I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 28 (Part 2)

Recap: “Graauuuuuuw!!” The dark dragons roared like an earthquake. All of them were nearly ten meters long, and so big that I had to look up at them.

I couldn’t help but click my tongue. The summoned monsters were bound to the summoner’s consciousness, so their focus was completely on me. I started to break out in a cold sweat as I turned to face such powerful opponents.


“Fuhahahaha! It’s too bad you can’t stop us—GAH!”

I heard the man grunt behind me, and then I heard him fall with a thud. What had happened? While keeping a wary eye on the dragons, I glanced over to see Luca stepping on the man with all his strength before knocking him out with magic. Startled, I did a double-take.

Luca stomped on him again with a ruthless expression on his face. However, the moment he looked up and saw me, his expression changed to one of concern as he rushed over. Then, he hugged me tightly. The warmth of Luca’s arms wrapped around me, making me feel relieved despite the tense situation we were in.

“Zagan, are you okay? That pervert didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. More importantly, aren’t you here too early?”

“It’s because we had moved from the safe space transport magic circle to the main hall right after you contacted us. I was in the hall when you were talking to that pervert. Then, I kept my presence hidden and followed you when you started moving. Fufu, I’m happy to see that you didn’t notice me either.”

My goodness. Luca had taken even better measures than I had anticipated. He really was a remarkable man. But still…

“But I can still feel the transmitter’s connection. It’s far from here.”

“That’s because I gave it to Noel. Noel, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you. We’re on our way to you now, so until then, good luck to you two!”

“Wha—no, Noel. It’s very dangerous he—mmph.”

Luca silenced me by pressing one of his fingers to my lips and then he kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s okay, Zagan. They’ve been training with me for a very long time, and they’ve gotten stronger. I know you want to protect those you care about, but you have to respect Noel’s feelings of wanting to fight with you.”

“Noel’s feelings…”

…After he said that, I realized I never thought about it seriously. In fact, I had always denied her feelings. I never thought of myself as a proper brother to her.

It was inevitable. However, there was no reason to deny my other thoughts. It was very dangerous here, but the concerns could be applied to me. I didn’t know how strong Noel was, so I couldn’t tell her not to come.

If Luca said it was okay, then I should believe him.

“Anyway, let’s prepare the magic tools first, shall we?”

I hurriedly nodded my head at his words. Our priority was protecting the city. In fact, Luca has already deployed a magical barrier to protect us from the dragons’ black flames.

I was somewhat confused. I didn’t expect it to turn out this way. If it had gone according to the game, I would have died here. So, I was expecting the situation to become more dangerous.

I hurriedly pulled out one of the magical tools from my magic bag, and surrounded myself with a small magical barrier. After that, I deployed another one for the city. I expanded it to maximum capacity so that it would protect this section of the large city. It was shaped as a hexagon of about one kilometre. That should prevent the city from being destroyed unless it were to be attacked from the other side.

While I was preparing this, Luca lunged at the dark dragons. Even though he was blasted with flames and attacked with claws, he didn’t take any damage because his barrier protected him well.

He unleashed several sword techniques to agitate the dragons and bait them.

As Luca made them focus on him, I poured a large amount of magical power into my wand. After momentarily suspending my barrier, I pointed the tip of my wand at the sky and unleashed a massive spell.

“Gather ‘round me, black shooting stars—Darkness Meteor.”

Thousands of black magic clusters fell from the sky. Several of them rained down and struck the dragons. Luca was definitely caught in the middle, but he was okay because of the barrier.

A few minutes later, after the meteors had stopped, I appraised the dragons again. As expected of such formidable opponents. Even with my extraordinarily powerful magic, I was only able to damage them by about 2%. As expected of an SSS-ranked monster, they were incredibly strong.

That was why I planned countermeasures.

All I could do was to shoot extremely powerful magic as Luca continued to bait them for me. I concentrated the necessary amount of mana in my wand again and started chanting.

“Blow everything away and return it to nothing—Infigar!”

It was an overwhelming spell that blew up the surrounding area. I couldn’t afford to be too cautious about damaging the nature around me. It was already burning a sea of fire from the dragons to begin with. It was burning black, like the fires of hell.

After unleashing two more shots of the ultimate spell, I then re-deployed my personal magic barrier and drank an MP potion. After that, I put down the barrier and fired another spell. Thanks to the wand that Miranda, Nina, and Camilla made for me, I was able to fire four consecutive shots of said spell.

However, no matter how much Luca was able to direct their focus on him, we were still dealing with five of them. As a result, I, too, was slowly being cornered.

If it was just black flames, then one could just stand there. But if one got hit by its talons or if it tried to attack with body slams, then the entire barrier could be blown away. So, if one didn’t avoid them, then they would take some damage from the impact. If someone were to chant, their body-enhancement magic would inevitably weaken, forcing them to stop in the middle of their chanting and making it difficult to release the spell and which would cause them to waste MP.

It was too much of a hindrance, so I kept chanting even though I was flung back by their talons and fired the spell in the air. Then, just in the nick of time, I reinforced my body with magic and used my tentacles to reduce the damage from the fall. My back was bruised, but I could still move at this level of damage.

“Zagan, are you okay!?…Guh!”

This time, Luca got distracted, and was hit by a dragon’s tail; his entire barrier was blown off. Then one of the dragons breathed black flames, and he was forced back further.


One of the dragons stretched out its wings and then started flapping them and charging towards him But Luca avoided it. He was able to do so by extending tentacles to the trees and instantly reducing their length, pulling him away.

The dragon slammed into the city’s magic barrier. Gwaaah! It writhed in pain. Luca unleashed his light magic on that dragon. Furthermore, he extended a large number of tentacles and used it to trap the dragon before slamming it down towards the other dragons on the ground.

I sighed in relief that he was safe, but at the same time, I was impressed. He has gotten really strong.

However, it was time for Luca to recuperate his strength and magic; otherwise, he would not be able to unleash his sword techniques. If that were to happen, we would both get cornered simultaneously.

“Luca, change of plans! I’ll be the target; you recover in the rear.”

“What? But, Zagan, if you fight in close quarters, you won’t be able to use most of your magic tools. That’s too dangerous!”

“Don’t underestimate me. I’ll avoid everything, and even if I can’t, I’ll defend myself with my magic wall.”

“That’s craz—Zagan!”

As mana surged through my entire body, I closed in on the dragons as soon as Luca returned.

I dodged the talons that were trying to tear me apart and defended myself from the incoming flames with my magic wall. The hooded cloak that Noel had given me increased my defenses, so the magic wall only cracked a bit.

While firing a series of medium-level spells, I reached the range where I could employ sword techniques. I focused a lot of energy into my legs and jumped high in front of one of them.


Slash! With a large sweep, I swung it down to the ground with tremendous force. As soon as it reached the ground, a huge explosion erupted, spreading a black shockwave to the rest of the enemies. It didn’t have as much damage as an ultimate spell. But it was a flashy attack that would make them focus on me.

As expected, all five of them locked on me. Flames immediately shot towards me.

I jumped backwards to avoid them and fired my own magic to try to cancel them out. But their power was clearly stronger than mine, and the black flames came straight at me, almost engulfing me.

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1 year ago

A A H H H H H H !!!! LUCA CAME TO HIS RESCUE (ToT) That much made me happy.

wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
2 years ago

Sagan you got this!
Thanks for the update ~♡