I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 23 (Part 3)

The Kingdom of Soleil was surrounded by a vast ocean, mountains, and a forest. The name Soleil was also written on the map. Furthermore, the name of the neighbouring great forest was Lune.

“The Kingdom of Soleil is still written as Soleil, so our language isn’t different from the Kingdom of Terre, right?”

“Yeah, the language is pretty much the same. And I think the name of the gods and places are the same everywhere, so it must’ve originally been  the Great Forest of Lune, just like the goddess Terre said it was.”

“In other words, the Kingdom of Soleil deliberately changed the name to the Great Forest of Etoile. I wonder if it was also changed by the royal family a thousand years ago. Hmm, I have to write to my older brother again.”

What happened a thousand years ago? The god Soleil and the evil god fought, and both of them fell. However, I had a growing suspicion that this was not the whole story.

Why was the evil god hiding the moon? Why did the god Soleil seal off the country?

The people of Soleil have not been told about the moon. The reason why the moon’s existence has been concealed. The renaming of the Great Forest of Lune.

“…Hey Zagan. Is it possible that the goddess Lune is either the goddess of the moon or the name of the evil god?”

“I wonder. If the sun god is of the light attribute and the evil god is of the dark attribute, then the moon goddess must be of the holy attribute. Or at least, that’s what I’ve thought.”

Humans were the ones who gave impressions and names to the gods that had none. The god with the light attribute was called “The God of the Sun” and named Soleil. The goddess of the earth attribute was hailed as the “The Goddess of Earth” and named Terre.

So, was the impression that the goddess of darkness was the “Goddess of the Moon” true or not?

“When you put it that way, the holy attribute might be more appropriate for the moon goddess.”

“However, the goddess Terre praised me for checking on the moon, saying that I was indeed a member of Lune’s family. If so, Lune may be the goddess of the moon. I can’t be sure.”

“No, that’s okay. In the first place, we don’t know whether she actually exists or not. The moon is real, but the goddess could be a storybook creation, right?”

I nodded. I thought that it was, at the very least, a way to tell future generations that there was a moon. The actual relationship between the gods would probably not be the same as how it’s told in the storybook.

“And as to whether she is the evil god or not… the goddess Terre was happy that Lune was alive, and she also seemed to have a good relationship with the god Soleil. So if Lune is the evil god, it would make for a rather complicated relationship.” Luca said while contemplating.

“Soleil and Lune are feuding, but Terre is friends with both of them… Yeah, it sounds troublesome. I don’t even want to think about how the people have been caught up in a situation like this for a thousand years.”

Luca furrowed his eyebrows at my response, and then closed his eyes as he fell into deep thought. The secrets surrounding the Kingdom of Soleil. As the prince, he must really want to know about these.

“…I’m sorry, Luca. I should have questioned the goddess Terre more about it. I didn’t know at the time that the people of the Soleil Kingdom didn’t know about the moon. I also didn’t think too much about the contents of the book.”

“Oh, don’t apologize, Zagan. It’s not your fault. You must be hungry by now. Since there’s a festival today, how about we have some yakisoba?

Luca smiled tenderly at me and caressed my head. Then, he kissed me on the forehead. I felt a little embarrassed at his exaggerated efforts to comfort me. No matter how one looked at it, I really believed that Luca was more considerate than me.


After eating some yakisoba, I decided to go and sort the contents of my magic bag instead of continuing with crafting magical tools.

I thought that if I could get Cindy to read some of the books that I had bought at Terre, she might be able to find something.

There were over 500 books, but I knew she would be able to read them easily. Additionally, there were a large number of ingredients, and a lot of materials that I got from defeating spirits, which I would’ve never been able to get in the Kingdom of Soleil. I also gave Luca all the other things that I thought might be useful to the heroines.

After dinner, I watched the fireworks on the terrace with Luca… but I was still embraced after all. Maybe it was because I used to think that the heroines in the game had it hard, as if it was someone else’s problem? Or was it because I just couldn’t resist when Luca would embrace me?

It was really hard for me. It felt so good that I felt like I was going to die from the pleasure. And as usual, I found myself waking up in the morning with almost no memory of what occurred in the latter half.


It was a bit troublesome to see Luca and his friends off as they headed for the dungeon. Mostly because Luca stuck to me and would not let go. The way Miranda and Camilla pulled him along made him look quite pathetic.

I spent some more time working on my magical tools and finished up just after dusk.

In the evening, I locked the door firmly and left the house. I walked along the beach and listened to the sound of the waves, then went out the gate, and also locked it shut.

I felt as if I were leaving my own home, which made my expression soften into a smile.

I had so much fun during the past five days. Luca and Noel. Miranda, Nina, Camilla, Bennett, and Cindy. I’d spent the time peacefully with them.

I woke up with Luca in the mornings, and after we all had breakfast together, I worked with them and watched them train. We also shared lunch and dinner. Well, the nights were hard, though.

Anyway, I was able to spend days with them as if we were real friends and…family. Looking back at it, it seemed like a dream or even an illusion.

But it really happened. As a person with the dark attribute and black hair, it was a bit too overwhelming for me; nonetheless, it was a precious memory that I would remember for the rest of my life.

As I was about to leave the place where I’d spent time with them, a phrase suddenly popped into my mind. I was unsure whether I should say it or not, but I did.

“―I will be going.”

This was my first time saying these words since I reincarnated into this world. I could not say it to my mother, who had seen me off from afar at the mansion. Or to my father, who had dropped me off at the forest.

I could only say these words because no one was there to hear them.

When I remembered those days, I still felt a little ache in my heart. But I was Zagan. Even though I was related to them by blood, I was no longer their son.

…I had no home to go back to. There never was, and there never would be… As long as this country remained the same.

This time, I turned around and walked away. Soon after, the darkness enveloped me.

Author’s Notes:

Thank you for reading to this point.

Now that I’m halfway through the story1, the next chapter is “the yukata sex” that I wrote as a reward to myself, which I skipped in this chapter. Skipping it does not affect the story at all.


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1 year ago

“Soleil and Lune are feuding, but Terre is friends with both of them…

I started to consider that the Moon Goddess is actually two people. With Luna representing the “bright” side of the moon and the Evil God representing the “dark” side of the moon. And maybe Soleil found out about their identity and trapped Luna in to the Soleil kingdom to either separate them or he didn’t have the heart to kill the Evil God and Luna. And knowing Terre’s personality, he most likely didn’t want to tell any of the other Gods or Goddesses because Terre would probably side with Lune.

1 year ago

Yayyy yukata sex!!!

I guess if Goddess Lune is really the Evil God then the theories in the previous comment sections would be right. I still think that Soleil is Luca’s reincarnation and maybe Lune is Zagan’s but welp, we’ll know later on. I didn’t expect this kind of plot in this kind of novel lmao to the point that readers has to theorize about it.

I want to think that Zagan’s mom cared about him but was just scared, and never really hated him. Because if she hated him, then she would’ve forbid Noel from spending her time with her brother, no? She wouldn’t have seen him off either. Maybe she blamed herself for Zagan’s darkness attribute? I want to see their fam reuniting with Zagan with no fear of prejudice. Lol I wonder what Zagan’s dad’s reaction would be to find out his student is boning with his son.

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

Chapter ended on a sad note, but then the author said yukata s*x and i was all better.
Thx for the chapter!

2 years ago

Thank you for the update!!!!
>o> ohhh looking forward to next week XD

2 years ago

Ar first I was bewildered about why they were wondering if the goddess lune was the moon goddess. Her name is moon, people! Of course she is! But then I realized that in universe, the names they gave the gods weren’t a fancy version of the god’s territory. It’s names they don’t know the meaning of, maybe the gods told then their names directly without explaining that in french/holy language (this cracks me up) it means their territory. In French, darkness would be Ténèbres.
Thanks for the translation! I hope my comment loads this time… I’ll pray to Terre for it!

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your hardwork!! Both you and the authors did excellent job and we readers really appreciate that you continue to bring us joy with this novel!!!