I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 35 (Part 2)

I played with everyone in the living room, ate dinner, and then went back to my room.

It was nighttime. Luca and I took a bath together; he gently washed my body. Although I was unconscious, he had also given me a bath yesterday and the day before as well. He said it was easy for him to support my body with his tentacles.

He took great care and quickly got me out of the bath. Then he placed me on the large bed. Even though Luca had been supporting me and playing with me, my body was still very tired. When he saw me lift my arms above my head and point my toes in a full body stretch while I lay on my side, Luca let out a chuckle.

“You’re cute, Zagan. Just like a cat.”

He gazed into my face and ran his fingers through my freshly dried hair. I accepted it meekly, and then he pressed his lips on my exposed forehead. I felt warmth bubble up in my chest from his soft touch.

“Fufu. Zagan has opened his eyes and is looking at me. That makes me incredibly happy.”

“…I’m also really happy to be spending time with Luca.”

After we both professed our happiness, Luca smiled elatedly. He hugged me tightly and rubbed his cheek against mine. As I was surrounded by Luca’s warmth, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

I had overcome death… I was so glad that I didn’t have to give up on this warmth. I had been in quite a predicament, but even so, at this moment, the pressure that had been gnawing away at my heart was gone. Now, I could think properly about the future.

I had no reason to dive into dungeons for the time being. Because Luca and his team would be the ones to capture them all from here on.

Besides, I was in no state to fight for a while, and I didn’t know when I’d recover to the point of being able to do so. At my current state, I would most certainly be a burden if I stayed with Luca.

But still, it would be better to stay by his side. By Luca’s side. Because Luca said so.


He hugged me from behind, slipped his hand inside my pyjamas, and stroked my midriff. The mana that Luca had poured inside me this morning was gone, but I was gradually recovering by myself, and so my body remained warm. As a result, there was no longer a need for him to pour his mana into my womb.

However, as he hugged me, I could feel his penis pressing against my butt. It was throbbing and I felt relieved to feel him have a proper erection.

I heard that he had forced himself to continue having sex with me while I was on the brink of death, to the point that he had to take aphrodisiacs to keep himself hard. I’d also heard that no matter how much he ejaculated in me, I never opened my eyes. I was worried that, due to the wretched situation he’d been in, he would have gotten PTSD and ended up with erectile dysfunction.

“Hey, Zagan. Don’t you feel empty in here? ”

“…I do.”

“! I see. Then I’ll give you lots of love here.”

When I accepted his anxious, roundabout invitation to have sex, he joyfully responded.

I turned around and saw Luca’s face drawing closer to me. I closed my eyelids reflexively and felt his lips on mine. It felt soft and gentle.

As I accepted his fleeting kiss, he simply and gently sucked on my lips before breaking off. Next, his kisses fell on my eyelids, the corners of my eyes, and my cheeks. Countless, gentle kisses rained down on my face.

“…Zagan, Zagan!”

He called out my name. Over and over, as if to make sure I was really there. His sweet voice clearly conveyed his love for me.

The tips of our noses brushed, and he once again kissed me on my lips. He licked at them, as if to egg me on, and when I finally opened my mouth, our tongues met. I felt my shoulders tremble from his hungry touch. He licked my tongue, and they tangled over and over; a numbing pleasure spread from my tongue to my entire body.

“Ngh…nngh, fu…ag, mn…nmu!”

“Ngh, Huah…nngh!”

Whenever he teased me, I could hear the sloppy sounds of our saliva mixing. When I gulped it all down, he quietly chuckled as he held me. At any rate, my body was trembling from the pleasure. Luca’s kisses felt really good.

He softly nibbled my lower lip and our lips parted once more with smack. After licking off the saliva that I didn’t realize had dribbled down to my chin, he peered into my eyes.

“Zagan, I love you. I love you.”

“Hm, me too.”


After a long pause, Luca let out a surprised shout. What? I looked over at him, tilting my head in confusion, only to notice that his cheeks were starting to flush.

“Uhm… Just now, you said you liked me, Zagan. It’s… the first time… you said that… so.”


“W-Wait, don’t run! You can be as embarrassed as you want, but leaving the bed is out of the question. It’s not safe to move too much yet. Okay?”

I instinctively and instantly tried to crawl out of bed, but he immediately caught me by the waist and hugged me, so I couldn’t escape.

Ughhh, this was embarrassing. Extremely embarrassing. It felt as if my face was on fire. My ears felt hot as well, and my heart felt as if it would leap out of my chest at any moment. I was so embarrassed that I almost started to cry, and the insides of my nose stung. 

I helplessly curled up into a ball and hid my face under the covers as he stroked my tummy to pacify me. When Luca’s palm covered it, I somehow felt at ease, and my body relaxed.

“I’m glad, Zagan. Really glad. I’ve already known for a long time that you liked me, but hearing you say it directly makes me incredibly happy. Thank you, Zagan.”

…I see. Had I fallen in love with Luca before I’d even realized it?

Now that I thought about it, that certainly was the case. My sister Noel, as well as Camilla and the other heroines, who were my friends. I felt love for all of them. But that was a different love than what I felt towards Luca.

I wanted to protect Noel no matter what, but I didn’t fervently wish for Noel to do anything for me. It was enough for me to know that she lived a healthy life. As for my friends, it would be nice to spend happy moments with them when time allowed for it, like today. I didn’t believe that was too much to ask for.

However, when it came to Luca, I wanted to stay by his side at all times. When he hugged me, a sense of relief and joy washed over me. I wanted to receive lots of kisses and also… to have sex. I felt happy whenever he looked into my eyes and told me he loved me. I wished for him to prioritise me at all times.

Many feelings and hopes gushed forth in me, and my heart was filled with Luca. I felt full, yet it kept overflowing and overflowing… and all I knew was that I loved him.

Hasr: QAQ You said it my boy

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2 years ago

The feels are almost too much for me!!! Imma have a heart attack from their love!

Bai xue
Bai xue
2 years ago

Ahhhhh! Want more;)

2 years ago

So happy for you baby Zagan, you finally said it.

2 years ago

Awwwww I’m so happy for themmmm they are so cuteee. So glad Zagan finally said the I love you. So important. So lovely. ❤️ Thanks for the update.

2 years ago

IM SO HAPPY!!! I love them