I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Mon Cherry

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Chapter 22 (Part 2)

Breakfast over, Luca confirmed the schedule, as per usual. Except, today’s itinerary was somewhat different.

“There’s a summer festival today. It seems like, from morning until night, there’ll be special stage shows and musical performances. I was also told that there’ll be a variety of stalls lined up. Plus, they set up a bunch of games at the square. And, of course, at night there will be fireworks.”

August 10th. The summer festival, huh? There are quite a lot of compulsory events in the summer.

“Really? Let’s definitely go!” (Noel)

“Speaking of which, we haven’t been to the city yet this time around. Shall I also go?” (Camilla)

“Me too! I’ve been putting my all into training lately so I want to play a lot today!” (Miranda)

“M, me too. I want to buy some ingredients for meals. Since we’re going into the dungeon tomorrow, we need to prepare in case of an emergency!” (Bennet)

“All kinds of games, you say? There will probably be a bunch of interesting people there, I’d like to come with you and see.” (Nina)

“Ara~ if it’s like this, maybe this onee-chan will come play as well.” (Cindy)

Choosing the Noel or Cindy route, you appreciate the performances along the main street. In the Miranda or Nina routes you play games in the square against other adventurers. And, in the Bennet or Camilla route, you buy stuff from the stalls.

However, this is just what’s written in the game’s scenarios. In reality, the protagonist goes around the festival from noon till evening, moving from place to place.

Then, at night, in a place where there are no other people, he has sex while looking at the fireworks. It’s outdoor sex again – a continuation of July’s Milky Way-viewing event. The girls in this game are really something.

“Among the outfits the Marquis let us borrow, there should be some yukatas too, right?”

“Yup. The Marquis is the one who told us about the festival in the first place. He should have had yukatas prepared for us. After cleaning up, I’ll go check in the dressing room.”

With that, the heroines finished tidying up after breakfast and happily made their way into the dressing room. Though the gamescape was a Western fantasy, wearing yukatas to a festival was a given for the people of Soleil.

As always, I sat down on a cushion and continued working on the magic barrier device. When I did so, Luca took a seat on the sofa, glancing at what I was making. This morning he had declared that he’d stay by my side all day long. Is it really ok though?

About 30 minutes later, the heroines returned to the living room. They were all dressed up in yukatas and had even changed their hairstyles, making the atmosphere around them a lot different than usual.

Noel, as always, had gone for a white outfit, her yukata decorated with a large, blue flower pattern. The neat and tidy ensemble looked nice.

“How is it? Does it suit me?”

“Yeah, the yukatas really suit you guys. It’s nice to have a change of pace.”

“Thank you, Luca. What, what does Zagan-dono think? Does this outfit suit me?”

Why are you asking me, Noel? Because I was secretly looking at you?

“Uh, yeah… it suits you. More mature than usual.”

“T, thank you!”

Even I didn’t really know if I was complimenting her with my words, but she smiled, so it seemed to be ok.

“Alright everyone, go have fun. Take care~”

“E-Eh? W-wait. What about Luca-san and Zagan-san?”

“Umu. Rest easy. We won’t come back until after the fireworks.”

“We’re going~ Ah! Does anyone have a key?”

“I have one.”

“With only one key we’ll be in trouble if there’s some kind of emergency. Better take the other two keys as well.”

“Right then. Luca, Zagan-dono – we’re off!”

“Have fun…”

It became quiet as soon as the girls left, and I was immediately hugged from behind. That was dangerous – I was holding a pin vise drill 1.

“Fufu, it’s just the two of us now. I can’t be happier.”

“Is that so?”

Was it really ok to not go to the festival? I swallowed those words because he really did seem happy. If that’s the case, I didn’t mind if Luca wanted to be by my side.

I’d thought about forcing myself to go to the festival, but the black hood would have been out of place, and, as Luca said before, I’d have been troubled by the attention it garnered. Furthermore, I already draw a lot of unnecessary attention when I’m with Luca anyway. In a lax environment like that of a festival, there are bound to be some troublesome people that might try to take the hood off while I’m standing beside the prince. And that too, for good intentions.

The more I think about it, the more certain I am that not going was the right choice.

I continued working on the device even while in Luca’s embrace, when suddenly he caressed my left arm. My wrist was loosely grabbed, and I was forced to stop my work.

“Will you not make it in time if you don’t hurry and finish the magical device soon?”

“No, it’s actually progressing faster than planned.”

“Then, since it’s a rare opportunity, how about we change into yukatas as well? Let’s make some kakigōri 2 too and go out to the veranda to eat it. It’ll be delicious. Also, we can see the fireworks from here, so let’s watch them together at night, ok?”

That’s right. It’s ok to wear a yukata even if we’re not going to the festival. 

Yukatas… I’ve never worn a yukata before. Not even in my past life. In the first place there weren’t a lot of men who’d wear them. Shall I use this opportunity to try one on?

“If Luca wears one, I’ll try it too.” I said, looking behind me at Luca. He kissed me on the cheek, a delighted smile on his face.


“Yup. It really suits Zagan’s lovely black hair. Very attractive. Very erotic. I want to ravage you right away.”

“If you did that, wouldn’t you immediately be taking the yukata off? I just put it on.”

While reading the instruction paper on how to put it on, I tried wearing one of the yukatas that had been left in the dressing room. Luca had gone for a navy blue and I’d chosen black – it was the most comfortable color for me.

Helping each other get dressed was fun in and of itself, but because I was drawn into a hug the moment the yukata was on, I haven’t been able to check myself out yet.

Luca still clinging to me, I managed to stand in front of a mirror. Nn, it seemed to be on properly. There was nothing weird about the obi either.

I met the eyes of the man standing next to me in the reflection of the mirror. It was probably because of the yukata but he looked more handsome than normal. Though I did wish that he’d take this chance, when he was looking especially attractive, to be more put together and not look at me with debauched eyes.

“Luca also looks very manly and cool.”

“Ehh?” When I complimented him, Luca turned to me in surprise.

Did I say something weird?

While I was thinking about his strange response, his expression relaxed little by little and he squeezed me tight. It hurt a bit.

“I’m happy. Zagan praised me. I’m really happy.”

Thinking back, I might not have ever told him what I thought about his physical appearance. I always thought he was an ikemen, but a man doesn’t praise another man’s appearance in detail.

Luca incessantly told me I’m cute, but that was probably not about how I look. Then, when he asked me about his appearance, I didn’t want to answer, so I abandoned my thoughts. 

When I patted Luca, who’d buried his face in my shoulder, on the head, he let a breath out of his nose. Is this guy in heat? He licked at my nape, kissing and sucking, making marks. He didn’t usually do this, since they would disappear as soon as I drank a potion.

After a while, it seemed like he was going to pin me down, so I moved my head. 

“Stop it. I told you it would be a waste since we just put them on. Anyway, didn’t you want to make kakigōri?”

“Uu, sorry. Zagan was unconsciously inviting me. I’ll hold it in until the fireworks.”

Nobody was inviting you. And why until the fireworks? Please hold it in until we go to bed. Better yet, I’d rather he just stop at touching my body today.


Going back to the living room, we hurried to the kitchen to make the kakigōri. Using a simple device that didn’t need any mana, we shaved the ice and poured the syrup that was in the fridge on top.

Sitting in the corner of the terrace, the two of us ate our kakigōri while gazing at the summer sea. Fuu, it’s cold and delicious.

“It gets hot without the armor on 3 but kakigōri sure is delicious.”

“That’s right. We even wore yukatas… It’s nice to enjoy the season.”

By the way, it seemed that everything inside the fridge had been prepared by the Marquis’ maids. When I’m with Luca I can catch a glimpse of the wonderful work that’s done by servants of the nobility.

Luca and I are different in that you can tell that he’s spent his whole life being served by others. For the sake of the people that serve and support him, for the sake of the future king and, most of all, for the sake of this country, Luca then went on a journey to clear the dungeons.

How did a man like that, connected to and supported by many, end up with someone like me, who’d been abandoned by this country?

Maybe it’s because of what Noel had asked before, but I find myself unintentionally thinking about it. Will we still be together after the game is over?

I think I’d be happy if, just like today, we could spend our days together, going to sleep and waking up in the same bed. But I’m a darkness attribute user and he’s a prince.

I can’t live in the imperial capital. It’s not possible for Luca and I to be together. Even if we reach the ending of the game, the two of us might be separated in the future. I start having such thoughts.

It’s an excessive worry. Especially since I don’t know if I’ll still be alive by then. Thinking too much about what might happen has brought about new worries. They were also very optimistic worries. Would I, a person this country considers to be an absolute evil, even be allowed to live together with the others?

Even if we are separated in the future, that doesn’t mean it’s goodbye forever though. I wouldn’t mind if we could only meet a few times a year. Even in my past life I had a number of friends who I’d only see maybe once a year if at all. As long as I’m alive, no matter what our relationship is, I can still walk by Luca’s side.

“What’s the matter, Zagan? What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing really. Just thinking that I should treasure this moment of peace.”

Though I thought I’d answered him properly, Luca’s face distorted with worry, and he hugged me tightly. With a pak, the kakigōri cup fell on the ground.

“I’ll definitely protect Zagan no matter what, so don’t make such a lonely expression.”

It seemed he thought I was worried about the battle with the dark organization. Speaking of which, in the end I haven’t told him about my conversation with Noel. There wasn’t really anything he needed to know, so I didn’t talk about it till now.

“You know, I definitely won’t lose and I don’t plan on dying either.”

“I know, but, for some reason, it feels like you’re going to disappear at any moment.” Luca’s voice sounded like he was on the verge of tears. I patted his back to comfort him.

Of course, I have no intention of disappearing. It’s just that, because of our different positions, there are things we can’t do anything about. Furthermore, this is something I can only tell him after the Lumiere is destroyed. In the meantime, I let Luca hug me until he’s satisfied. Then, all of a sudden, a light comes into view. It’s kind of small but that’s –

“Luca, look. Over there – there’s a magic clearing.”

The light of a soul floated above the water. Luca lifted his face up from my shoulder and took a look. Soon after, something came out of the magic clearing – a small fish. The thing that had amassed from the sparkling magic clearing flew through the air, coming our way. It flew around Luca a few times as if trying to comfort him.

The fish played around for a bit, then touched Luca’s cheek before going back into the sea.

The magic clearing that floated above the water, where the spirit had been summoned from, had already disappeared.

“A spirit… It’s my first time seeing one.” Laughter spilled out of the surprised Luca. He then grabbed my waist again, examining my expression.

“Zagan, have you seen one before?”

“Yeah. I told you about how I went to the neighboring country, right? They’re quite a common sight over there.”

“I see. That’s right. It’s just in Soleil that there aren’t any spirits.”

When the evil god appeared, the spirits in Soleil disappeared. Which is why it is said that their disappearance is the evil god’s fault, though I don’t know if that’s true. Nobody can fundamentally explain why they vanished after all.

Thinking about something, Luca once again frowned with anxiety, pressing his cheek into my black hair.

“Ne, Zagan. What’s it like in the neighboring country? Over there, dark attribute users aren’t persecuted, are they? Have you… have you not thought about staying there?”

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3 months ago

I’m near certain that the persecution of the dark attribute users for being associated to the ‘evil god’ is a cover up for some sh*t the royals pulled and angered Soleil… Maybe the so called ‘evil god’ is one of the good gods ((I’d have bet on moon goddess but since moon is visible right outside their country’s borders I’m beginning to think it’s not them, or it could even be Soleil himself)) that got corrupted/driven to madness by whatever humans did…. knowing humans they probably tried to control/enslave/get rid of the ones that protected them once they felt the kingdom has grown strong enough and the other species/monsters could no longer pose a big threat to them

1 year ago

“With a pak, the kakigōri cup fell on the ground.”

The onomatopoeia kinda threw the whole chapter off. Haha ( I know it’s just me TT ) Can you kindly change to it something like :”With a loud clank, the kakigōri up fell on the ground”, or something similar? (I’m really sorry it’s just me TT)

Good translation as always! <3

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

I hope everything turns out fine.
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

hmm. we’re finally getting an answer to the question that bothered me for a while – why zagan just didn’t stay in a better country and returned to a place that hates him and where he might very easily die.

btw luca is the second prince, not the first one, right? might be interesting if, once all the dungeons are completed, him and zagan escaped beyond the forest ibto that foreign country 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  misto713

Luca wil probably beg his older brother (1st and crown prince) to stop the discrimination by royal order and it’ll depend if the crown prince would have any negative feelings about it (I hope not). I have a feeling that by the end of this whole novel, the darkness surrounding the country would disappear anyway and they’ll be able to see the moon again. Maybe Zangan would do it and be publicaly announced so there’s less hatred for darkness attribute. Hmm