I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 38 (Part 2)

“What’s wrong, Luca?”

“…I see. So, we shouldn’t have defeated the Evil God. …Yes. And…again and again.”

He was saying something, but it was muffled and inaudible. What was really going on?

Somehow it seemed like Luca was in pain, so I stroked his head, which was buried in my chest. He hugged me even tighter, and the tentacles tangled around me. I didn’t know why, but I was certain he was feeling down.

I kissed the top of his head repeatedly, trying to comfort him in some way. The only person I could see in my position was Bennett, so even if what I was doing looked a bit unsightly, she would have to put up with it.

“Um… There’s something Zagan said that I don’t quite understand.”

I heard Nina’s voice from behind me, but unlike usual, it was reserved.

“He said dark attribute users can handle negative magical energy and get consumed by negative emotions, but what is negative magical energy? How is it related to emotions? Also, it sounds like this is specific to only light and dark attribute users. Is that how it is?”

Oh, now that she mentioned it, Nina couldn’t go to school, so she had no idea. There must have been a lot of things she didn’t understand earlier, but she was listening to me so earnestly.

I somehow managed to turn around and bowed my head to Nina in apology. Then, as if flustered, she returned the bow. When I looked at Camilla, she nodded in understanding.

“Then let me explain. We talked a bit about the purifying essence and demonic essence before, didn’t we? The purifying essence and demonic essence that occur here and there are masses of the world’s magical energy and have existed on earth since long ago.”

“Yes, I remember that.”

“That’s where the problem lies. What exactly is the difference between the purifying essence and demonic essence that appear in the world? Do you know?”

“Either a spirit or a monster is born, right? Even I know that much.”

“Correct. What else?”

“Huh, what else? …What else is there?”

“They either look like white lights or black mist. You’re not asking something as simple as that, are you?”

Miranda joined the conversation. But, well, yes.

Bennett raised her hand timidly after glancing at me a few times from behind.

“I-It is believed that the world has feelings. In addition, it is possible to materialize the emotions of life inhabiting this world. Therefore, the purifying essence is the embodiment of emotions such as joy and pleasure that has become magical energy. And the demonic essence is the embodiment of negative emotions such as anger and sorrow.”

“Yes, you are correct. The original emotions of the purifying essence and the demonic essence are different. Also, dark attribute users are the ones who can transform negative emotions into magical energy and materialise it. In other words, negative magical energy is demonic essence.”

As long as they were of the dark attribute, even humans could produce demonic essence. The negative emotions of living beings could be embodied and collected as magical energy. The members of the Dark Organization also spent three months collecting demonic essence and summoned five dark dragons.

Incidentally, it has been established that the Lumiere was a crystal made by condensing the negative magical energy – demonic essence – hundreds of millions of times over. Therefore, the only one who could create it would be the dark attribute goddess Lune.

“And then there’s light and dark attributes, which are special, but… Remember how we talked about history before? Over hundreds of millions of years, the gods have destroyed and rebuilt the earth and oceans to make them what they are today. Let me explain what exactly they do, attribute by attribute.”

The earth gods were responsible for levelling the earth and creating vast mountainous regions.

The gods of the wind were the ones who detached the earth and made islands float in the sky.

The fire gods amplified the lava that lay beneath the earth and transformed it into active volcanoes.

The water gods regenerated the evaporating water and created rivers and lakes.

The gods of the holy attribute revitalised the earth and made trees grow to create great forests.

The gods of the light attribute turned positive emotions into purifying essence and created the spirits, while the gods of the dark attribute converted negative emotions into demonic essence and produced monsters.

“That’s their role. In this way, the light and dark gods don’t seem so special, do they?”

“Yeah, I’m beginning to think it’s rather normal. It’s amazing that the god of the wind can make islands float in the sky!”

“Indeed. And the world is the one that can do all this. The world was born about 4.6 billion years ago. It has been a very long time since the world was born, watching over all living things as it lives on.”

The world was a living entity. It had a will and feelings. It watched over everything that happened within it thoughtfully.

Until now, I thought that Lumiere was the will of the world and that I would die according to the game. I believed I could overturn that so-called “will” and live.

But it turned out that I was wrong. Only the world could turn back time after merging the old me and the new me. It would be inconceivable for it to go to the trouble of searching for a soul from a parallel world to reincarnate, only to watch it die.

Then, for what reason was I reincarnated? Today, that became clear to me.

It was to save the evil goddess Lune, whom the main character in the akashic records… the game… would never defeat. That’s why it reincarnated a soul that knew the game’s content and also fused me with one of the goddess’ descendants.

If one thought about it, a dungeon was a place created completely by the power of the world. Not even the gods could touch it. The world was helping us out by changing the dungeons’ interior to accommodate Lumiere’s arrival and letting the star fragments appear to purify it. How pathetic that I hadn’t realized it until just now.

The world was trying to protect the Kingdom of Soleil, even changing all the dungeons in the Kingdom. It even reincarnated me to try to save the goddess Lune.

…I wondered why it would go to such lengths. Honestly, for the world, it was but a small portion of its land that was decaying.

Could it be that the death of the goddess Lune would lead to the destruction of the world, as I had so aptly put it? Surely not…

Besides, even if we figured out everything we could about the goddess Lune, we didn’t know how to save her. The reason why the god Soleil was asleep, the warding of the Soleil Kingdom, and the hiding of the moon also remained a mystery. Also, why the Great Forest’s name was changed.

“So many things I don’t understand after all…”

I whispered unconsciously, causing Luca to jerk in my arms. Currently, I was lying on the bed in our bedroom, pondering. The arms around my waist tightened, and Luca pushed his head into my chest.

Luca was so emotionally unstable that we had to go back to our bedroom. When I urged him to go back, he picked me up and carried me away without letting go of me and he kept his face buried in my chest even after he put me down on the bed.

I asked him several times what was wrong, but he just replied that it was nothing. Every now and then, I could see a distorted expression on his face, as if he was in distress. I really wondered what had brought this on.

I thought that sleep would help him feel a little better, but his mind refused to let him rest, and he didn’t sleep even though he was lying down. It worried me a lot.

Anyhow, Luca didn’t seem to want to leave my side right now, so we hugged each other, while I caressed his head and back.

After a while, there was an unobtrusive knocking at the door.

“Nii-sama, Luca. I would like to talk to you for a moment if that’s okay?”

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1 year ago

my brain is trying to connect all the dots, but instead it created spaghetti :,D

2 years ago

waiting with bated breath 0.0

wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
2 years ago

Zagan: “So many things I don’t understand after all…”
Me: I agree with that statement.
Thanks for the update!^^

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Luca seems to have more knowledge than he lets on, hmmm~
I wonder where the author will take us from here on out

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huh. i wonder if noel will be able to purify the ‘evil god’, once they are summoned by the dark element users. she has the holy attribute, right? so,*theoretically*, she should be able to purify it, right?

2 years ago
Reply to  misto713

Now you have made me worried. What if Noel sacrifices herself in order to purify the Evil God for the world to continue existing? -_-||| I’m really not looking forward to that happening. I just hope everything is explained soon.