I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Mon Cherry

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Chapter 23 (Part 1)

It was three years ago that I decided to cross the great forest of Etoile. Relying on an old map, it took me more than a year to cross the vast forest. On the other side, a beautiful field of grass spread before me. Terre kingdom – a tranquil and calm country protected by the goddess of the earth, Terre.

Seeing fields and a village in the distance, I tried to get to them by walking across the grass field.

 I didn’t feel the presence of monsters as much as I did in Soleil, instead noticing from time to time that there was the sparkling magic clearing that was associated with spirits. I was surprised the first time I saw them, thinking they were fairies. Was the stark difference between the magical creatures that inhabit the Soleil and Terre kingdoms a result of whether or not there was a god that protected that country?

Maybe because Soleil kingdom had been in national isolation for around a thousand years, and they didn’t think a foreigner would come from the great forest, but there was no border checkpoint nearby. Which was why I made it to the village gate unobstructed and underwent an inspection by the gatekeepers inside.

Though the intonation of words differed here and there and some of the vocabulary was different, we somehow managed to communicate. It was written in the history books that there had been a cultural exchange between the two countries a thousand years ago and that seemed to be true. But, when I showed them my silver guild card, which was still A rank at the time, they became baffled by the slightly different card.

The guild card had the name of the country on it, and since the Terre kingdom bordered 3 other countries other than the great forest of Etoile, they couldn’t think of the card as a forgery. What confused the gatekeepers was that I was from Soleil kingdom. It seemed they really didn’t think someone would come from there.

They asked me to wait a bit while they reported this to the adventurer’s guild, and I complied with their request. As I was waiting, I felt an enormous amount of magical power coming from afar. An amount of power so huge that even my black-haired self instantly knew I couldn’t compete. Looking in the direction it was coming from, I saw something galloping through the blue sky. It was a horse with a large amount of magic clearing. Furthermore, it rapidly approached me.

Could that be the goddess Terre? But why would she come here? Also, it’s huge.

The horse came down beside me. It was a lot larger than a regular horse and I had to look up to the point my neck started to hurt. But, just as I was thinking it was glowing, the horse shrunk to about my size, even changing into a human’s form, and the magic clearing disappeared.

Was a magic clearing something that could be erased?

In appearance alone, the being seemed completely human. However, I knew from the enormous amount of magical power and her sublime beauty that this was a goddess.

I felt Lune’s presence so I rushed over. Aa, I can feel Lune’s magical power from you. It’s an absurdly large amount too. I see… Lune’s still alive… I’m glad. I’m really glad.

The voice flowed into my head. Her mouth hadn’t moved, could this be telepathy?

Who is Lune? When I tested it out with this thought, she didn’t answer. It seemed the goddess couldn’t read my thoughts.

I watched over her teary and emotional figure and after a while, when she calmed down, she sent me her thoughts again.

I am Terre. Descendant of Lune, I’m happy you came to my country. What kind of business might you have here?

“… I came to see if there was a moon floating in the night sky.”

Oh my! As expected from Lune’s descendant. That’s right. You’re curious, right? It’s something you can’t see from Lune’s territory.

Her answer had me convinced there was a moon in this world after all. All that was left was to confirm whether it was the same as the moon in my past life.

By the way, she said I was a descendant of Lune, but I had no idea what she was talking about. But if I told the happy goddess that I didn’t know anything about Lune, she might become upset. The difference in our magic power was so big I didn’t stand a chance in a fight against her, so I decided not to ask about Lune.

“In order to observe the waxing and waning of the moon, I’ll stay in this area for about a month. I hope you don’t mind.”

Of course not! Please do look [at the moon]. If you’d like, I’ll guide you to my residence.

“No, in the meantime I would like to stay in the great forest, so please allow me to humbly refuse.  I only plan to approach the nearby villages and towns when I need to buy something.”

I had no intention of staying in a different country for long and, if I stayed with the goddess, there was a chance I might have had to meet with the king and chief vassals. There was nothing more bothersome than that. I’m just an adventurer who came to see if there’s a moon – please give me a break.

But, since the other person is a goddess, if she insisted on it, I couldn’t refuse. Or so I thought.

I see. You’re a descendant of Lune. You won’t be able to feel at ease if you’re not in her territory. She easily agreed.

Does that mean that Lune is the goddess that rules over the great forest of Etoile?

While the great forest was mostly trees, its size was the same or larger than the Soleil kingdom. It wouldn’t be strange for such a wide area to be under the jurisdiction of a god. Rather, it became clear why the territory of the great forest didn’t belong to Soleil or any other country. 

And I’m her descendant… Terre said I had inherited a lot of her power. That would mean that Lune was the goddess of the dark attribute.

The forest was indeed dark enough that I could accept it as the goddess of darkness’s domain. It was gloomy even during the day and when night fell it descended into a bottomless pit of darkness. For me though, as someone who has the dark attribute and black hair, it was a comfortable place to be in. It felt like the darkness was gently wrapping around me… so it was because I’m her descendant.

But it’s called the great forest of Etoile, yet the goddess’s name is Lune. On the verge of tears, the goddess Terre told me it was because Lune didn’t show herself. Was she a hikikomori1 like me?

The goddess Terre told the people of the adventurer’s guild, who had arrived at some point, to treat me well. Because I was a descendant of Lune. Their bodies were stiff from nervousness, and they bowed their heads repeatedly. As expected, the goddess protecting this country had a special existence to its people.

I bid farewell to the figure galloping through the sky as the goddess turned into a giant horse once again. After that, we headed to the adventurer’s guild and I was told about the rules and regulations of the Terre kingdom.

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2 years ago

Here’s my opinion, luna means moon in latin and terra is ground/soil. Maybe author only changed the last letters with e? So i think dark attribute is about moon god or maybe even evil god and moon god are the same entity, who knows? Also, moon appears at nights and related to dark. Im really curious abot the plot~

2 years ago
Reply to  Lyd

I think they’re going with french words in this case. Lune means moon, etoile means star. So it’s the star forest, but the goddess is the moon goddess. Terre is also french for earth, and soleil is french for sun.
Other than thinking it was a little weird that they kept using etoile when there are very few other french words, i didnt pay much attention to if there are any others besides those four being used, sorry

Nicole Guevara
Nicole Guevara
2 years ago

Ah I love this novel ~

2 years ago

Oh interesting. I wonder if the reason why there’s no moon is because that’s Lune’s territory and the people hate the dark attribute so they did something to kick her out maybe? Thanks for the chapter!

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

Ohhhhh, backround story? So interesting!^^
Thanks for the chapter ~♡

2 years ago

Came for the smut, stayed for the plot

2 years ago

That was a BIG reveal that Zagan just brushed off like it was no biggie
( ̄□ ̄;)

Thanks for the chapter!

Panda Eyes
Panda Eyes
2 years ago
Reply to  OHtheNovelty

Maybe coz he can’t see the connection at all??

He only know that Zagan is the villain in the ero-game n even the Soleil history is gray n in pict book mode too

N also thanks to his personality