I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 50 (Part 1)

Our conversation now over, we left the meeting room and acquired a map of the 11th city from the front desk on the first floor. We also took the opportunity before we left to ask the staff if there was a shop around that could make armour using dragon parts.

We had lunch at a restaurant. People screamed when they saw my black hair, but it didn’t turn into a big incident thanks to Luca holding my head and kissing my hair without a moment’s delay.

Luca did all the ordering of the food and we all shared the many kinds of different dishes. He probably did that so that nobody would slip something like poison into the food I ordered. They wouldn’t dare mess with the food the prince was going to eat after all.

We spent about an hour taking it easy at the restaurant and then followed the map to the armour shop.

There were five sets of both hide and talons that Camilla had collected from the dark dragons in the 9th city, so for the time being Luca ordered a long-coat to level up his defense. 

It seemed we could mix and match the colors and materials.

Since I already had the mantle Noel made me, I ordered a breastplate, arm and shin guards and some boots. The others only went for breastplates. We also commissioned some accessories to be made from the dragons’ talons in combination with other materials.

As it was such a large order, all of the craftspeople gathered to discuss the designs with us. By the way, maybe it was because they were first-class craftspeople, but they didn’t really have much of a reaction to my black hair. They looked at me, looked at Luca, then nodded like they’d been convinced. They did shout in joy when they saw the materials from the dragons though.

When it came time to take the measurements, of course Luca was the one to measure me. In return, I also took his measurements. Still, I couldn’t help but be envious of his great physique.

It took some time to calculate the price of our order, which included a consultation fee for the buying and selling of the remaining materials, and by the time it was over it was just before dinnertime. We had stayed in the shop for quite a while.

Our orders would be completed by November 30th. In the case where one brings in their own materials, the armour could take up to three weeks to produce. Since Luca would be fully equipped by the time he had his duel with Orobas, I was fine with it.

Night had already fallen by the time we returned to the mansion and had dinner. Usually after dinner Luca would train with the girls, but since there was something he had to think about today, he decided to end the training early. It was a good call since Camilla and Cindy wanted to read the books from Orobas, and it seemed like Miranda, Nina and Bennet wanted Noel to teach them how to dance.

I was going to learn how to dance from Luca, but that very same Luca picked me up the moment training was over. Something like this has already happened before; it was when we discovered that the Evil God was Lune.

Luca took us to our bedroom, lay down on the bed next to me and squeezed me tightly. It seemed he was still feeling down and he buried his face in my chest, so I gently patted his head, stroked his hair and kissed him.

After comforting him for a while, Luca lifted his head from my chest and our eyes met.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yeah. That… we discovered a lot of stuff today, right? About the moon and about the royal family from a thousand years ago. About the origin of the Lumiere and the Evil God too…. In the bottom of my heart I was glad that the reason for all of this was the foolishness of humans. If it had been because of some discord between gods that I can’t do anything about, then I… yeah.”

Speaking of which, Luca had been concerned about all kinds of things since learning of the existence of the moon five months ago. Why was the moon hidden? Why weren’t the people of the kingdom aware that the moon existed? What exactly happened with the royal family a thousand years ago? 

Even when we realized that the name of the Great Forest had been changed, he had seriously thought about what had happened between the gods.

Luca had said that it was all thanks to me, but it had been Luca himself who attached the photo of the moon to his letter to the crown prince and Luca himself who’d asked him to look into it. He also asked the crown prince to send a prompt reply if he knew something. Which was the reason why we were able to learn about what happened to the gods a thousand years ago.

The truth came to light because Luca wanted to know what happened to this country and had made moves to find out. Thinking about it, this wasn’t thanks to me but a result of Luca’s efforts.

“You’ve worked hard, Luca.”

“Um? What are you talking about?”

“… it’s a secret.”

If I explained it to him, he’d just say that it was thanks to me again since I took the photo and brought the book, so I decided to keep quiet instead.

Luca looked at me as if searching for an answer, so I smiled at him. His eyes widened, he blushed, and he buried his face in my chest again. 

I hugged him again and peppered his head and face with kisses, just the way he usually did to me. I could only do this when Luca wanted to be spoiled by me, so I planned to enjoy this situation to the fullest. Nn, his smooth, golden hair felt nice.

I enjoyed the sensation that was different from usual, but could feel Luca getting depressed again. Concerned, I looked down at him and he began to string some words together, his face still buried in my chest.

“But I didn’t think that the goddess herself would hide the moon. I just thought that we couldn’t see it because of Soleil’s barrier.”

“… I didn’t think so. The area that spans Soleil’s boundary and the area where you can’t see the moon are different after all.”  


“The goddess Terre said so — that the moon couldn’t be seen inside Lune’s territory. Terre could come inside the Great Forest but said she couldn’t get into Soleil kingdom because of the barrier.”

“They really are different areas. I didn’t notice.”

“I’m more interested in how I managed to slip past Soleil’s barrier.”

In that year I’d spent wandering inside the forest, did I accidentally pass through a tear in the barrier? Or was it because I was Lune’s descendant?

“Isn’t it because you’re Lune’s descendant? Terre said she could feel Lune’s mana from you and that that’s how she came to the conclusion that you’re Lune’s descendant. Which means that your mana is a perfect match to hers, right? I don’t think that Soleil wanted to kill those that have the same mana as his beloved.”

Luca might be right. Having the same mana probably made me seem close to something like Lune’s child.

Children have the blood of both parents, but mana wasn’t hereditary. The type of mana created by each person was wholly unique to them. However, my mana was exactly the same as Lune’s, who possesses the dark attribute. That was what being a descendant of a god meant.

If Soleil loved her to the point that he wanted to annihilate all humans for her, would he have made an exemption for her descendants?

“The thought… that you might lose your soulmate, the one you spent hundreds of millions of years with — I wonder just how terrifying it is?”

I could feel the pain and the sadness in Luca’s voice and wanted to comfort him somehow, so I stroked his head again and again. If I could have answered his question, I would have, but as a human with a meager lifespan of 100 years, I couldn’t.

I tried to put myself in Soleil’s shoes, about what would happen if I were to lose Luca. However, my thoughts soon switched to how I could save him before that could ever happen. It could just be that I didn’t want to even think about such a possibility.

But that didn’t seem to be the case for Luca.

“When Zagan’s body went cold as I held you in my arms, I thought I was going to go mad from the anger and the sorrow that I felt. I became like that even though it hasn’t even been a year since we’ve met. If Lune had actually died back then… Soleil would have drowned in despair. He would have gone insane from the overwhelming anger and sadness… he would have destroyed the world.”

Aaah, I see. Was that why the world had me reincarnated here?

Saving Lune who had died in the game was linked to stopping the sealed Soleil from going on a rampage. If I save her, this world won’t be destroyed – I could prevent this universe from collapsing.1

I didn’t think that what the previous Zagan had carelessly told me would actually turn out to be true.

In almost every individual ending of “Lumiere,” the game ended several months after the Evil God is defeated, with a wedding or day-in-the-life scenario. It was probably afterwards that Soleil’s seal weakened and he came out onto the earth. And then, learning that his beloved had been killed, the god would lose all of his reason to overwhelming sorrow and hatred and destroy, not only Soleil kingdom but the whole world as well.

I couldn’t imagine the scope of the destruction he would enact, but it might even lead to a situation where the sun strays from its orbit.

Being reincarnated in order to prevent this world from ending was a huge responsibility. But knowing that didn’t change anything. From now on, I would still do what I could to stop the discrimination against dark attribute users and save Lune.

Even before that, my first priority was to cheer the depressed Luca up. He was still in low spirits no matter how much I patted his back and kissed his head. What should I do?

The reason he was down was because he knew about Soleil’s pitiful circumstances, right? I couldn’t figure out if it was because of the god’s circumstances themselves, because he now had to shoulder that responsibility or because of some other reason.

“Luca… knowing the truth about Soleil I’ve realized it would be pointless to just save Lune from the demonic essence. If we do that, it’d just go straight back to Soleil. If we don’t show the world Lune’s true form, the discrimination could come to an end but it would take a very long time to happen.”

“Ah. I see. That’s true. It would be bad if the discrimination continues. What should we do?”

Luca lifted his head in a panic and looked at my face that was opposite his. For some reason he looked like he’d recovered from his depression, but I finished telling him what I wanted to say anyway.

“That’s why we can’t just save Lune. We need to save Soleil as well. I can’t think of a way to do that yet, but let’s pool our knowledge together and come up with something. That way Luca’s troubles will go away.”

“Yeah. This isn’t the time to be depressed. It’d be a huge problem if we could never get married.”

Hm? Luca was planning on marrying me when there was no longer any discrimination? … I see.

I was a bit surprised but since Luca’s spirits were up again and he was hugging me, I returned his embrace feeling relieved.

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1 year ago


I love how Lune and Zagan are both exactly the same in their thoughts. Instead of thinking HOW Soleil might feel, he thought about how to save him, just as how Lune wanted to stop him from going mad in anger and killing the people the both of them had watched over for a long time. On the other hand, Luca is easily able to relate and emphatize with Soleil.

Gosh. This is so amazing.

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

(≧◡≦) ♡ 
Thanks for the update!