I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 34 (Part 1)

After I patted his back and stroked his head for a while, Luca’s trembling eventually subsided. His tears seemed to have stopped, and I felt him sigh against the back of my neck. Then, he lifted himself off me, but immediately and completely turned away from me.

“I’m sorry. I showed you something so unsightly. Please wait a moment. Don’t try to get up on your own; it’ll be dangerous for you if you move so suddenly.”

Luca sat down on the edge of the bed and began to blow his nose. I couldn’t see his face since his back was facing me. His ears were a little red, probably because he was embarrassed that he wasn’t behaving like his usual self. It was very unusual for Luca to be embarrassed…

On the side table was a box of tissues, a pitcher of water, and some towels among other things. I assumed Luca had been using these to take care of me.

Speaking of which, Luca’s mana was currently pooling in my core. I was wearing my pyjamas properly, so I figured I was dressed and cleaned up after we had sex. Although the mana was warm and I could feel my body absorbing it, I couldn’t convert it into my own magical energy; most of it dissipated. It seemed that it would take a long time for me to fully recover.

A clock was also set in the room. The sky behind the curtains was blue, so it was probably past ten in the morning already. The room itself was simple but elegant, and it had a large bed; it must be the rental house where Luca was staying. But which city was this?

After a while, Luca turned to face me once more. His eyes were still a little red, but he was back to his normal self.

“Here you go. How about some water first? I’m going to slowly help you up. Let me know if you get dizzy or feel like it’s too much.”

He carefully put his arms behind my back and supported me with his tentacles as he pulled me up. I didn’t feel dizzy. However, I did feel my body becoming sluggish.

I was made to lean against a cushion, and a cup was brought up to my lips. Once I was able to place my lips on the rim of the cup, I drank the water as Luca tipped it. I realized just how thirsty I was as my throat gradually got more hydrated.

I slowly drank all of it. Then he pulled the cup away and wiped my wet lips with a towel.

“How are you feeling? Do you feel sick or feel anything off?”

“I’m fine. Thank you, Luca. By the way, what day is it?”

“It’s October 8th. Zagan, you’ve been asleep for twelve days…”

That was why he was so cautious about me moving my body. He didn’t want anything to happen to me if I tried to move and possibly ended up collapsing as I did before.

“That must have been troublesome. Taking care of an unconscious person must have been very difficult.”

“It was hard. I thought you were going to die.”

He whispered those words in anguish and then kissed me on the cheek. Then on the lips. I closed my eyes and accepted his kisses, but when I blinked and looked back at Luca, he had tears in his eyes again. They didn’t fall, but he wrapped me in a hug.

“It was a very close call, you know? I tried to give you an MP potion right after you collapsed, but you couldn’t drink it because you were unconscious. Your body just got colder and colder. Camilla rushed to get the tent out, but there was no way I could get an erection with you dying in front of me. So I took an aphrodisiac and forced myself to get it up and to have sex with you.”

In other words, we had sex in the tent, surrounded by the girls. Furthermore, if he hadn’t been able to move from that place, then weren’t the knights still nearby? The very thought of it was quite embarrassing, but it couldn’t be helped since it was an emergency.

“Also, once I released my mana inside you, it just dissipated immediately. It should have been absorbed, but you weren’t recovering at all. It was very frustrating. In the end, it took half a day for the mana to accumulate in you, Zagan, and then it was gone in less than a few hours.”

I had used so much magical energy that I could barely recover even after I had drunk MP potions. Afterwards, I had unleashed more spells, completely depleting myself. The only reasons why I was still alive were because I had two souls, which had prevented me from dying immediately, and also because Luca had done his best. Regardless of how peerless Luca was, there was a limit to everything. He had to use drugs to get an erection then have sex with me for at least half a day. If he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t have been able to ejaculate back then. I was just grateful that he was willing to go to such lengths to save me.

As he massaged my hands and feet, he gave me a quick summary about what happened afterwards.

Until the 30th of September, Luca took care of me in the tent. During that time, he continued to embrace me and to ejaculate into my core. However, even though my magical energy slowly recovered and my body temperature returned, I didn’t wake up.

They felt frustrated because they weren’t sure of the cause. Since it was already October by then, they took a carriage to the Tenth City. It seemed that Luca had sex with me in the carriage during the length of the entire trip as well. This was because, at any moment, my magical power would dissipate and my body temperature would drop. Noel and the others defeated all the monsters along the way.

We arrived at the rental house on the 5th, but Luca would frequently cry because I still didn’t wake up; he was in a state of heartbreaking sadness and despair.

“The thought of you being in a coma for so long and possibly never regaining consciousness almost broke my heart. …I’m so glad that you’re looking back at me once more, Zagan.”

He said this with a tearful tone while rubbing his cheek against my head.

The more I listened to him, the more shocked I was at how close I had been to death, and the more I felt sorry for all the trouble I had caused him. My heart ached.

“I’m sorry, Luca. I’m sorry I was so reckless and caused you so much grief. You’ve told me many times not to do anything rash too…”

“…Really. Making me cry like this… you’re so mean, Zagan.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

It was obviously a bad decision on my part to instinctively use my magic back then, even if it was to stop the Dark Attribute users’ attacks. There might have been another way to go about it. If I had been stronger in the first place, then I wouldn’t have depleted my magical energy to the point where I couldn’t recover.

While I was feeling depressed at my own inexperience, Luca leaned in close to my cheek.

“But I was the one who told you to fight with all your might, Zagan. I told you that I would protect what you wanted to protect. Yet, I could do nothing. All I could do was watch. I’m sorry, Zagan. Thank you… for being alive and for waking up.”


“I’ll get even stronger. I won’t let your heart hurt or your body break. I will protect you from now on, Zagan. So please, stay by my side.”

He stared into my eyes as he said these words.

Always. Will Luca always remain by my side? …I see.

When I nodded my head, Luca smiled happily and kissed me all over.


“By the way, how’s Noel doing? Has she fully recovered from her injuries?”

I was enveloped in the warmth of Luca’s embrace for a while, but after remembering what happened to Noel back then, I got concerned once more and asked him. I wondered if Noel was okay.

And what about the others? Given that this was the Tenth city, there was a possibility that all the heroines excluding Noel might have left. That was what happened if their favorability level was low. If Lumiere really was the Akashic record1 of the world, then that was exactly what the system would do.

“Well… I think your mana circulation should be better by now. If you don’t feel dizzy, then why don’t we get you out of bed? Can you stand on your own, Zagan?”

Luca removed his arm from around me and stepped away to let me try standing up. I seemed to be okay. As I sat down on the side of the bed, Luca got up first and pulled out a pair of slippers from his magic bag.

I grabbed his hand when he reached out to me and slowly stood up. My muscles felt a little weak but I was able to walk without difficulty.

After putting on some outer garments, I walked to the living-cum-dining room with Luca supporting me. Bennett was the only one there. She was standing in the kitchen cooking, probably because it was almost noon.

Perhaps Bennett sensed our presence; she turned around and looked at us. Then her eyes widened.

“O, oh… Zagan-san. A-Awake…”

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she started crying profusely. I didn’t know what to do in these situations. Should I comfort her?

I looked up at Luca in bewilderment, and he gave me a wry smile. It seemed I had to do something about it.

“Um…. good morning.”

“G-good m-morning…hnggh-waaaaaah…I’m, I’m sorry, Zagan-san. I, I c-couldn’t do anything…”

Anyway, I tried to greet her first, but then she cried even more. It was very troubling.

“No. You saved Noel. If you hadn’t used your magic, Noel would have been in grave danger. Thank you, Bennett.”

“T-thank you very m-much…hngh… I, um, I’ll go get N-Noel-san!”

Bennett walked out of the living room in tears. I could tell that she was concerned for me in her own way, but I wondered why I felt as if she had run away.

In any case, Noel was in the garden, wasn’t she? I was curious, so I walked towards a large glass door that seemed to open to a terrace. I spotted her a short distance away, working out. Miranda, Nina and, Camilla were also there. Only Cindy was missing.

“I don’t see Cindy here.”

“She’s reading in her room. She’s been poring over the book that you gave her, Zagan. It’s okay. Everyone is here.”

“Well, that’s good.”

I was relieved to see that no one had left the group. I was glad that nobody ended up in a terrible situation like being raped by monsters or mobs.

As I was reassured by what I heard and saw, Luca walked up until he was directly behind me and put his arm around my waist.

He chuckled and rubbed his cheek against my head.

“…Luca? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing. I was just thinking about how kind you are, Zagan.”

“Nii-sama! Nii-samaaa!!”

I felt as if there was something more to it, but I didn’t push it because Noel was racing towards me. Noel rushed up to the terrace with all her might as tears streamed down her face and dove into my chest. If Luca wasn’t supporting me from behind, I would have surely fallen.

“Nii-sama-! Uuugh…Niiii-saaamaaa, you’re, truly, awake-! Uuugh, I’m, I’m sho gulad…You’re, awake…hnngghh…waaaaaaah…!”

She was bawling. She was even calling me “Nii-sama.”

However, I didn’t feel like denying it. I was on the verge of crying too. I was happy that my sister was worried about me. I felt bad that I had made her cry so much. Most importantly…

“Noel… I’m so glad you’re okay.”

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He did that to save his life bro. It’s an eroge world, so of course s3x would be an important part of the process as well lol

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Bennett using she/her, transition or translation?

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