I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Mon Cherry

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Eroge Villain 24 (Part 2)

“This way, Zagan.”

After my hand was grabbed and my fingers kissed, I was guided by a hand on my back. Then, the guild staff, most of whom were men, waved their handkerchiefs at me, while the women smiled tenderly, their eyes sparkling. 

Really, what did he say to them?

I had questions, but because I had the feeling it would be best not to ask, I let Luca lead me down the stairs without asking.

The training room was a single and rather spacious room. And, other than on the door, there were magic barriers everywhere so that the room wouldn’t get damaged. Isn’t this too much for something that’s supposed to be a training room?

I quickly took the magic device for Luca out of my bag – 12 overlapping discs, 10 centimetres in diameter, with an activation switch at the core.

“This is the core. Equip it to your belt and touch the activation button.”

I handed Luca the core and he put it on like I told him to, activating the device. The small discs I’d been holding then separated one by one, until all twelve floated around him. I made sure they were arranged so that they wouldn’t obstruct his vision or be in the way of his attacks.

“Stay like this and don’t move.”

I stood facing Luca and pointed my staff at him. He seemed surprised for a second, but then quickly nodded.

Starting from small-scale magic attacks, I prepared to strike him one by one.

“Dark Ball, Dark Arrow. Shadow Edge. Shade Sword. Curse… Dark Blast.”

The first three were single-shot attacks. I aimed for the discs but they repelled my attacks, putting up a barrier. Shade Sword was a magic attack that makes dozens of swords come raining down and sure enough, the discs repelled those as well. Curse was a dark fog that has a cursed effect on the victim. When I used that, the discs spun rapidly around Luca, making the fog disappear in the blink of an eye. And then there was Dark Blast – the discs kept protecting Luca while blocking all of the many explosions.

“… Amazing. Why is it moving like this? I mean, this is so cool.”

That’s right. I packed my greatest dreams into the device after all.

If I were to use large-scale magic attacks, the magic barrier in this room would probably break so I restrained myself. Instead, I switched the staff to my right hand and got into a fighting stance.

“Luca, prepare your sword too. Then come attack me.”

“Eh? No, that’s no good. This barrier defends against all of Zagan’s attacks but what if one of my attacks gets through?”

“It’s to make sure the magic device doesn’t get in the way of your attacks. Any random stick should do.”

“Aa, I’m glad. If it’s like that, I have a training sword.”

What Luca took out of his bag was a wooden katana. Luca might have his own idea of a man’s romance. In his romance, he was holding not a sword but a katana. I’m pretty sure it’s something that becomes available in the dungeons from around chapter 10.

“Let’s go.”

Infusing my legs with magic as I ran, I took a big leap. Passing Luca’s head, I thrust my staff down. Of course the barrier intercepted it, and the wooden katana Luca was swinging instantly drew near. I blocked it with the staff and landed a short distance away. Immediately afterwards, I avoided another strike from the sword and attacked once again, this time aiming for the discs. The discs reflexively blocked my attack and the shock of it was absorbed by the barrier. Then the wooden katana struck once more.

While receiving and avoiding his attacks, I checked on the way the discs moved while he was fighting. After testing it out for about 10 minutes, I took some distance from Luca.

“How was it? Did you ever find it difficult to attack because of the magic device?”

“No, it’s basically moving back from my field of vision so it’s good. By the way, there were times when I came very close to Zagan but would the barrier disappear if I swung my sword?”

“No, wrong. It doesn’t disappear the moment you swing your sword, just stretches. It’s the same with the magic from earlier, the device only automatically puts up a barrier when it senses movement from a pure dark attribute user. Which is why if Luca stops my attacks before the barrier activates, the magic won’t react, since the attack will become dark+light.”

“Is that so. Let’s regroup then.”

Luca walked my way. As I didn’t move, he stretched his hand out to me. Before the discs could move, he touched my cheek, coming even closer. While the barrier wasn’t functioning, I was enveloped in Luca’s arms and hugged affectionately.

“This magic device can do all sorts of stuff. It’s amazing.”

“That’s what is so fascinating about magic tools.”

“Fufu, Zagan seems happy. It’s cute.” When I acknowledged Luca’s words, he kissed my cheek. 

Isn’t this the part where you praise me for being cool? Normally, you’d tell me I’m cool first.

Maybe it’s because I got sulky, but Luca stared intently into my eyes as if searching for something. Even when I looked back at his blue eyes, he didn’t seem to understand the reason why I was huffy, and his eyebrows drooped, at a loss.

“What’s the matter? Are you unsatisfied with something? Won’t you tell me?”

“… You’re… not going to tell me I look cool?”

I hesitated because I knew my reason was childish, though I did tell him in the end. 

Luca blinked once then softly smiled

“That’s right. You’re really cool, Zagan. Thank you for making such a wonderful magic device for me.”

I felt a bit shameful for making him say it, but still, Luca telling me I’m cool made me happy. 

Perhaps he could sense that my mood had improved since he even kissed me on the lips. As I docilely accepted his many kisses, his hands gradually came down, rubbing my butt, gingerly pushing in between my butt-cheeks.

“Luca, why are you rubbing it?”

“But, after hugging your adorable self, I ended up really wanting to have sex. Also, I didn’t think that after this I wouldn’t be able to see you for close to two weeks again. Just thinking about it, I feel so lonely I think I’m going to die.”

“… sorry about that.”

I was made aware of the fact that Luca won’t sleep with anyone other than me a hundred times over. Which is why, for over two weeks, as he was dungeon diving, he had to make do with only masturbation. It had probably been hard for him to bear with the withdrawal symptoms, especially this time around after having connected our bodies for five consecutive nights. As a man as well, I think I can understand that.

The thing is that I have a low sex drive in the first place, and it wasn’t the time for such things, but I kind of couldn’t bear it either… For a moment there, I’d even thought that I wanted to see him. So, I mean, if Luca really wanted to do it.

“… If it’s just for a bit, it’s ok to take out the tent.”

“Does that mean… Eh? You’re ok with it!?”

The moment he asked that all the heat instantly gathered in my face. I, I shouldn’t have said that after all. This isn’t like me.

But when I tried to turn my head away to reject him, Luca wrapped his hands around my cheeks and kissed me. Then forehead bumped against forehead.

“Sorry, Zagan. Even though you did your best to say it, I got too surprised. I’m extremely happy. I’m a bit tired, shall we take a break inside the tent together?”



I received a lot of Luca’s magic inside my womb for the first time in a while, but we still left the guild before evening came.

By the way, even when leaving the Adventurer’s guild, the guild staff sent us off with expressions I didn’t really understand. In the end it was too suspicious, and I asked Luca about it.

“What’s with those people?”

“Ah, yeah. That’s… When I went to rent the training room, I added that I wanted to be alone with my lover who I don’t get to meet that often. Usually when training, there are some people who want to observe. The adventurers in the vicinity who’ve been listening in start to make a lot of noise, especially since I’m a prince. But I definitely couldn’t let them see Zagan’s magic, and that’s the only excuse I could come up with on the spot. I threatened those who kept protesting a little bit.”

“… I see.”

So that’s why they had that kind of reaction. I don’t know what kind of threats he made, but the men sympathized with me, while being scared of Luca, while the women were, probably, watching over the two of us who were fellow men. With it being just the two of us, they probably suspected we were up to this and that.

I unconsciously had a distant look in my eye, since we did do it in the end. The setting sun is dazzling, isn’t it. 1

I said a short goodbye to the downcast Luca. Then, the next day, as planned, I went into the dungeon and single-mindedly fought to raise my level, heading for the next big city after September came.

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wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
1 year ago

I like the leveling aspect being mentioned
Ahhh i don’t like angst hopefully nothing happens.

Thanks for the ~❤

1 year ago

cute chapter!!

tho i still think this world’s zagan should be A LOT stronger than the original game zagan. after all killing high-rank monsters must give a lot more XP than killing random civillians… i really wish zagan here was totally overpowered but just doesn’t know it xD maybe he could deal with the five dark dragons on his own :3

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!!