I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 32 (Part 1)

I blinked repeatedly. My blurry vision cleared, and I could finally see Luca’s face properly. His image briefly overlapped with that of him as an adult. But, in reality, the one standing in front of me was a child. He looked like he was only about seven or eight years old.

“… Luca? It’s you, right?”

“That’s right. What’s the matter, Ciel? Maybe you’re still half-asleep?”

“Half-asleep… yeah, maybe.”

I sat up and looked at my hand, the one Luca wasn’t holding. Sure enough, it was a child’s small hand. I checked Luca’s hand that was still holding onto mine, and I saw that his was also a child’s hand. I looked around and saw that I was in my room, in the basement of the Brady house where there was no sunshine.

Had it just been a dream? A very, very long, adventurous dream? Because… That’s right, that’s right. I was only nine years old. And Luca was seven.

The reason why my room was in the basement was because I had been born with black hair and a huge amount of dark magic power, so I would get sick when the sun was too strong. They said that I would gradually be able to withstand it as I grew up, but that time was still a long way off. In any case, because I couldn’t go out too much, people thought that I was just sickly.

“It’s cloudy today. I came to invite you because I thought you could go outside today, Ciel. But you were still sleeping. Hehe, your sleeping face looked cute.”

“Oh… I was reading a book on magic tools last night and fell asleep a little late.”

“Again? You can’t grow up like that. Ah, but it’s fine if you stay small, Ciel. When I’m big, I’ll carry you. I’d rather you stay small.”

“That’s not good. From now on, I have to go to bed earlier and make sure you doesn’t overtake me, Luca.”

“That’s where you draw the line, huh, Ciel?” He sighed.

“Don’t feel down. We’re going outside right?”

“Yep! I’ve asked to have breakfast in the garden!”

Luca smiled in delight. In my dream, he had a very cool smile, but right now, in reality, it was a cute smile. Ten years from now, he might really become like that… but I hope that he won’t be taller than me if possible.

I got out of bed, used the toilet, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. No one came to check on me today, probably because Luca had been here since this morning. While I got ready, I told him the story of my long dream. That I had left the mansion at the age of nine, because I was in a country where dark attribute users were being persecuted and that I had taken the name Zagan and become an adventurer.

“By the way, Luca, you had set out too, but I didn’t meet you until you were an adult.”

“Well… I don’t like such a miserable country where you would be persecuted. I didn’t bully you before, right? I seriously and diligently loved you, right, Ciel?”

“You did, Luca. You took good care of me. And you was good looking when you was grown up. Well, in my dreams.”

“I’m glad because I don’t want to make you sad, even in your dreams. I love you, Ciel.”

He stood on his tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. Then, he looked up at me with sparkling eyes, and I kissed him back on the cheek as well. Luca smiled and blushed happily. He was going to make me his wife in the future. I hope it won’t turn out to be a part of my dark past when I grow up.

After I got dressed, the only thing left for me to do was to put on my hooded cloak to keep out the sun. I reached into the closet for a plain black one, but Luca grabbed the one next to it.

“I like this one. This one’s prettier and suits you better.”

“…Got it.”

It was also black but with a cat ear hood and a tail. There was a silhouette of a cat embroidered on the hem with silver thread. After I had put it on and pulled the hood up, Luca circled around me and nodded in satisfaction. Then he hugged me.

“Ciel, you are so cute. So cute. I almost want to eat you up. I love you.”

He kissed me on the lips. Really, I hope it really didn’t become my dark past. Also, I thought Luca was smaller and cuter. For now, at least. If he grew up to be as good looking as I had dreamed and would always be there to support me, then I would be very happy. But sex was a matter that would need further discussion.

“Luca, it’s time to go.”

I patted his head, which he had buried in my chest. He let go of my body and immediately held my hand. We left the room together and walked up the stairs. The door to the ground floor was open and the butler was waiting for us.

“Good morning, Young Master Ciel.”

“Good morning, Orobas. I’d like to have breakfast in the garden with Luca, if that’s alright?”

“Yes, it’s already prepared. This way, please.”

As we followed the butler down the corridor, Father, who happened to be carrying Noel in his arms, came from the front. When he saw us, he set Noel down on the floor. Noel immediately came running up to us. Her especially cute skirt fluttered around a lot as she ran.

“Big brother! Good morning, big brother!”

She hugged me around the waist, and when I gently stroked her head so as not to disturb her arranged hair, she looked up at me with a wide grin.

“Morning, Noel. It’s fine to be energetic, but you mustn’t run along the corridor.”

“Ye~s, I’m sorry.”

She immediately apologised , but in a few days, she would probably do the same thing all over again. Well, she was only four years old. It would be a little while later before she would start her education to become a respectable lady.

“Are you not with Mother today?

“Yes, I’m with big brother today. Luca is visiting and you are going to eat in the garden, aren’t you? Noel will eat in the garden with you too!”

I looked up at the butler and he nodded.

“It’s already been arranged.”

He was very well-prepared. Did he know that this was going to happen when Luca came to the house? Father came over and patted me on the head with my hood up.

“Morning, Ciel. You’re a bit late this morning. Did you stay up late again?”

“Good morning, Father. The book on magic tools that you bought me the other day was so interesting that I stayed up late reading it.”

“I see. Well, you are really studious when it comes to magic tools. But you should sleep properly at night. I know it’s easier to move around at night because of your dark attribute, but if your waking hours are different from ours, we won’t see each other at all, even though we’re in the same mansion. Noel, you miss seeing Ciel, don’t you?”

“Absolutely! I want to play with big brother every day!”

Noel tightly clutched my waist. Luca, who was currently holding hands with me, lowered his eyebrows sadly.

“I think I’m going to miss Ciel so much that I’ll cry if I don’t see you anymore. And if you’re still asleep when I get there, I’m going to sneak into your bed and attack you, okay?”

He lifted my hand and pressed his lips to the back of it. His blue eyes shone with a bewitching light. He was only seven years old, but it seemed like he was not just a pretty face. While I was stunned speechless, Father coughed.

“M-mhm. Your Highness Luka, eight years old is too early. If you keep talking like that, I’ll just double Your Highness’ magic study time, alright?

“My apologies, teacher. But after eight years, I would like to have Ciel as my wife.”

“At least wait until you are of age, please.”

“Eh? I can’t wait eleven years. What if Ciel is taken by some suspicious bastard?”

“Suspicious bastard. Where did you learn these words…?”

Father sighed heavily and pressed his fingers to his brow. It seemed that Luca’s will was too strong and Father was already feeling tired this early in the morning.

“Father, I think it’s time to go to breakfast.”

“… So it is. Eat well so you can grow up properly.”

“Okay. Thank you very much for your consideration.”

After I replied, Luca and Noel also responded.

After leaving Father behind, we went out into the garden. There was a fountain, a flower bed, and a gazebo nearby. Normally, there were benches in the gazebo, but, at the moment, there was a picnic blanket on the ground. On it were three thin round cushions, a large lunch box, and a water bottle.

Once we grew up and joined the national divisions, we would be expected to go out on plenty of expeditions and sleep outside more often. In such cases, we would either use low chairs or sit on the ground around a campfire. This was the way we usually ate in the garden. Additionally, if we wasted time trying to eat elegantly in an emergency situation, we would probably die. It was a suggestion from my father, who had been a former civilian and was currently a member of the King’s Majesty’s Order of Magicians.

Noel was a girl, so she didn’t have to go with us, but she wanted to be with us. She also wanted to be a knight in the future. We had a lot of magic power, but Noel did not have as much. In addition, because of her holy attribute, her magic was only focused on healing. To be honest, as an older brother, I would like to dissuade her…but it was good to have a dream, so I was not going to say anything at the moment.

While Luca opened the lunch box, I opened the canteen and poured some soup into a cup that was set beside it. Noel was wearing the apron the butler helped her in. It would be shameful for a maiden to get her lovely clothes dirty. I set the cup a little further away so that it won’t fall over, and Noel smiled at me.

“Thank you very much, big brother.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll leave Luca’s here too.”

“Thanks, Ciel. It’s sandwiches today. Which would you like to eat first, Noel?”

“Um…egg and tuna!”

“Got it, starting with egg then. Here, take care not to drop it.”

“Thanks, Luca. Wah, it looks yummy!”

Luca wrapped it in tissue so that it wouldn’t spill out from underneath and gave it to Noel. Despite caring so much for my younger sister, he still insisted on making me, a man, his wife. Why was that? Um, if I remember correctly…

――… Hey me, have you recovered by now? … Aahー, it still looks that way.


I think I heard voices coming from somewhere, and I looked around. But there was no one in the garden except for us and the butler. Was it just my imagination?

“Ciel? What’s wrong?”

“No…it’s nothing.”

“Is that so? Here you go, Ciel. A teriyaki sandwich.”

“Thanks. …Yeah, it’s delicious.”

“Hehe, you like meat, don’t you, Ciel?”

“You like it as well, right, Luca?”

“Of course I like it. You and I match.”

Luca smiled softly, but somehow he looked very mature.

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1 year ago

Is this perhaps, like, a dream? Zagan’s dreams a world he wished for, with persecutions towards dark attributes mages?

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Zagen is so cute I literally can’t ❤️❤️ I just want to bring him into a hug but Luca will cut me downnn ripp.

wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
1 year ago

This chapter feels a bit weird. I think it’s the way Zagan addresses his little sister. So old fashioned.
Thanks for the update!☺️

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hehehe he dreams of hanging with Luca and Noel when he’s recovering….he’s just too cute