I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Reo

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 33 (Part 2)

My consciousness faded in and out in that space that consisted only of darkness; despite the fact that I also felt a sense of tranquility. The only thing I could do in that empty place was to quietly ruminate on my thoughts.

The predestined future… was it something that even the world couldn’t go against?

Could it be that the game scenario that I had thought of as the will of this world was actually a path to a future that even the world could not oppose?

 And, in order to break free of such a fate, I had been transmigrated from Earth.

Then Lumiere was a record of this world… Perhaps it was something like the Akashic Records1, albeit only an unbelievably small fragment of the whole thing.

Earth and this world were probably parallel universes. They had the same sun and moon, with the same orbital rotation, and the moon waxed and waned in the same way. It was identical to Earth.

Thus, if I were to research the various stories in this world, it might even be possible to find fragments of records about Earth—stories that were set in a world where science had developed instead of magic and where the main character was a school student. Those could, in actuality, be the Akashic Records of the humans on Earth.

Moreover, there may be numerous works on Earth besides Lumiere that recorded a certain country or time period of this world.

It was fun to hypothesise about things like that but there was no definitive proof. It was something that only the gods would know. Or rather, something only this world would know.

I still thought about it though. About whether my continued survival would make a difference if the future was truly something that even the world could not go against… It would be nice if it did make a difference, but how?

…., ….n. Please.

As I was dozing off, a voice suddenly called out.

…Open your eyes. Please, I’m begging you… Zagan, are you listening?

“Have I finally recovered enough? Luca, wait just a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer and I’ll wake up.”

What should I do if you never wake up? …No, I don’t want that. Please Zagan, open your eyes.

“I got it. It’s okay. I’ll definitely wake up.”

I wish you’d look at me like you always do. I’d be happy just to see my eyes reflected in yours. Lately, you’ve started smiling every once in a while. I love your smiling face… Hey Zagan, why won’t you wake up? Why?

“Don’t cry Luca. I’m here. I can hear you.”

…sob…Zagan. Zagan.

“How vexing… I can’t comfort you. I can’t hug or soothe you either. Even though we’re this close.”

I could feel Luca’s warmth. I knew I was being embraced. It was comfortable and warm, but my arm wouldn’t move.

Move. Please move. So that I can hug Luca back.

Words, come out. So that I can comfort the crying Luca.

Eyelids, pry yourselves open. So that Luca’s face can be reflected in my eyes.

I had a feeling that if I desperately prayed for it, my body would somehow move, and gradually my surroundings grew brighter.

The light… I rushed towards the dazzling light.

My consciousness—


“… Luca…”

The words came out but my throat was incredibly hoarse. Was it because I hadn’t used my vocal cords for a while?

My vision was fuzzy as well, but since my eyes were open, I could somehow make out Luca’s face.

“Za…gan?” Luca murmured.

After blinking several times, my vision cleared.

Luca was staring at me as I lay there, a surprised expression on his face. His blue eyes were brimming with tears and his cheeks were wet.

I tried to stretch my arm out but it was kind of heavy. Still, I managed to raise it somehow and gently touched his cheek.

“Fu… You’ve lost half of your usual coolness.”

I’m smiling, right? Is this the smiling face that you said you loved?

I looked back at him, wondering if he was okay, and tears started streaming down his face. He broke into sobs, and my hand on his cheek started to get wet.

“Zagan… Zagan… Is this real?”

Luca placed his hand over mine. He brought it closer to his lips and I could feel his hot breath on my palm. At the same time, he gently touched my cheek, stroking it as if to make sure.

“If you’re asking if I’m really awake, then the answer is yes. Good morning, Luca.”

“…Un. Good morning, Zagan. I’m so glad that you woke up… sob.”

Just as I was thinking that he had a really messy crying expression, his body covered mine and I was pulled into a tight hug. It hurt a bit, but the hug was very warm; it felt nice and made me happy.

Since he had buried his face in my neck, my shoulder was gradually getting soaked with his tears. 

I returned the trembling Luca’s hug and stroked his head.

“Sorry for making you wait, Luca. Thank you for calling for me again and again.”

“Yes…sob… Zagan. Zagan.”

He started sobbing even harder after I spoke. I wanted to comfort him, but he wouldn’t stop crying. What should I do?

Since even his nose was running, I thought I could at least look for a tissue nearby but he was hugging me so tightly that I couldn’t move. Though it was a bit painful, I thought that Luca, who was clinging to me and crying like that, was so loveable.

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2 years ago

I waited for more than a month to stock pile chapters. I’ve endured. But its still not enough. I want moar!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

2 years ago

Awww I’m so glad Zagen finally woke up. I’m happy Zagen and Luca have reunited ❤️

2 years ago
Reply to  GrandpaMarky

You know what this means….smexy time! Hehehehehehehehe