I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 47 (Part 2)

We arrived at the mansion and it was decided that the marquess would rest in the living room until the newspaper he had asked for arrived.

Luca had instructed the others to check out the mansion and put away their stuff so, currently, only Luca and I were in the living room, sitting on the sofa with marquess Modeste. 

Noel had gone to the kitchen to prepare some tea.

As we were gazing outside at the garden that was being dyed red by the setting sun, the old man, who’d been leisurely enjoying the view, suddenly turned to look at me.

“Truly, seeing is believing. All those people making a fuss in the capital could only hold their tongue once they see your current fiancé.”

“Right, right. No one will be able to say a word after seeing us.”

Really? I was a dark attribute user, a man and an adventurer. Instead of keeping their mouths shut, wouldn’t they curse at me like that noble lady? No… that time, she used an underhanded attack first. She started cursing after Luca reproached her and the curses weren’t aimed at me but at him.

I couldn’t understand the reason why seeing us would shut people up so I looked up at Luca sitting next to me. He just stroked my hair though.

“Is it because… Luca will often be standing next to me?”

“Of course. No one can get between us. Fu fu fu. So cute.”

So my conclusion was totally wrong? 

When I unconsciously pouted, Luca gave me a kiss on the cheek.

What are you doing in front of the marquess?

Perhaps because he decided that the old man bore no ill-will towards me, Luca showed no restraint in front of him.

“Ho ho ho. In actuality, how many mages and knights do you think you can defeat Zagan-dono? A hundred people? Two hundred? What can those nobles say against an opponent like that?”

“So you’re saying that, in noble society as well, strength is what matters?”

“Simply put, yes. For example, during a debate, it is considered a crime to directly attack the opponent, but it is allowable to use mana to pressure them into silence. This is why nobles begin training from a young age — in order to withstand any sort of pressure. The noble society is one that expects you to be successful in the future based solely on the color of your hair. The saying ‘strength is justice’ isn’t limited to adventurers alone.”

I see, so that was why Luca enshrouded himself in mana in front of the crowd when he was greeting the marquess.

“I’m sure that many will whisper behind Zagan-dono’s back. There will be people who will fault you for having the dark attribute and will do anything to get rid of you. However, as you are this powerful, most of them will probably give up.”

Among the nobles, it was allowed to pressure someone into submission. If so, then It won’t be a problem even if they faint, right? 

Of course, I wasn’t going to antagonize the nobles. My goal was to get rid of the discrimination against dark attribute users after all. At most, I would put up a magic wall if someone were to attack me directly.

“The tea is ready.”

Noel entered the living room with the tea on a tray. She placed the cups and the milk on the table and sat down across from me.

“Thank you, Brady ojou-san. Hm, it’s gotten quite cold out, hasn’t it? This warm drink really hits the spot.”

Mn, the tea made by Noel was delicious today as well. It was delicious just because my sister gave it to me. 

Noel peeked at me nervously as I sipped on the tea.

“You seemed somewhat concerned when you heard the word ‘fiance,’ but Zagan-dono, are you and Luca planning on getting married when we get to the capital? If you are, then you might have to attend a party hosted by the king. Of course, attending a party doesn’t mean you have to dance, but I think it would be better to practice a bit so the other attendees won’t ridicule you.” (Noel)


Come to think of it, I wonder when this marriage was supposed to take place? I couldn’t imagine it at all. Also, getting married meant having a family. Me? Have a family…? This dark attribute user?

I tilted my head, incapable of putting the image of me and a family together in my mind. 

Luca looked at me in panic when I did so. Noel was shocked as well. What’s wrong with them?

“Eh… um, Zagan, you’ll be with me for the rest of my life, right?”

“Of course. That’s why I’m working to end the discrimination. So that you, who say you love me, won’t be insulted for choosing a dark attribute user. So that your heart can always be at peace. So that we can always be together.”

“Thank you, Zagan. I love you.” Luca answered, hugging me and nuzzling his cheek against my head. His embrace made me feel safe and happy.

“T-that’s right. Ending the discrimination comes first. My apologies, Zagan-dono, I got ahead of myself.” (Noel)

“I apologise as well. It took Zagan five months in the first place to answer my confession and not even a month has passed since then. I was being a bit hasty. Sorry for rushing you. We’ll do everything at your pace Zagan — slowly and calmly moving forward.”

I didn’t know why one was apologizing to me and the other was cheering me on, but I nodded anyway. Both of them exhaled in relief. They got along quite well, huh?

“Ho ho ho. You don’t have to go out of your way to conform to social conventions just to be together, you know? Rather, you hold strong feelings for each other so why don’t you try attending a party hosted by a noble and learn from the experience? If you would allow me, I could host a modest ball. What do you think? His Highness Luca, Zagan-dono, ojou-san and the rest of your party would all be invited.”

“I appreciate it. By all means, please do. Zagan, we’ll dance together at the ball, right? Let’s practice together, ok?”

Since Luca invited me so happily, I could only agree. It made him giggle with joy which made me happy as well.

“However, an art festival will be held in the city from the 10th and I’ll be quite busy for a time after that. I will only be able to host the ball at the end of the month. Would that be acceptable?”

“I don’t mind. We’ve only just arrived and we’ll be going into the dungeon from the 11th. Usually someone will finish it by the 25th and everyone will be ejected from the dungeon, so please schedule the ball for a date after that.”

“Then let’s decide on the evening of the 29th. Your highness Luca, for the sake of the kingdom please do your best.”

Luca nodded and marquess Modeste grabbed his cane and slowly stood up. The presences I could feel near the mansion were probably his servants.

We all moved towards the entrance of the mansion and arrived just in time to meet the mage who had been sent to retrieve the newspaper. We then saw the marquess off as he left together with the knights who’d been waiting outside on standby.

“I’m already looking forward to the party! I’ll go tell the others!”

Noel seemed very chipper. Will she be wearing a dress in light blue?

Hmm… now that they mentioned it, in the game the November events were the art festival on the 10th and the ball on the 29th. Though I couldn’t remember a scenario like earlier where the protagonist talked to the marquess and he offered to host a ball. In reality, however, that was what happened. I too was an irregularity in this scenario.

“What is it, Zagan? What are you anxious about?”

Perhaps because I was looking at the newspaper we’d received absentmindedly, but Luca glanced at my face, his eyebrows scrunched in worry. I wondered whether I should tell him or not, but… I didn’t want to make Luca sad.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about if we’re really going to save the goddess Lune.”

Even though I was still alive, it was possible that the future wouldn’t change, that we wouldn’t be capable of straying beyond the Akashic records no matter how much we struggled. Witnessing the compelling force of the game scenario once again after such a long time made me a bit anxious.

“We’ll definitely save her… Definitely. As long as Zagan is by my side.” Luca hugged me from behind, saying these firm words.

It was funny how my anxiety melted away when I heard him say that. Even though his words had no basis. Thank you, Luca.

By the way, when we dance, which one of us will take the female part?

Though the question was on my mind, I had a feeling I’d get depressed after hearing the answer and decided that for today at least I wouldn’t ask.

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Something to comment
Something to comment
3 months ago

Lmao Zagan unconsciously already knows the answer, so he didn’t ask further XD

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

Zagan is so realistic

Nura Ol’Blast
Nura Ol’Blast
1 year ago

Was that even a question to ask

1 year ago

Yay! New chapter!
I love this story so much!!!