I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 34 (Part 2)

“Noel… I’m so glad you’re okay.”

I was deeply relieved to see that Noel, who had been wounded and bled profusely after protecting me, was in such good health.

Unlike in my previous life, even amputated limbs could be healed and regenerated in this world. But getting injured would still be painful, and it was bad for my heart to see my sister like that. Besides, once a person died, it was impossible to bring them back to life. The same rule applied to me too.

“Waaaaah… You, you promised that you wouldn’t push it… And you broke it, so suddenly…hngh, Nii-samaa, you idiot!”

“I’m sorry… Please forgive me, Noel.”

I gently put my cheek against the top of her head while patting her back to mollify her the way Luca always did for me. Her back was broader than it used to be. Then Noel pressed her face against my chest.

It was like we were kids again. Noel used to sneak into the basement from time to time, and when the butler would come for her, she’d often cling to me and press her face against my chest, all while refusing to go back upstairs. Though she was more mature now than she was back then, I felt that these aspects of hers still hadn’t changed.


I gently stroked Noel, who was acting spoiled.

By the way, I was currently being hugged by Luca from behind and Noel from the front. Luca was watching us in silence, but he would occasionally bury his head in my neck and nuzzle me.

Perhaps it was because I was being enveloped by the two of them, but I felt warm and a little sleepy. Maybe that was why my body was a little wobbly. But since Luca was practically supporting me, I didn’t fall over.

“Noel, why don’t we let Zagan sit down? He just woke up, so I figure it’s probably hard for him to keep standing for a long while.”

“Oh-! T-that’s right. I’m sorry, Nii-sama. I even hugged you while crying my eyes out… Ah—… Aaaaah!”

When Noel looked up and met my eyes, she immediately blushed and abruptly pulled away from me.

“S-S-S-S-SORRY, NII-SAMA—I mean, Zagan-dono!”

“No, it’s fine.”

She flushed and looked very flustered. Well, she was 18 years old. She was probably embarrassed after being pampered by her older brother.

“Are you done with your emotional reunion?”

“Noel, it must be nice to be pampered by your brother~”

“Mm-hmm, if that isn’t some great sibling love.”

“W-waaaaah… I’m so happy for you…”

Moreover, Noel’s face turned even redder after the heroines, who had been watching the scene, called out to her; she was quivering with embarrassment. Will she be okay?

Speaking of which, it looked like everybody has accepted that we’re brother and sister. …I didn’t remember ever confirming that though? But I wasn’t going to deny it either, given the mood.

“Noel-chan, your face is all red. Do you want me to spoil you too for now?”

“Waaaah! Please let me borrow your chest, Cindy!”

Cindy, who had been in the living room for some time, brought a wet towel and a box of tissues, prompting Noel to rush over to her. She then buried her face in Cindy’s chest.

“Aaaaah, I showed such shameful behaviour in front of Nii-sama-!”

“Oh my, there, there.” 

As expected, Cindy was very supportive. I suppose it would be okay if I left Noel with her.

At Luca’s insistence, we entered the living room. As we headed there, someone tapped me on the arm from behind.

“You’re quite the sleeper, Zagan.”

“Yeah, I had a good dream.”

“Is that so? Well, I’m glad you’re okay.”

That was all Miranda said.


We all ate lunch together, but I was the only one who had egg porridge. Luca fed me. He said that he was going to keep me on a separate menu for the next ten days just to be safe. He went to the trouble of making a special menu for me. I was grateful.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until after we’ve finished conquering this place’s dungeon before we can start eating the Dragon Meat we have.”

“Y-yes. I’ll cook it when Zagan-san is feeling well enough.”

Dragon meat, huh. I read in an illustrated book about monsters that it was incredibly tasty. Now I was looking forward to it.

Luca, who was sitting next to me, chuckled quietly, perhaps because my face showed how eager I was to eat the meat.

“You like meat, don’t you, Zagan? You looked so happy at the barbecue. And when we cooked the minotaur meat together…”

“You seemed to enjoy it, too, Luca. Didn’t you like it so much that you took the initiative to grill it?”

“Yes, I did. It was delicious~”

Indeed. Whether it was meat from animals raised for consumption or meat from monsters, it was all delicious. I didn’t really care how it was cooked, but I especially liked it grilled or as a steak.

“Oh. Come to think of it, in my dream, you and I were talking about how much we like meat.”

“Ooooh? I’m glad to hear that I appeared in your dreams, Zagan. What was it about?”

“Luca and No—…Well. We had dinner in the garden and had a spar. Then we went to bed together.”

“I see, so that’s what Zagan calls a nice dream. So it’s like that~ Fufu, I’m so happy~”

Miranda seemed to have been paying attention to what I’d just been saying to Luca. When he pointed it out and looked so happy, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“F-Father and my sister appeared, too. It wasn’t just you, Luca.”

“…Did mother not appear?”

While I was trying to cover one thing up, Noel shyly asked if I saw anyone else. Mother, huh…

“She didn’t show up. My mother feared and avoided me so much that I hardly ever saw her or even remember her.”

“O-Oh is that so…”

“Not only am I a dark attribute user, but I also have black hair. It couldn’t be helped.”

I tried to keep my tone as light as possible, but Bennett, who was sitting diagonally across from me, got teary-eyed and started to tremble. To be so easily moved by something like this, she was still as prone to tears as ever. Noel also hung her head.

However, she quickly lifted it and opened the small magic bag she kept on her hip. I recalled that this was where she stored her daily necessities. I wondered what she was planning to bring out.

“Zagan-dono, here. …If you like, you can have this.”

As I was wondering about what she’d bring out, she held out a card. Actually, it was a picture. I glanced down at it and saw that my father was in it. Beside him was a beautiful woman with sky-blue hair. Could this be my mother?

I involuntarily looked at Noel. She was staring back at me, with a probing gaze. I looked down at the picture again and then at Luca, who was on my other side, resting his cheek against the top of my head.

“I kept on denying it, just like I promised you, Zagan.”

“…I see.”

I knew that. It wasn’t Luca’s fault. However, his promise to me was pretty much meaningless.

I remembered that Zagan had told Noel in the game, “You sure look like that guy.” Noel resembled our father.

Then what about me? Who did I look like? …Yes, our mother. It would seem that I resembled our mother.

I took another look at the picture. The hair color was different, but her eyes had the same red color as mine. Even I could see the resemblance, so to others, we must look exactly like parent and child. With evidence like this, there was no way I could possibly convince her that I wasn’t her brother even if I kept denying it.

…So be it.

“Mother looks like this, huh?”

Bennett’s tear glands started overflowing at the muttered words that escaped my lips.

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