I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 5 (Part 1)

In the evening, I returned to the main street by carriage. I wanted to part ways immediately, but I was stopped.

“Since we’ve come all this way, let’s have dinner together too. There’s a good place nearby.”

“Aren’t your friends waiting for you? “

“I told them I wouldn’t be coming back because I have a date, so it’s okay.”

“L-Let go. Don’t hold my hand in such a place! Hey, Luca, are you listening!?” I whispered to Luca as he held my hand on a crowded street, but my rebukes fell on deaf ears. If this continued, he’s never going to let go of my hand. Just resisting felt tiring, and moreover, it wouldn’t be visible once the sun goes down pretty soon, so I quietly followed along, left with no choice.

 However, the place he brought me to was a hotel for some reason.

 The hotels in the Soleil Kingdom were established for nobles and traveling merchants, and they were run by nobles too. Most adventurers use inns run by civilians. Although I had more money than your average noble, I was still an adventurer in the end. Thus I had never been to a hotel.

 First of all, its exterior looks like a palace. As we approached it, the main entrance hall seemed awfully wide, to the extent that even a boxy carriage could easily pass through. There were even attendants waiting there, who stood up when they saw us approach. Of course, there were guards there too. From the looks of it, this was a facility reserved for the upper class, a place where you might be kicked out just for being an adventurer.

 However, when Luca tried to pass through the gate, the guards saluted him despite his rough clothes, and a number of employees came out of the door and bowed to him as if they had been contacted by a magic tool. Once through the entrance, a man who had waited for us introduced himself as the hotel manager.

 A man with sparkling blonde hair and blue eyes had appeared in a city where the dungeon was soon to open. Moreover, he was tall and handsome. It was easy to recognize him as the second prince. Perhaps it was because he was holding hands with me that they let me through, even though I hid my hair under my hood and holding a stuffed toy in my arms.

“I want a room with a large bed, a bath, dinner, and breakfast for two.”

“Wait a second-“

 I hurriedly tried to stop him as he pulled out a platinum coin. A platinum coin was the equivalent of a million yen. 1 One night cost a million. Just what services do you wanna demand in the first place?

“I only came along because you said we’d have dinner together. Why do we need to stay the night?”

“Of course, it’s because I want to eat you too.”

“……Sigh. …That…is. I’d rather not.”

When I realized that he obliquely hinted to want to have sex with me, I was left at a loss for words and barely managed to refuse him. Wasn’t that too sudden?

“Is it no good? But I thought our date included staying over at the hotel when I invited you. And furthermore, we did it in a tent, even though it was your first time. That’s why I want to make it up to you this time.”

“That time was because I had run out of mana. There is no reason to make it up to me.”

 I know that Luca is the protagonist of an eroge and since he’s recognized me as a capture target, I didn’t mean to say that he shouldn’t sleep with me. Moreover, that…felt g-good, and it made me feel warmth so if he really insisted on it, I’d probably give in. But since it’s between two men, shouldn’t it be done in a more secluded place, and in a secretive manner?

 If we go into a hotel hand-in-hand like this, what we’re going to do is going to be clear as day to the people around. Even now everyone here must be definitely thinking, “They’re gonna do this and that after this” and “the prince likes men”. Are you fine with that, prince? I hate this, it’s too embarrassing. I want to go home. Please, I beg of you, I’d rather do it in a tent every time.

As I racked my brain thinking of ways to reject him, Luca stared at me intently. What’s more, he grabbed my waist and quickly brought his face close.

 Wai-, you-, what-. You just casually handed the money to the manager. I can see him bowing reverently from the corner of my eye!

“Zagan is quite modest. But at that time, if you hadn’t saved me, I would have surely died. Of course, for you, it was probably just a whim. But still, the one you saved was me. Do you understand what that means? “

“I don’t. It doesn’t matter if the other person is a prince, a noble or a commoner, their lives all hold the same worth to me. Even the price for the guild’s guarding requests vary depending on the location or process, but never on the person to be protected. No matter who it is that I just help on a whim, there is no compensation unless the request is made through the guild. You are no doubt a prince. But don’t hold such pretentious thoughts, believing that you’re someone special.”

I returned back his inflammatory words in kind. I knew I was rude – might as well pretend to be angered and just leave like this.

But even though I glared at him, Luca seemed to smile happily for some reason. “It is quite like you to say something like that. Ahh, I really do love you.”

“…Huh? Uh…eh?”

 Did he just say he loved me? To me? It’s only the first half of the fifth chapter. But the only time Luca confessed to someone was when he chose his partner in the end.

“Because I love you I want to treat you preciously and sleep with you many times. I want us to eat delicious things together, take a bath together and then slowly pamper you on the large bed. I want to fill you up with myself, make you happy, and make you like me too. If I do that, I’ll become the only special one for you, won’t I?”

Under the spell of his sweet smile and soft voice. My heart pounded loudly.

 Oh no. This is bad, forget about my face, even my ears feel hot. Why, what’s with this hottie? What kind of pickup lines was he spouting without any shame? Isn’t he too conceited?

 I didn’t want him to see my bright red face, so I buried it in the stuffed toy in my hand. When I did that, I received a fleeting kiss on the top of my head, above my hood. Ughh, it’s really embarrassing. I really wish he’d stop it.

“It seems you understand. Shall we go?”

 It seemed like the second half of what he just said was directed towards the manager. As I heard him say “this way”, my hand was dragged by Luca before I could even raise my head. I wanted to run away from the embarrassment, but I also felt happiness gush forth strangely. These conflicting feelings went around in chaotic circles in my heart. My heart beat loudly, and even my hand that was grabbed trembled. What to do? What should I do?

 Luca and the manager talked, and there were signs of many people coming and going, but I was still confused and could barely make out anything. My heart continued to beat loudly.

C-calm down. Isn’t Luca always like a hottie? What’s more, he only whispered a few sweet nothings. That’s right, he didn’t even ask for a reply right away, so I could just ignore it. Just brush it off, just brush it off.

 As I kept telling myself this over and over, my pulse gradually returned to normal and my head started to clear. Just as I had somehow managed to calm myself down, I found myself alone with Luca in a large, beautiful room, in front of an array of dishes.

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1 year ago

Our MC is so god damn cute, why is he so cute? He freaking buries his head into his plushie!

I love you... BITCH!
I love you... BITCH!
2 years ago

Umm sire luca do want to hire someone that can bark, clean ur laundry and babysit zagan? I can even wipe ur poop just a few dime to help this broke stranger

2 years ago

Awww zagan is quite honest too about his feeling~

3 years ago

Do you look at someone and wonder what is going on inside there brain?
*Inside zagan’s brain* everbody stay calm, stay ducking calm, no god please no, no ,no, nooooo

3 years ago

Zagan cute

3 years ago

I guess after this is a spicy chap?