I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Although Luca was the protagonist of an Eroge, he seemed to be a sincere man. But his capture target seems to be me, even though I was not the original villain. However, I felt that it wasn’t normal for a man to be recognized as a romantic interest in an eroge. Was it because there was a femboy amongst the Heroines?

Come to think of it, in Bennett’s scenario, there was a plot point about him fretting over the fact that despite falling in love with the prince Luca, he had a body that couldn’t conceive. With Camilla’s help, he developed an item that made it possible for a man to become pregnant. As a result, in order to capture Bennett, you needed to ensure that Camilla didn’t leave the party.

In other words, if the two stay, it might be possible that I could become pregnant too. …That’s scary. Scarier than the dark organization for sure. I would never ever breathe a word of this to Luca.

I don’t care if Luca was a prince or not. If he really wanted to be together with me, in the first place, a person with the dark attribute, he would have to give up his status as the prince.

The next morning at the inn, the weather was clear. After I brushed my teeth and washed my face in the bathroom, I picked out my clothes.

While I had been invited out on the pretext of a quest in the past, today I had a date planned. I had to dress up for the occasion. To begin with, today’s date was in a zoo, so I couldn’t carry weapons, armour or wear my hood.

After much contemplation, I finally decided to wear a black cat-ear hoodie. It was something that I had bought on impulse in the past while I browsed the shops on the streets in the city. It was quite different from the clothes Zagan wore in-game, but it was me inside after all. I was going to the zoo after this anyway, so it didn’t matter. I pinned up my bangs with a hair pin, which exposed my bare forehead. I wasn’t going into a battle, so this was fine.

In this world, clothes are more varied than in my previous life. The casual clothes I wore right now, which had no defensive power, were similar to those in my previous life, and even the kinds that were classified as cosplay in my previous life were worn normally as armor with defensive power here. Even if it looked like a swimsuit, if it was made from rare material, it would have a high defense. Moreover, the higher the rank of the female adventurer, the more their clothes tended to expose skin. It was to show off their beautifully tempered bodies and rare armor to the people around them.

Miranda fit in that description to a T. Nina dressed like a rogue, Camilla like a magical girl, Bennett wore a maid uniform and Cindy wore sombre clothes made of magical thread. Noel, as an apprentice knight, wore armor over her shoulders, arms, legs and chest along with a helmet. The only exposed skin on her was the gap on her thigh between her skirt and socks.1 As her older brother, that put me at ease.

Of course all the heroines wore casual clothes in the date events.

At eight thirty in the morning, in front of the guild, Luca had arrived before me.

What is with that hottie? Which Hollywood actor was he? Ahh, it was the prince. He was dressed up in a simple jacket and pants, but he seemed to sparkle more than usual. Was it my imagination?

Strangely, I didn’t want to get closer to him, but since we had decided to go to the zoo, I approached his side.

When he noticed me, Luca called out to me with a smile, but his expression grew stiff. It wasn’t surprising for him to be shocked seeing me like this. I know that this is different from my usual image. However just as I thought that he had snapped back to his senses, he hugged me tightly.

“Isn’t it quite unusual for you to wear a cat ear hoodie? It even has long sleeves. 2 What is with this? Even though your usual cool self is great too, do you look so cute today? Do you want to kill me with your claws? “

“Huh? I don’t plan to kill you though.”

“You’re such an airhead. A tsundere and an airhead, what a deadly combo! “

Is he fine? I’m a man. There’s no demand for male tsunderes. 3

Incidentally, the words moe, airhead and tsundere were common terms in this kingdom. Even in the eroge, the heroines often used them.

I somehow escaped from Luca’s embrace and rode a lightweight carriage from the main street to the zoo. 

The inside of the zoo was very open. It had no fences or cages. One could use magic in this world, and many magical tools existed too. Using earth and water magic, or in some cases, plant and wood magic, they had built beautiful enclosures, and in order to make sure that the animals didn’t leave them and attack the visitors, they set up a transparent barrier. When you touched the magic barrier, ripples spread out to show you that there was a wall, and even if you hit it to some extent, it absorbed the impact, so you didn’t have to worry. It was an excellent magic tool that couldn’t be broken without a significant amount of magic.

As we walked along the route, we saw various animals. While I did like animals, I didn’t know much about them. I didn’t know if they were of the same kinds as those in my past life or a species unique to this world. But seeing the small animals that tottered around cutely healed my heart as all animals in this section were palm-sized. It was just the time for the hamsters’ meals.

As I looked at it, someone held my hand. I looked at Luca, who stood next to me, and he smiled softly.

“Because everyone is focused on the animals. Right? “

Ugh, as expected handsome guys have a smooth tongue. He easily did something that I could never do. I felt embarrassed, but if I resisted, I would just stand out more. So I stayed as is. Moreover, since he didn’t let go of my hand even after we left that section, we were seen by the people around. This man, does he have a heart of orichalcum? 4

After we ate lunch at a suitable store, we headed for the jungle section. We rode on a magic trolley and slowly passed through the jungle-like verdant paths of the section. Since the trolley floated on rails filled with mana, it neither made noise nor shook side to side. It was an excellent vehicle.

Since the trolley also passed through the barriers that enclosed the animals at times, we were able to get pretty close to the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and many other kinds of animals. When we saw two tigers that walked side-by-side and snuggled up to one another, Luca kissed me. In retaliation, I punched him in the stomach. Don’t be distracted, only look at the animals!

We reached the souvenir shop before the park closed. There were so many cartoonish stuffed animals that I couldn’t help but loiter around that area. Unlike in my previous life, I had a lot of money, and even if I bought something, it wouldn’t get in the way because I had a magic bag. Thus I decided to buy something as a memento.

After a lot of contemplation, I took a white tiger that was about 40cm long.

“Zagan, do you want that? I’ll buy it for you.”

“No, it’s fine. Even I can afford this much.”

“But I want to buy it for you. That way, whenever you see this stuffed animal, you’ll remember how you came here with me, right? “

I see, so that’s what his plan was. He really was a smooth talker. But it wouldn’t be fair to just do that for me.

“…Got it. Then I’ll buy something for Luca. What do you want?”

“Thank you. Since it’s such a rare chance, I want something Zagan chooses.”

What, does it have to be chosen by me?

He took the stuffed animal from me and went to look for souvenirs for his friends. Left with no choice, I once again browsed the store.

Something that would not be odd even if Luca carried it around. Something simple, yet stylish would be great. Ahh, how about this? A leather keychain with a black cat silhouette. It had a stylish shape and the rectangular piece of leather had the name of the zoo on it, which further accentuated its coolness factor. Since it was small, it wouldn’t stand out even if it was attached to a bag. Infact, I want it too, so let’s buy two.

I paid at the counter and exchanged my purchases with Luca, who waited ahead of me. When he saw what I bought, he burst into a smile.

“It’s just like Zagan. What’s more, we got matching pairs. I’m happy.”

“…That wasn’t my intention.”

“Fufu, I’ll take good care of it.”

I really didn’t have that in mind, I wonder why I felt like he thought of me as a tsundere. When he saw me hug the stuffed animal, he nodded in satisfaction. He didn’t even let me put it away when I wanted to.

I was a little pissed off, so I took the key ring from him and forced him to put it on his bag. While I was at it, I also put mine on my own bag.

“Ahh, but I wanted to put it on for you. You really are heartless.”

It’s good, think of me as heartless.

Thanks to all Patrons and people who were kind enough to give me kofi! Thanks to you folks I was able to keep the smut (Chapter 6) in one part!

Before you leave, I’d like to talk about the coup in Myanmar. One of our Translators is stuck there and I hope you can help bring more international attention to this issue. Every person matters in this!

If not for humanitarian causes at least do it for the BL harem novel they’re gonna TL!

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1 year ago

“Is he fine? I’m a man. There’s no demand for male tsunderes.”
Excuse me? Sir, male tsundere’s are all the rage, everyone loves them, and you, sir, fit those conditions perfectly.

egg soup
egg soup
1 year ago

CAT EARS IN PUBLIC???? lmaooo my guy is a fashion disaster

I love you... BITCH!
I love you... BITCH!
2 years ago

Zagan: I’m not a tsundere
Also Zagan: I was a little pissed off, so I took the key ring from him and forced him to put it on his bag. (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

2 years ago

Omg? Kanae supremacy. Thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

Omg I love how you used kanae for reference! Thank you for the translation~ ❤

3 years ago

“No demand for male tsunderes”

Boi what’re you talking about there’s plenty demand
From the protagonist and fujoshis

Maybe the protagonist is actually female or bisexual/gay.

(Prayers for Myanmar)

Last edited 3 years ago by Jude
Panacea Seer
Panacea Seer
3 years ago

Our cinnabun is too cute/naive. I adore our airhead tsundere

3 years ago

The prince sure is smooth hahaha!. Also, may things turn for the better. Stay safe and Praying for Myanmar.

(Not related butttt. Omg! Kanae!! The reference picture you used made me scream in happiness and surprise lol

Kanae is a Vtuber under Nijisanji. He streams different kinds of games and is extremely enjoyable to watch. Do check him out!)

3 years ago

This is too cute I can’t even ♡(> ਊ <)♡

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Thanks for the translation! ♡

Carina Bruckschwaiger
Carina Bruckschwaiger
3 years ago

Thanks for the update and may the people in Myanmar stay safe.