I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 57 (Part 2)

“Haa, so cute. Zagan, you are really cute. It looks really good on you.”

I was alone with Luca in the men’s changing room. I changed while defending myself with my tentacles against Luca’s attempts to touch me. The clothes he had decided for me after talking to the tailor were quite fashionable.

The back of the black jacket extended to my knees. The entire jacket was embroidered with a gold pattern while the ribbon was blue. Maybe it was to match Luca’s hair and eyes.

As for the overly long sleeves, they were only a little lacey on the part coming out of the jacket. The trousers were a black, sleek type, and the leather shoes were black as well.

He seemed to have taken into consideration the fact that I was uncomfortable in anything but black.

In any case, I thought it looked cool, but Luca still considered it cute. Rather, I felt that he said ‘cute’ about everything these days, as long as it involved me. You can call me cool too, you know?

Incidentally, there was no other way to describe Luca except to say that he looked regal. He was glamorous and incredibly good-looking. So good-looking. I couldn’t find any other words to describe him.

What a handsome guy; which prince is he? Oh, he’s the prince of this country. …Oh my god!!

Perhaps noticing my thoughts, Luca smiled softly and gently hugged me.

“What about me? Do I look good?”

He whispered in my ear. However, I couldn’t see his entire body since he was hugging me, and he must have felt my emotions because I had absorbed so much of his mana. And yet, he kept gazing at me, staring fixedly into my eyes.

“W-Well… You look the same as always.”

“Fufu, your cheeks are red, Zagan. Your ears, too. It’s really cute that you won’t say it frankly despite looking at me with such fascination.”

He kissed my earlobe. Ugh, if you already knew, then please don’t point it out every single time.

Feeling embarrassed and helpless, I buried my face in Luca’s chest. He kissed me on the head and then rubbed his cheek against me. Regardless of how much he had dressed up like a prince, I was relieved to see that underneath it all Luca was still the same as always.

The girls took a while to get ready. So it was about an hour after they entered the changing area that Noel and the others were done.

“Wow! Zagan-dono, you look stunning!”

Noel, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress, came running toward us. Her hair was styled for the party and she completed the look with earrings. Most importantly, she was wearing makeup. I was surprised to see how much she had transformed at the artisans’ hands.

“You look very beautiful, Noel. So very mature.”

“Thank you, Zagan-dono. I’m so flattered!”

I wanted to pat Noelle’s head as she flashed me a cute smile, but I kept just nodding my head instead so I didn’t ruin the arrangement of her hair.

Each of our friends had also become beautiful, but I didn’t voice it because Luca would have sulked. Instead, Luca addressed them.

“You look beautiful, Noel. Nina, too. Camilla and Bennett are so lovely, and Miranda and Cindy look charming.”

“Thank you, Luca. You look amazing, too. Rather dazzling. So sparkly.” (Nina)

“Hah. You really are a prince after all, huh?” (Miranda)

“You’ve been so flirty with Zagan-kun lately that your majestic aura was fading. Fufu, you two look so dreamy too.” (Cindy)

“Yup, yup, so handsome, aren’t they? You might attract the attention of the entire hall.” (Camilla)

“T-They look so cool. I can’t help admiring them. I’m really looking forward to seeing you two dance…” (Bennett)

Dancing, huh? Certainly, if Luca were to dance now, he would attract even more attention than usual. It would probably overshadow my black hair, even if I were beside him. Nobody would notice if I made the slightest mistake and almost fell or something (because of their focus on Luca). All right.

While listening to the girls’ lively chatter, I boarded one of the carriages that was waiting for us outside. There were two luxurious box-shaped carriages. Luca, Noel, Nina, and I were in the front carriage. Following in the back were Miranda, Camilla, Bennett, and Cindy.

Inside the carriage, Luca told us about the precautions to take at the party.

I must stay close to Luca no matter what. Since Luca was a prince, some might greet him even if I, a dark-haired man, was by his side. However, as Luca would introduce me as his fiancée, I should remain silent (and let him do the talking). If I were to converse with them, as an S rank adventurer, I should never use polite speech.

“If they think you’re on the same level as them, they may be snarky because of the difference in status. Remain as aloof as always.”

“Don’t worry; I only use polite speech with my father.”

“Is that so? Fufu, you are so cute, Zagan. How typical of you~!”

What in the world was so cute about that? We didn’t fully see eye to eye (on this). But Luca kissed my head happily, so I kept my mouth shut.

“We don’t have to force ourselves to use honorifics either, do we?” (Nina)

“Yes. We have been invited tonight as Luca’s companions, so we don’t have to use them.” (Noel)

“Then I’m glad. I’m not good with polite speech. But I wonder if there will be men who will ask me for a dance.” (Nina)

“It will be alright. You’re very beautiful, Nina, so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of offers.” (Noel)

“You think so? Hehe, I’d be happy if that’s the case. You’re very beautiful too, Noel, so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of offers to dance too.” (Nina)

“Thank you! But please dance with me first.” (Noel)

“Oh, that’s okay with you? Ah, but you have Luca and your brother.” (Nina)

“Because tonight is Marquis Modesto’s home party. The people around may be all aristocrats, but it’s a light party, so even close friends of the same sex can dance together. Nina, may I?” (Noel)

“Of course, it’s okay. I am so excited to dance with you!” (Nina)

Well, I wouldn’t mind Noel dancing with Nina. But it would be unacceptable for those bastards to touch my sister; should I scare them by sending my killing intent at them?

“Zagan, you can’t do that, okay?”

I did not know if he read it from my facial expression or if my thoughts were transmitted through our mana, but Luca chided me. I stared fixedly up at him, only to be kissed on the cheek with a wry smile.

Of course, I had no intention of ruining the party by actually doing such a thing. But still, as a brother, I was worried.

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8 months ago

Omg I can’t believe I finished reading all of the available chappies in.. more or less a week or so .. Thank you for the continuos updates! Really looking forward on what will happen with our cute Couple and the heroines in these ball! And verryyy excited on what will be the ending of theseeee..
Merry Christmas and A very Happy new year !!

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
8 months ago

Thanks for the update ~
Merry Christmas!