I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 52 (Part 2)

We went back to the mansion before dinner. After we ate, Luca stood up and called out – “Nina. I want to talk with you about something. Let’s go to the second floor.”

“Eh? With me? I don’t mind but what’s this about?”

Though she was puzzled, Nina still went along with Luca.

I sipped on my tea, trying my best not to look at her. When the two were out of sight I let out a breath of relief.

I was worried that Nina would be furious for being singled out, but it would be worse if her and Noel’s friendship fell apart if Noel ever found out about the ill-will Nina had towards me. So if we could make Nina aware of it now and advise her to hide her ill-will then her relationship with Noel could stay as is.

Perhaps because I was still sitting or because Nina was called out, but Noel glanced between me and the door. The others were confused as well.

“It’s rare for Luca to call for someone who’s not Zagan.”

“Th-that’s right. I wonder what he wanted to talk to Nina-san about?”

“It does make me curious but he called her out in front of all of us so it’s probably not that big of a deal.”

“Right right. If it were something serious he’d probably do it privately.”

That’s right, it wasn’t anything serious. Nina just had some ill-will towards me. I don’t need her to tell me why, I just wanted to ask her to hide it so that Noel doesn’t find out. Because Noel, who has a strong sense of justice, would definitely reproach Nina if she knew about her feelings.

Because that was all it was about, I was expecting the two of them to come back right away. All of a sudden though, I could feel Luca’s mana pouring out. Thinking that something had happened, my head turned up towards the ceiling.

“Wait wait. What are those guys doing?”

“Shouldn’t we go check on them?”

“I’ll be right back!”

“W-wait Noel!”

Noel got up abruptly, knocking over her chair which blocked my way and slowed me down considerably. By the time I picked up the chair, Noel had already left the living room and I tsked under my breath.

In the end, since the rest of the girls had stood up as well, we all went up to the second floor.

Immediately after arriving in the room where I could feel Luca and Nina’s presence, I heard Noel shout – “What the hell is going on? Answer me, Luca!”

Luca had grabbed Nina with his tentacles. Moreover, he had his sword out and was pointing the blade at her.

Noel was hugging Nina, trying to protect her from Luca.

Honestly, what happened?

I couldn’t see Nina’s expression from where I was standing, but Luca was looking at her with a chilly gaze. He then scoffed at her.

“Nina’s at fault here for cursing Zagan. I never thought you would speak ill of Zagan in front of me. I guess you’re a lot dumber than I gave you credit for.”

“That’s right… didn’t you know? That I’ve been a thief since I was small and never went to school? A prince that lived without ever needing anything, who grew up in a happy place without having to worry about food could never understand what I went through!”

“I don’t understand and I don’t want to understand. You can groan about your misfortune all you want, but I don’t even want to try to understand a foolish person who thinks everyone around them should be unhappy just because they are.”

What happened? How did they get here? Wasn’t he just asking her to hide her ill-will?

“Everyone, let’s calm down. To start, Luca-kun let’s put the sword away, ok? And let Nina-chan go?” Cindy smiled softly, trying to calm everyone down. 

Luca complied, sheathing his sword and retracting his tentacles. However, his scornful eyes remained the same.

“You’re glad, aren’t you? That I pulled my sword out? Thanks to that Noel is on your side. You’re jealous of Zagan because he’s strong, but blind to his own weaknesses? It’s not fair that I’m protecting him? He should have been killed as a baby like the dark attribute user that he is?… I’ve never heard such bullshit.”

Nina said something like that? No wonder Luca got angry. If it were me and someone said that about Luca, I’d have beaten them half to death.

Also, to say that she wished I’d been killed when I was a baby was saying that she wished my father had killed me. For Luca, who is a prince but respects my father so much that he continues to call him sensei, that could only be taken as an insult.

Though I understood his anger, why did he say that in front of everyone?

Sure enough, Noel let out a surprised sound and let go of Nina.

I didn’t want to put a dent on their friendship, but now the situation just got worse.

Nina was definitely hurt. And Noel too.

I wanted to do something but was afraid that anything I were to say would make it worse, so I stayed back and kept my mouth shut.

“Umu. I don’t quite get what’s going on, but is the reason for this because of the bloodlust Nina’s been sending Zagan’s way since yesterday?”

So Camilla had noticed it too? Then Cindy probably had as well. When I glanced at her she gave me a smile.

On the other hand, Noel, Miranda and Bennet who hadn’t noticed it were flustered.

“Th-there was something like that? Nina-san, why…?”

“It’s because I’m a dark attribute user. It’s not that strange.”

“That… that might be so, but… but Nina-san and Zagan-san took care of the horses together. You were chatting and getting along.”

“Even if we did work together that doesn’t mean we have to have a good relationship. As long as the whole group runs smoothly does it matter what one person thinks about the other?”

“Ah-, I guess you’re right. I hated you so much and that didn’t really bother you. It’s sad though, to get used to being hated.” (Miranda)

I’m not sad though? Thinking that, I looked at Miranda. Why did she give me a bitter smile and sigh?

“Ha…Ahaha. I see. I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Why…” Nina let out a dry laugh. Her knees crumpled under her and Noel supported her in a fluster.

Luca’s eyes, as he looked down at Nina who had lost the strength in her legs, were as cold as ever.

“Zagan can’t seem to blame others for having ill-will towards him. Rather, he’s so kind he was worried that your relationship with Noel would be damaged if she found out. I thought it would as well, because Noel respects Zagan, you see. That’s why I was just going to tell you to hide it better.”

“…But Luca loves onii-san. You wouldn’t have forgiven me, right?”

“Not really? No matter what anyone around us thinks, I’ll protect Zagan’s heart with lots of love so it’s not a problem.”

Luca’s words were a bit embarrassing, but looking at it that way, Luca had pointed out Nina’s ill-will towards me and she thought she was being criticized so she lashed out and cursed at me. Then Luca got angry and all of this happened.

It was expected that when someone points out a person’s wrongdoing, that person starts to get defensive and make up excuses. Then, if a quarrel starts, that person’s emotions get violent and they start cursing others.

I remember myself trying to argue with him when Luca pointed out that it’s been three nights already, and had been worried that Nina would make the same mistake. The results are as you can see.

Would it have been better not to talk to her? No, but when I imagined what would happen if Noel found out, I still thought it was better that Luca told her. Even if it resulted in this.

Nina was looking at the ground, dejected and Noel gently stroked her head.

“Nina only showed ill-will towards onii-sama yesterday and today, right? Up until then you were talking with him normally. Nina is bright and cheerful and always taking care of me – you’re a kind person. That’s why I believe that there must be a reason why you feel like this.” Noel comforted her softly.

Nina then lifted her head, looked at Noel and little by little started telling us her story.

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I just got into this series abs read it nonstop. Thank you team for all your hard work!

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Carina Wandering Fujoshi
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