I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 27 (Part 1)

 When I opened my eyes the next morning, I found myself being hugged from behind. Luca was still asleep, and I could still feel his quiet breaths above my head. Judging from how relaxed he was, he seemed to be sleeping comfortably.

 Even though he was asleep, his large, warm palm covered my stomach, which was currently a little swollen from all the semen he’d poured into it. Feeling Luca’s touch, both inside me and outside of me, already made me feel warm and fuzzy right from the beginning of the day.

 However, at this rate, the amount of fluid released into my womb was so great that even the slightest movement would cause it to leak out. So I started to deliberately convert Luca’s mana, which was currently circulating throughout my body, into mine.

 After some time, Luca seemed to notice the movement of mana and squirmed restlessly. When I twisted my whole body around and looked up at him, he sleepily opened his eyes into narrow slits and he looked at me.

“…Zagan. …Ahh, it’s been a long time since I’ve opened my eyes to see Zagan beside me… I’m really happy.”

 He whispered this and, as if overcome by emotion, hugged me even tighter. His limp penis, which had been caught between my buttocks, brushed against my hole. Since I was still sensitive from being thoroughly sucked the night before, I trembled. Although I was a little embarrassed by my reaction, Luca chuckled cheerfully and stroked my tummy, as if to pacify me.

 At any rate, I figured that the reason he was happy was from the mana. Come to think of it, it had been a month since we’d last shared a bed. I suddenly realized that it had been a long time since I’d felt Luca upon waking up, and I felt a warm glow spread through my chest.

“Good morning, Zagan. I love you.”

“Ngh. Good morning, Luca.”

 He softly kissed my temple and my ears, before brushing his lips against my fingertips and palms as well. Then Luca continued to cuddle with me, rubbing his cheek against mine.

 I quietly accepted his affections for a while, but after about half an hour, I pushed him away and got up. I had to go to the dungeon today; I couldn’t just lay down beside him all the time. Luca showed a visibly lonely expression when I did this, but it couldn’t be helped. Because the plan was for me to capture the 9th city.

 I managed to finish dressing up, despite the occasional skinship. After that, I ate the breakfast I had brought with me. It was a rich and hearty breakfast, and the portions were quite large. However, I was quite hungry after having so much sex the night before, so I ended up eating it all.

 After clearing up the dishes, I was just about to leave the room, when—Luca opened his magic bag.

“I have a few things to give to you, Zagan.”

“You’re giving me things again? But I still haven’t given you anything, Luca.”

“Didn’t you give me a demon dictionary from the Kingdom of Terre the other day? Besides, it’s not from me this time. It’s from Noel and the others.”

 Noel and the others, huh. I wondered what it was. When I tilted my head in confusion, the first thing that came out was a black cloth.

“This is a hooded cloak that Noel sewed. It’s made from the cloth and thread that was inside what Zagan gave me the other day. She said that it should have an incredibly high defence power, so you should definitely wear it. Also, there’s a silver cat embroidered on the edge.”

 A cloth woven from imperial spider thread, and silver thread from the Angel Worm, a spirit that dwelt in the Kingdom of Terre. Both were S-rank materials with excellent physical and magical defensive features. She turned something that I had no use for and had handed over to Luca, into something useful, huh. Moreover, it was something Noel had made especially for my sake.

 Deeply moved, I accepted it and immediately tried it on. Immediately, I sensed that it had a higher defensive capability than anything I had ever used thus far. Considering what the immediate future had in store for me, it was a much-appreciated piece of equipment.

 But more than anything, I was happy about the fact that Noel had made this for me.

 Speaking of which, I inspected the corner of the cloak. Sewing was Noel’s hobby, and she had embroidered a beautiful cat. By the way, this silhouette was…

“Did she perhaps see this on your keychain, Luca?”

“Yeah. When I told her that Zagan had a matching one on his bag, she wanted to embroider it. After all, you’re like a cat, Zagan.”

“Is that so? ….Well, uhm. Please convey my thanks to Noel.”

“Fufu, I understand. Also, this.”

 The next thing he took out was a wand. Embedded on the tip of the 40 cm long wand was a black stone. It was also embellished with various other materials.

 You could tell just from looking at it. It was a wand that amplified the mana and the abilities of a dark attribute user.

“W-Why, this?”

“The magic stone is loot from the 8th Dungeon boss, and the only thing that wasn’t from you. The rest of it was made with components from what you’d given me, Zagan. When the girls asked me for advice on how they should repay you for the raw materials, I told them that you must be troubled because you didn’t have a good dark attribute-based wand to use. After that, Miranda trimmed the branch, Nina added the ornamentation, and Camilla used alchemy to combine it with the magic stone to create the wand.

 In other words, it was a 3 person collaboration? They had made it for my sake.

 I clutched the wand Luca offered. Instantly, mana coursed through my body. My body felt hot. And then, the words came to my mind.

“…I just learnt a spell now.”

“Huh, really? It’s quite rare to learn spells from your equipment. What kind of a spell is it? ”

“What kind… honestly, it’s not that convenient to use. It would be meaningless to use it against most enemies. Besides, it will drain most of my mana. Unless I have this wand with me, I won’t have enough mana for it.”

“I see. Quite a dangerous spell then.”

 I nodded. It might be effective when I face off against the dark dragons. However, it would also be difficult to buy the time needed to chant the spell.

“Anyhow, I know that my strength has increased compared to before. Please convey my thanks to the girls as well.”

“Well, to begin with, it was their way of thanking Zagan for the materials you gave us. Everyone was quite happy with just that. But I’ll remember to pass on your thanks. And lastly, here.”

 What he took out was a large paper bag. When I peeked inside, I found dozens of boxes within. All were palm-sized and made of paper. Was this perhaps…

“30 lunch boxes made by Bennett. Thanks for all the wonderful ingredients, he said.”

“As I thought. That too, 30 servings. It must have been quite the challenge to prepare.”

“Perhaps? Zagan gave me the ingredients a month ago, and I assigned everyone to it the next day, so we had quite some leeway to make it within the month. Bennett is a cook to begin with. Rather, he was actually planning to prepare more, but I stopped him. I told him to only make enough for this time’s dungeon capture. If Zagan receives too much, you’ll get tired of it, right? ”

“You’re right. Even this already feels like a huge amount. Uhm, but I really appreciate it.”

“Yeah. Also, Cindy apologised for not having anything to give to you. But she promised to read the book Zagan gave if she has spare time. She said she’s enthusiastic to find out even the smallest things about the moon.”

“Tell her not to worry about it. Also, all the best.”

“Got it. …Fufu, Zagan looks so happy. I’m glad I brought back lots of return gifts from the girls.”

 “Return gifts, huh. They were all happy with what I gave them, and they returned their gratitude in form, as well as words. How should I put it… I can’t say that I’ll ever get used to such things, but it certainly makes me happy.”

 Perhaps I’d started to blush, as he softly kissed my cheek.

“It’s cute seeing you get shy.”

“Sh-Shut up. Don’t point it ou…ngh.”

 He held me by the waist and gently bit my ear, interrupting my words. It was as if a jolt of electricity ran through my body.

“I’m a little jealous though. Usually, I’m the one who makes Zagan happy.”

“I’ve always received lots of things from Luca, so I think I’m usually happy. That’s why I thought I should repay the favour yesterday night. …Though I didn’t do so well.”

 Even though Luca said he was happy, in the end, he still did most of the work.

 Remembering that made me feel a little gloomy, but Luca quickly and softly kissed me on the lips.

“Zagan. I’m already happy just having you by my side and seeing myself reflected in your beautiful eyes.”


 I could sense that Luca had noticed my change of heart and he was comforting me.

 After stepping out of the hotel and walking a short distance, we soon parted ways. Luca left for the rental lodge where his friends were waiting, while I dived first into the dungeon. I wasn’t going to make any more magic tools, so it wasn’t a problem even if I was spotted by the folks from the dark organization. If they wanted to keep an eye on me, they were free to do so. However, they would have to keep up with me in the 9th dungeon, where monsters ranging from A-rank right up to S-rank popped up one after another.

“Then, I’ll be going.”

“Yeah. Ahh, that’s right. You forgot this, Zagan.”

 Forgot? When I turned back, wondering what it could be, Luca hugged me tightly. Since we were on the roadside, people passed by occasionally. Then, just as I was about to chide him for it, Luca whispered into my ears.

“I’ll call you again tonight, alright? See you later.”

“Ta…ke, care.”

 I never thought I’d hear such words, so I replied incoherently. As Luca kissed my cheek, he fixed my hood and took his arm off me, before lightly patting my back. I took a few steps away as prompted and furtively glanced back, only to see him wave at me with a smile.

 Perhaps the place I could call home is in Luca’s arms. As I thought this, I headed for the dungeon.

Hasr: Any of y’all watched Kieta Hatsukoi recently? I thought it was really cute~

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2 years ago

A b s o l u t e l y CUTE. Why are these two so adorable?! Tho, last chap Luca mentions “Hearts” again so…. I can’t wait for lore dump to fry my brains (˙◁˙)

wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
2 years ago

This kind of reminded me of typical movie scenes were one character puts a tracker of some sort on the other unsuspecting person. Am i reading to much into this?
Thanks for the chapter!!^^

2 years ago

Dawww the cutie <3
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