I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 35 (Part 1)

After we finished eating lunch, Cindy, Nina, Miranda, and I moved Bennett to the living room and comforted her. Camilla stayed in the kitchen to wash dishes, while Noel came over to me after making a cup of tea.

I leaned against Luca, who was sitting on the rug while hugging me from behind, and watched as the heroines bustled about. While I sipped at the tea Noel gave me, I occasionally felt Luca press his cheek against my head. Just knowing the fact that she had brewed it made it taste delicious.

“Hic…Zagan-san, I’m sorry. I ended up crying too much.”

Bennett sniffled as Cindy continued to rub her back to pacify her. It seemed she had recovered enough to speak coherently once more. However, her eyes were still tinged with red, and her nose was also a bright red, perhaps as a result of having blown her nose so many times.

“I don’t think it’s wrong to cry. It’s just that the reason you’re crying is me, and that worries me.”

“I-I’m sorry. Uhm…When I think of Zagan-san’s circumstances, I can’t help but shed tears. I’m not a dark attribute user, and my family was quite close. That’s why it’s so sad and painful to think that you’ve been eating your meals all alone for so long, and that you’ve lived for over 20 years without even knowing your mother’s face.

Come to think of it, Bennett lost her mother to an illness when she was 15 years old. Because of this, her father became an alcoholic who then later sold her due to their debt. If only her mother was still alive, her family probably wouldn’t have been so utterly broken. It was all the more reason why I felt so strongly about my mother. Of course, there were still traces of the original Zagan’s personality in me.

“On top of that, seeing Zagan, who resembles his mother, and Noel, who resembles her father, sitting together and eating…hic, my emotions…hic, tears…waaah!”

When Cindy saw that Bennett was about to cry again, she immediately began rubbing her back once more. Miranda and Nina, too, smiled ruefully and in exasperation. To be honest, it would be a lot harder if Cindy wasn’t here. Though in the first place, if it wasn’t for me then she probably wouldn’t be crying so much.

By the way, her words just reminded me of something. I remembered that Bennett had been in tears when Miranda had asked me to take off my hood.

“Perhaps you’ve all seen this picture?”

“We have– If I remember correctly, didn’t we first see it the first night you joined us for a meal? ”

“Yes. I was gazing at the pictures and thinking about Nii-sama… no, Zagan-dono, when you asked me what I was looking at.”

“At that time, Noel-chan told me. That Zagan looks like her mother.”

“Yeah, that’s right. But big brother was wearing a hood all the time, so it was hard to see your eyes, you know? That’s why Miranda asked you to take off your hood.”

“I mean, anyone would be curious, right? ”

“And Miranda, who was convinced then that you were the brother of her cute adopted little sister, was disgusted with herself for hating you just because of your dark attribute. Bada bing!”

“Hey, Nina! Don’t reveal that!”

“Ehehe, my bad. But when we were changing into the yukata, it felt weird that Bennett was consoling you.”

“Fufufu…that’s true. That did happen. Miranda was very cute then.”

Bennett broke into a smile. In return, Miranda’s face turned red, and she had a mysterious expression on her face. It looked like she wanted to complain, but was unable to do so. I sympathized with her.

“…Sigh. Well, nevermind. I got to know your mother’s face before you did. This should be fair, right?”

“As expected of Miranda, how manly! Ow, Owwwwww!”

Without pausing, Miranda started giving Nina a noogie. They seemed to be quite close and were having fun.

Bennett was smiling, probably because the girls were starting to get boisterous once more. She was sensitive and easily influenced by her surroundings. As a result, when her surroundings became lively, her tears naturally stopped as well.

The girls’ positivity was worthy of respect. It was something that was unimaginable for me.

And just like that, the girls began playing cards, board games, Jenga, and other games. They eventually decided on cards, so they moved to a place that was a little farther away from me and started dealing cards.

“Seems like they’re having a good time.”

Camilla, who had finally finished washing the dishes, came over to me. She didn’t join the circle of heroines, but instead, sat in front of me while Luca held me.

“I wondered if you were going to play with them too, but it looks like Luca has nodded off.”

“Ahh, before I knew it, he’d fallen asleep.”

His cheek was still pressed against my head, and I could hear his quiet breaths as he slept. He must have tired himself out from nursing me. While it would definitely be better for him to lie down, he might wake up if I moved him, so I quietly stayed in place.

Camilla took my right hand and closed her eyes. It somehow felt as if my whole body was being searched.

“Hm. It’s gradual, but it seems like your mana cells are returning to normal. It will take some time, but if you continue to live your life without using magic for a while, you will eventually recover to your original level of mana.”

“I see. Camilla, you’ve been a great help. Luca told me that right after I collapsed, you took out a tent and gave me an aphrodisiac, didn’t you? I’m grateful for your calm judgement.”

“That’s because I knew that it was the only way I could save you. You have often stored Luca’s mana in your womb and converted it into your own mana. As a result, it became easier for you to absorb Luca’s mana.”

“So you mean to say that I was well accustomed to it?”

“Yeah. I’ve never seen anyone as familiar with his magic as you are. There was also the fact that you have great compatibility, perhaps because you have been living your everyday life with lots of Luca’s magic in your womb. I’ve always thought that you seemed to love Luca a great deal.”

“Tha…t is…”

Now that she mentioned it, I never really cleaned out the semen he released inside me. It was because sensing Luca’s magic from within me and having my whole body embraced in it made me feel happy and comfortable.

“Luca loves Zagan, and Zagan loves Luca back too. And that was how a miracle was made possible. My, my, love sure is a wonderful thing,”

“Isn’t it incredibly embarrassing though?”

“That’s true. Though I dare you to make me feel ashamed. I was so worried about you that my heart ached, so it stands to reason that you should put up with a little bit of teasing from me. Isn’t it better than me crying?”

Seeing Camilla’s cheeky smile, I knitted my brows. I wanted to stop my face from turning red, but I couldn’t help but be aware of the fact that I still had Luca’s semen in my womb. And with Luca’s hand covering it, as if to protect it, I struggled to endure my embarrassment.

As I remained silent, unable to react, Camilla’s expression suddenly turned serious.

“There are many incurable diseases in this world,” she said, “and there are also diseases where your mana cells rapidly die. No matter how many MP potions you drink, you will lose your magic. That’s why, to be honest, we didn’t think you were going to make it. Even if your body recovered, we feared you would never wake up.”

I couldn’t say that it was because I was too reckless that my soul was on the verge of disappearing. If that had happened, I wouldn’t have been able to reincarnate ever again.

“This one is a medical alchemist. I’ve witnessed many deaths, and I’ve seen people sink into a coma for years, and then simply die of weakness. So I thought that I was already used to it to some extent. Still, it was heartbreaking to see a friend in the same situation.”

“……A friend.”

“Don’t let yourself become like this again.”

She stared back at me sharply.

—Friend. Are Camilla and I friends? Before I knew it, I had made friends. I see.

When I nodded vigorously, her expression softened and she smiled.

“Let’s end my boring sermon here. Luca, get up. I have something I want to give you.”

Camilla stood up and gently shook Luca by the shoulders. When she did so, Luca let out a soft grumble of discontent.

“Ngh…huh? …Ahh, I fell asleep. I’m sorry, Zagan. It must have been hard for you to be unable to move.”

“I’m fine. Good morning, Luca.”

“Fufu. Good morning, Zagan.”

He gave me a soft peck on the cheek. And then on my lips. When I accepted it all, Luca happily pressed his cheek against mine.

“So, Camilla. What was it you wanted to give to me? ”

“Zagan’s wand and the magic barriers that I’d retrieved. I finally have the time to do so, might as well hand it over before I forget.”

Camilla took out the wand that the girls had made for me from her bag. What’s more, it was evident that the magic stone at its tip was even bigger now. Just from looking, I could tell that it contained a great amount of mana. As she had said before, she had replaced it with the magic stone of a dragon.

“Don’t give it back to Zagan right away. Because I don’t know what will happen if he tries to increase his mana using equipment while his mana cells haven’t returned to normal yet.”

“Of course. Zagan, I’ll be holding on to it for a while. I’ve got all your other equipment, and I’ll return it all to you later, but don’t wear it until you’re completely healed.


If I couldn’t wear armour for a while, perhaps dressing myself in plainclothes was the only choice. I wonder how many items of such clothes I had though.

Luca also took my magic tools from her. It was the magic barrier that had protected us in the 9th city. I was nothing but grateful that she was able to retrieve it. Truly, the girls had helped me out quite a lot.

I was in my pyjamas at the moment, and I didn’t bring my magic bag, so I decided to replace it when I got back to my room.

“Well then. Now that you have the opportunity, Zagan, you should play with them”.

“You’re right. We were busy last time, but this time I am going to take my time to recuperate. Let’s all play together. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

As such, I also joined Noel and the others to play. Noel gleefully beckoned me over to her side.

Luca was still holding onto me, but he mostly just watched us play. Occasionally he would roll the dice for me or pull out a card. Thus, I couldn’t play against Luca even once, but all the games resembled ones I had played in my past life, and I truly enjoyed it.

I never imagined that such a day would come when I could spend such a relaxing time in the same space as Luca. Even though I had exposed my black hair, the girls were accepting of it. On the contrary, I made friends without even realizing it. It was quite delightful.

But I asked them not to tell anyone that Noel and I were siblings. Ciel Brady was long dead, and if word of his existence spread to the noble society, it would cause trouble.

They all agreed to it. They said the reason I had been on the border of life and death in the first place was because of the nobles. The aristocratic society has its fair share of people like that woman who had both her arms chopped off.

Incidentally, when I played the game of life, every time I had a child, Luca would pat my belly. When I finally cleared the game with four children, he discreetly whispered to me, ensuring that the others wouldn’t hear, that we should have four children too…

 …I’m a man, I can’t have kids, okay?

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oh, Zagran, you forgetting that you are entangled with the all powerful MC?

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of course you can, just adopt a child and that’s it.

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If I remember correctly, isn’t Bennet biologically a man? And Camilla made a alchemist thing so that Bennet could get pregnant? Why can’t she do the same for Zagan?

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Reply to  Purple

She can. But Zagan will take that information to his grave

Or maybe not?! 😉

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Wanna see some babbies~~~~

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Me Just Me
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Owh… Its so peaceful that i got scared. Like bigger storm gonna came.
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