I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 37 (Part 1)

I could feel my body being shaken. As I gradually woke up, I heard a voice too.

“Zagan… wake up. Please. Open your eyes.”

It was Luca’s voice. He sounded like he was at his wit’s end, but why? Was it already past noon?

Though I was still a bit sleepy, I opened my eyes to see Luca peering at me. When our eyes met, he exhaled, looking relieved.

“Thank god, you woke up.”

“Luca…? Good morning.”

“Yeah, good morning. It’s a bit early though. Sorry for waking you up; I got scared thinking you won’t open your eyes again.”

Patting Luca’s head as he hugged me, I glanced at the clock. It was only 6 a.m, huh? Well it was a bit early, but there’s no problem with waking up at such an hour.

“It’s okay. I’ve been asleep all this time so it’s actually better for me to wake up a little early and move around. More importantly, Luca, did you get any sleep?”

“Yeah… I slept. Don’t worry.”

Was that the truth? I could see that he looked tired and feel that his magic power was in disarray. Wasn’t he overdoing it?

I stopped myself from pointing that out though, because today was the 9th and the day after tomorrow he’ll be entering the dungeon. But, since he still had some time to relax, it would be nice if Luca were to take a rest if he was sleepy or felt bad.

After slowly taking our time rubbing our bodies together and kissing, we got up and started getting ready for the morning. Today I won’t be wearing pajamas, but actual clothes. Saying that, I only have 4 sets of clothes. When I let Luca choose, he picked the same cat-ear parka I wore last time. Well, all of my outfits were basically black hoods so if he wanted to pick something a little bit special, the cat-ear parka was his only choice.

“I wonder if I should get some more casual clothes? It feels unnecessary though, considering I won’t be wearing them for long.”

“We’re going to go on a lot of dates together from now on. It would make me happy if you got all dressed up for me.”

“I see… That, now that we’ve become proper lovers, we’re going to go on lots of dates?”

When it comes to armour, there were plenty of cool-looking designs. Casual clothes though were the safest bet for a proper date. You could look dangerous when you were equipped with armour and there were some stores you couldn’t enter… However, since I was together with the prince, they let us into most places so I didn’t really worry about it.

More importantly, I felt a tiny bit embarrassed about calling us lovers, so I lowered my gaze to the ground. As I did so, my flushed cheeks were kissed. I glanced up at Luca and he laughed happily.

“Shall we go buy you some clothes today? It could be good rehabilitation if we take it easy. Then, in the afternoon, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild and see if there are any good G rank requests we can take.”

I nodded. It’s been a long time since I got to play with animals. I was really looking forward to it.


When we told Bennett, who was already awake, that we planned to have lunch outside, she suggested we eat at the town square since the autumn leaves were pretty at this time of year, and she ended up making us some bentos. There were still some foods I couldn’t digest that well so going to a proper restaurant was out of the question, which was why I gratefully accepted the proposal.

Luca helped out with the cooking while I sat there and watched them. When I had tried to help out, I was told that someone who was still unwell wasn’t allowed to do any work, and was kicked out of the kitchen.

At that point Noel and the others entered the living room and it became lively.

We all ate breakfast together, and after a short rest, Luca and I prepared to leave for town. Luca received the bento from Bennett and put it in her magic bag while I pinned my bangs up and put on the cat-ear hood. And then…

“You’re so cute, Nii-sama!”

Noel’s voice jumped out at me. I was shocked. I had never thought there would come a day when my little sister would call me cute. No, that… well…….

“Noel? Zagan looks down. His hood is even covering his eyes – that’s a sure sign that he’s depressed. What did you say to him?”

“S-sorry. You’re usually very cool! It’s just that the cat ears suit you too and I thought it was extremely cute.”

“Yup, yup, that gap sure is cute. Well, he likely already feels conflicted that a girl called him cute, and if that girl happens to be his little sister… Any brother would get depressed, so please stop, okay?” 

“Ah… I’m really sorry, Nii-sama.”

“Also, I’m the only one who’s allowed to call Zagan cute.”

“That’s right! I’ll be more careful from now on!”

Why did she give such an enthusiastic reply? Also, why are her eyes sparkling like that when she looks at us?

Was it because of my confession yesterday?

No matter what the reason was, I got shy and my face turned red. Luca then hugged me gently and patted my head over the hood.


“…We’re going.”

“Have a safe trip, please be careful.”

“Have a safe trip~ go have some fun.”

All the girls saw us off as Luca and I left the large, rented house.

I never thought there would come a day when I’d exchange pleasantries with everyone as I left the house. Nor that I would ever be able to pass the time leisurely like this with the girls. I was so happy a smile naturally formed on my lips.

With a map of the 10th city that Nina had procured in hand, we headed to the downtown shopping area first.

There was a popular department store along the wide street, but if it got crowded and my hood slipped off it would be a problem so we ruled that option out.

I hadn’t been in a department store like that since I was reincarnated. I’d like to go one day, but for now, I’ll put it on hold.

Luca and I leisurely strolled along the street, hand in hand. Just looking at the trees around us, I could feel the beauty of the autumn season and my heart twitched in excitement. The red and yellow leaves were so lovely I couldn’t look away.

When I looked up at the trees, Luca called out in a worried voice.

“Zagan, are you okay? Nothing hurts?”

“I’m fine. There’s no problem.”

“That’s good. Let me know when you get tired. It’s been a while since you’ve taken a walk so don’t overdo it. Zagan, you tend to do that so I’m worried.”

His words made me feel embarrassed, but since I did just almost die from overdoing it, I nodded my head obediently. If it could give Luca some peace of mind, I’d suggest we take a break every now and then.

We arrived at a men’s clothing store and bought 10 items including shirts, pants, and outerwear, most of which were chosen by Luca. I also got some underwear while I was at it.

Afterwards we went to a shoe store and I got two pairs of light shoes that were easy to walk in. Usually I wore sturdy boots made from monster materials since it would be bad if my legs got injured from an attack, so it felt refreshing to wear this kind of shoe.

After putting on my new shoes, we headed towards the town square, to a spot where we could view the autumn leaves.

“It’s really pretty.”

With Luca pulling my hand, we walked towards the square along a winding path lined with trees.

The light of the sun shone through the gaps between the trees, and together with the magic energy around the trees themselves, it filled the space with a sparkling, fantastical light.1

It was a mesmerizing scene right out of a fantasy and it got me excited.

“Did the leaves not change colors in the Great Forest of Etoille… of Lune?”

“Mm, it probably has something to do with Lune’s powers. The seasons didn’t really change inside the forest.”

It was a large forest where demonic essence was generated here and there and where monsters were born. Since it was a territory for monsters, the goddess might have made it into an environment that would suit them. Also, I think that there was magic cast over the whole forest to prevent people from cutting down the trees and cultivating the land.

The trees in the Great Forest were strong enough that even I could barely cut them down. It might be because the trees themselves had a high level of magic energy.

Arriving at the town square, we sat down at an empty bench and talked for a while. Afterwards we opened the bentos Bennett had made for us.

Bennett had prepared milk risotto for me. Since Luca had put it in his magic bag immediately after it was made, steam rose from the risotto and it was melty when I scooped it up with my spoon. Maybe since she knew I liked it, Bennett had added small, well-stewed pieces of meat to the dish. They were soft and delicious. I was grateful that she went out of her way to make easily digestible food for me.

By the way, Luca’s lunch was steak on top of rice. I kept staring at it because it looked so good and Luca gave me a wry smile.

“You still can’t have any.”

“…I know.”

Uu, I’m not jealous at all… damn, I want to hurry up and be able to have proper food again.

After lunch, we went to the adventurer’s guild as planned. Looking at the G rank bulletin board, we found a request to look after three dogs. Since it was the autumn season, the owner seemed to be so busy they couldn’t take care of their beloved pets, but because it was shedding season they wanted them to be brushed and shampooed.

We accepted the request on the spot and headed towards the owner’s place. It was a general store close to the square where we’d had lunch. The store displayed a variety of charming crafts so a lot of the tourists who came to see the changing leaves seemed to buy them as souvenirs.

Brushing the dogs was healing. Maybe because the dogs also tended to the store, they were used to people and were cute as they surrendered their bodies to us looking like they felt good. Also, Luca occasionally kissed me. But he only did it when there was nobody looking so I let him do as he pleased. That… it’s not like I hated it.


The next morning, I woke up naturally, but Luca was already awake. He was hugging me close and stroking my back. When I looked up at him, he breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled.

“Zagan, you’re awake. I’m glad… It’s another beautiful day. Good morning, Zagan.”

He kissed me as gently as he always did, but his face was pale. Did he not get much sleep today either? 

Last night, we connected our bodies only once. Afterwards, we changed into pajamas and went to sleep early, but… the fact that I didn’t wake up for a number of days might have become a source of trauma for him.

What should I do in a situation like this? No matter how many times I tell him I’m okay, his heart won’t easily accept it. If time was the only solution, is there nothing I could do, but wait?

“Zagan… what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing. Good morning, Luca.”

I was worried, but there were a limited number of things I could do in my condition. I could only rely on my friends.

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aw, poor Luca…

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Bai xue
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Can you pweety plz update two chapters every week.plz plz

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Bai xue
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Im really worried for Luca, its like he’s having panic attack every morning before baby Zagan wakes up. I honestly dont know what to say to make that person feel at ease if Im in that kind of situation.

1 year ago

Aww poor Luca is officially traumatized by Zagen not waking up

Thanks for the update. These two are just the cutest.