I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 54 (Part 2)

The next day, at the Art Festival. Although this event in the game required choosing one of the heroines, this time too, there was no particular invitation. Luca and I were holding hands from the time we left the residence.

Since there were various festivities here and there, and everyone had different places they wanted to go, Luca and I walked around the town by ourselves.

Even though our friends weren’t surrounding me, I no longer felt any malice (directed at me). Luca’s presence, the newspaper’s effect, and above all, the cheerful and joyful atmosphere of the festival probably helped to erase any lingering negativity from the people.

Of course, there were still some stares aimed at us, but most of them were out of interest, envy, or excitement. It was a natural reaction since the second prince was nearby and was enjoying the Art Festival just as much as they were.

We could hear occasional music and see various street performers. The stalls were all lined up in a row, with vendors selling their own works of art. Although I did not know much about art, I enjoyed just walking around. The food and free wine were delicious too.

Unlike our friends, I had no particular destination in mind. So, I thought I would just follow Luca.

We took a few detours here and there before we arrived at a gorgeous and magnificent-looking building some time after noon. It seemed to be a museum.

However, I recognized a large poster on the bulletin board near the gate and couldn’t help but stare at Luca. He smiled happily and kissed me on the cheek.

“The other day, you were pointing at this poster of the mechanical clock exhibition and showed interest in it. But it’s only open until November 20th, so I thought you and I should visit it today.”

“I see. I, um… appreciate it. I’m really interested in it, so I’m happy. But, is it okay to visit a place that has nothing to do with the festival?”

“I’ve already had plenty of fun, and I don’t want too many people staring at us. I’d rather take refuge somewhere where I can relax with you, Zagan. Is that not okay?”

I shook my head no, then immediately pulled Luca’s hand and went through the gate.

I was fascinated by the over 100 mechanical clocks that were on display. We bought a thick pamphlet first and compared the photos with the clocks. It even explained their mechanisms, magic stones, and magic circuits. So, that alone was very satisfying.

Luca held me by the waist and stayed by my side the whole time.

Feeling that I was the only one enjoying myself, I told him that there were various regular exhibits in the museum that we could go to, but he said, “Don’t worry about me, okay?” Since I went to the trouble of explaining their structures, he listened to me with a smile and nodded along, but it was probably difficult, wasn’t it? Magic circuits were quite complicated, after all.

Yet, I kept getting the feeling that he was happy, and he would often kiss me on the head and rub our cheeks together, so I guessed Luca was having a good time in his own way.

That night, after taking a bath, I suddenly remembered something while checking my luggage for the dungeon dive that we would be starting tomorrow, so I called out to Luca.

“I forgot to tell you. During the dungeon dive, we’ll be working separately.”

“…Eh? You’re not going with us?”

“Yeah. If Orobas were to stand in front of us as a test to rescue the goddess, we would definitely have to win. Therefore, to become even stronger, I’m going to defeat every single enemy that I can. I’m sorry, but I do not intend to match your or the others’ pace, nor do I intend to join you and hinder your own progress as a result.”

“It is true that if you were to get serious, you could take down all the enemies by yourself.”

I nodded. If that were to happen, Luca would not be able to grow stronger at all, which would be very troubling.

“Luca, you also plan to beat Orobas, don’t you?”

“Of course. Otherwise, I would not be able to marry you. I need master’s approval.”

Before I knew it, he changed the premise of marriage. When did discrimination against dark attribute users cease to exist? Heck, I didn’t even mention that.

As for why he wanted to get married, I didn’t quite get it. Since we were both men and would not be able to have children, I hardly saw the need for it. Well, anyway.

“Then it would be better to dive separately. That way, both you and I would become stronger than we are now. And since I planned to spend the evenings making modifications to the magic barrier, even if we were together, we would have to stay in separate tents in any case.”

“Oh, right. If I were around, we would be having sex, and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. I’m sorry I didn’t notice.”

No, you were aware of it! And you went out of your way to make me feel embarrassed by verbalising it. Even though I knew it too, my face burned, and he smiled at me.

“Zagan, you’re so cute. I love you.”

He kissed me on the lips, and then he pushed me down on the bed and draped himself over me. After kissing me on the forehead and the corner of both eyes, he hugged me tight and stroked my ass.

“It’s so lonely and hard to be away from you for two weeks again, Zagan. But for the sake of our future, I’m going to have to be patient. In return, can I get lots of loving tonight?”

“Nn. …That’s… If you have any requests, I’m willing to listen to them.”

Despite saying that, I was embarrassed, so I tried to bury my face in Luca’s neck. But Luca raised his body a little and looked at me seriously.

“Zagan, what did you just say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Luca chuckled happily at my quick denial.

“I see. You didn’t say anything, huh? But thank you. Can you do me a favour right now?”

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9 months ago

Thanks for this chapter! Hehehe i’m so excited for the finale of the story and how they’ll be able to appease Soleil’s anger and save Lune from the madness and corruption.

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
9 months ago

Oh oh! What is the favour!?
Thanks for the update ~♡