended up telling me to take my hood off. When I glanced at Luca for confirmation, he nodded with a smile. Then, before I knew it, all the other members were looking at me as well.

Would she really be ok with it?

I didn’t know what kind of change of heart Miranda had these past few days, but I wasn’t going to take responsibility if she felt uncomfortable afterwards.

Though I intently stared down at Miranda, she just continued to look up at me silently. It seemed that if I didn’t take it off, she wouldn’t budge from that spot. Left with no other choice, I took the hood off before unwinding the turban that had been wrapped around my head. My black hair was then exposed.

“Zagan, it’s dishevelled.”

Luca immediately began to smooth my hair out. After combing it all over with his fingers, he kissed me on the temple.

“Fufu. As expected, Zagan’s cute.”

“…Hmph. You’ve got a surprisingly good face, huh?” Miranda said unexpectedly, an expression of displeasure forming on her face. She averted her eyes as well.

It was clear that she was recalling the memories of her lover who had gotten killed, and this caused her feelings of hatred to surge up. I’d have understood. So why was she forcing herself to endure it?

“Zagan’s mine! I won’t hand him over to anyone, alright?”

“I don’t want him. I get that’s how you are Luca, but can’t you do something about your excessive public displays of affection? It’s embarrassing, just looking at it.”

“Just give up. I love Zagan so much, I can’t stop myself.”

Sigh. Really, there’s no helping it then.”

In the end, without really looking at me much, Miranda sat down at what had become, over these past few days, her usual spot.

Since she wasn’t looking at me anymore, was it ok to put my hood back on? But as my hand reached out to grasp my hood, it was grabbed by Luca.

He hugged my waist and kissed my hair, his lips lingered on my head.

“It looks like Miranda’s trying her best to meet Zagan half-way.” He informed me in a whisper.

Was that so? But why would she do such a thing? If something was impossible, then it was impossible – it’d be ok to reject it. No one would blame her for it.

If it were me, I’d have rejected it. Dark attribute users weren’t accepted after all. There was no way I could be friendly with a group that nonchalantly killed other attribute users while claiming that they weren’t in the wrong since they were doing it for others like themselves.

“Food’s ready ~ Everyone come sit down.”

I shook my head in puzzlement before taking my usual seat between Noel and Luca. I could feel Noel’s gaze on me; it was burning with more curiosity than ever before. Perhaps it was because she was finally able to see my face unobstructed by the hood.

I was unable to endure being looked at so much and I glanced back at Noel. Her eyes widened a bit before her whole face lit up with a smile. She looked very happy.

Today as well, we started eating after Luca said a few words. Mmm, delicious. Since Luca stroked my hair occasionally, and Noel randomly talked to me, I ended up eating rather slowly.

Afterwards, Bennet started tearing up again. I didn’t know what caused it this time though.

Was my black hair that scary? Or was Bennet just sad over something he had just imagined?

It should be fine, right? I had no plans of starting a conversation, and Cindy was comforting him, saying “My, my.”

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1 year ago

I’m picturing him in my head, he looks so freaking cute, fidgeting around with his hood.

2 years ago

I understand it, but Zagan is really starting to piss me off with his whole “other dark attributes can just hide their hair like I do” and “it’s understandable for this hatred” and all that shit. They’re human beings backed into a corner. How they’re treated, how it’s legal to kill them, even with having done nothing wrong, it’s fucked. I’m actually starting to get annoyed with his attitude towards it all

1 year ago
Reply to  Lynn

At this point I think it might be internalized self-hatred, I mean he was raised to hate dark attributes users, and yeah, he was reincarnated, but still, that just reinforces that they’re evil. He honestly believes that dark attributes users are intrinsically evil so it’s natural to persecute them. It’s not wrong, it’s just unfortunate especially for the poor dark attributes children.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lynn

Same. Like, I can understand. Dark magic users are inherently different than other magic element users: they can interact with the miasma that generates monsters and can summon them directly and even control those summoned monsters to an extent. Their magic is dominant compared to all other classes except their opposite. So while the individuals themselves aren’t inherently evil, if they do fall to that side then the devastation that a powerful dark magic user can cause is an order of magnitude more severe. The problem is how society treats them. I’d probably be okay with the government regulating mages and attaching additional oversight to dark magic users due to the additional risk they pose, but it should primarily be in the form of training, counseling, and risk prevention rather than the bullshit near-genocidal idiocy they’re doing now. Treat them like fellow humans and the relationship can always have a chance to be mended. Treat them like a dehumanized “other” and there’s no chance of a relationship at all.

2 years ago

I’m pretty sure that Noel is really aware that he’s her brother but just choose to keep it to herself haha

This is really a story that I read for smut but stayed for the plot hahahaha
I’m also a degenerate that wanting some drama where suddenly someone else ended up having a huge crush on Zagan hahaha

2 years ago

Zagan, you’re ok baby! I’m so glad that the group is trying to help him be more ok with how he looks. Welcome Reo and thank you everyone for the chapter!

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

Cindy gives me the Lisa from Genshin impact vibes. Ara, ara~
Thanks for the chapter!^^

2 years ago

I just want to hug Zagan and tell him I love him the way he is.. uwu..

2 years ago

awww. this was both sad and adorable (っ˘ω˘ς )

still, can’t wait to see the ne t dungeon. i wonder if they’ll finally join forces, or if they’ll wait until after the dragon attack…

2 years ago

Lmaoooo, Bennett’s tears are so random but come at such perfect times (ノ>▽<。)ノ

I welcome them with open arms because of their humorous effect

Thanks for the chapter!

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