I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 59 (Part 1)

On the 30th we made preparations to leave while having a lively conversation about the party from the night before.

First, we all headed to the armour shop to pick up the dragon equipment we had ordered. A breastplate, arm and shin guards, as well as boots. When I tried mine on, they all had a cool design and were the perfect size. As expected of first-class craftsmen. Not only did I sense more mana circulating within me, I could also perceive that I was stronger than before.

Luca’s long coat was cool too. When I told him it looked good on him, he hugged me very happily. My friends also equipped their breastplates and accessories and were delighted by their new enhanced armor. 

After that we went our separate ways to buy various things we would need. Camilla went to search for alchemy materials, Cindy went to the bookstore. Noel and the others went to find ingredients for food as well as things like seasoning and sake.

Luca and I went to the general store and bought the photo frames we promised each other. Also a pocket album. This way I wouldn’t accidentally bend the photo when I take it out to look at it.

“By the way, which photo will you put in the frame? Of course it’s the one of me kissing Zagan’s cheek right?”

“I’ve already decided which one I’ll put in. If you want to put that one in yours, feel free to do so.”

In that photo of him kissing me you can’t really see Luca’s face, can you? So that’s a no from me.

However, since I bought three photo frames, I ended up putting the kissing photo in one frame and the photo of the two of us with Noel in another. 

The 1st of December. We were guided to the outer gate by some envoys and bid farewell to Marquess Modeste who had been waiting for us.

“We were really in your care this time. The mansion was comfortable to live in and the party was also really fun. Thank you, Marquess Modeste.” (Luca)

“Hohoho, do please come again. Of course, Zagan-dono and the young ladies as well.”

“Yeah, I want to come again next year to drink wine.” (Miranda)

“I think it would be nice if we made all sorts of things and set up our own stalls!” (Nina)

“Next time I would like to leisurely view a play or concert.” (Cindy)

“Thank you very much Marquess Modeste. We will certainly visit again.” (Noel)

“…I’ve been in your care. I’ll come again.” (Zagan)

Taking our two horses back and hitching them to the carriage, we were ready to depart. Just like before, Nina and Bennett sat in the coachmen’s seat while the rest of us sat inside the carriage. I felt relieved because this time Luca didn’t lift me up into the carriage or offer me a hand.

Luca boarded last, while Marquess Modeste and the knights saw us off on our journey to the next city.

The trip passed uneventfully until December 5th. The sun was starting to set earlier and earlier and by four in the afternoon, it had already gotten dark. However, we could see the lights of the 12th city in the distance and pressed on ahead.

It would have been dangerous if it were just the carriage, but I was leading the way on my bike while illuminating in front and Luca who was clinging to my back also used light magic to brighten our surroundings. Any monsters that appeared were also defeated by us, so the carriage only needed to follow along.

The 12th city, the last big city featured in ‘Lumière’. 

In the game, the five days from the 6th to the 10th only had individual events and only followed the story of the girl who was the capture target.

Moreover, there will be a story event featuring the Sun Festival on the 25th after conquering the dungeon. It is the day that the first King of Soleil and the four Grand Dukes swore an oath in the name of God Soleil, forming the Soleil Kingdom. In other words, the Sun Festival celebrates the National Foundation Day. 

And the day after that event, they would then set out to destroy the Lumière in the Royal Capital.

Anyway, the 25th is also Noel’s birthday so I need to prepare a present.

I also need to find one for Luca since his birthday is on January 1st but if things go according to the game scenario, then the 31st of December will be the day of the battle with the Evil God, meaning I only have the five days from tomorrow onwards to prepare Luca’s present.

I wonder what birthday present I should get each of them.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Zagan?”

Luca peered at my face from behind.

I wonder how he knew I was troubled. I had been riding my bike since morning, so Luca’s mana should have disappeared from my core long ago. I do not think my emotions were being relayed through mana… Did he guess from the fluctuation of my mana or the atmosphere around me?

  Lately it felt like Luca’s perception ability had been improving to the point that I could not hide anything anymore. But if it were something that I really couldn’t talk about, I could just say it was a secret so I wasn’t worried.

“I was thinking about what I could do for Noel’s birthday present. I won’t make it in time if it’s after conquering the dungeon, so I have to purchase it before the dive, don’t I?”

Of course, I chose to keep quiet on Luca’s present. I could ask him what he wants… but it was a surprise when Luca gave me a present, so I also wanted to do at least that much for him. However, Luca is very perceptive when it comes to me, so he may have already figured it out.

“I see. You only have five days to prepare. Hmm, I wonder what would be good?”

The protagonist in the game gave Noel a beautiful embroidered scarf for her birthday. It was an accessory that raised magic defense, but the Noel in reality had made a scarf from the cloth I gave her before and already had it wrapped around her neck. That is why I needed to find something different.

I was worried about what to get her, but in the end it was decided that Luca and I would go around the stores and choose something for her together.

30 minutes later, we arrived at the 12th city, but I stopped my bike in front of the outer gate. It was because a familiar figure stood there. 

Even out in the cold, that man still wore his usual tailcoat and outwardly he still seemed to be about 50 years old. But his real age was over a thousand years old so he was probably pretending to look old via mimicry.

He smiled once he recognised that it was me who was on the bike.

“Long time no see, Ciel-bocchama. To behold how splendidly you have grown, this Orobas is extremely delighted.”

“Yeah, it has been a really long time. But I would like you to stop calling me Ciel because Ciel died fifteen years ago.”

“Nowadays you are referred to as ‘Zagan’, yes? …Zagan, huh.”

The one who told me about the existence of a demon called ‘Zagan’ was Orobas. And Orobas was also a demon. In other words, Orobas might have been acquainted with or was even a friend of the demon Zagan.

“Is it perhaps difficult to call me that?”

“No, there is no such thing. It’s just that remembering that idiot makes me want to beat him to a pulp. Ah, right, he is already dead.”

…Orobas was basically indifferent to anyone other than father. He took care of Noel and I, who are father’s children, because he was ordered to do so. To make him spew such venomous words, just what kind of personality had the demon Zagan had?

“Orobas! I missed you, Orobas!”

Noel got out of the carriage and rushed towards Orobas. Orobas gave Noel a slight bow.

“Thank you for your hard work, Noel-ojousama. It snowed at one point, but were you all right?”

“I was all right. Nii-sama was there, and we even put up the tent a bit earlier that day.”

Since Noel started talking to Orobas, I tapped Luca on the arm, signaling him with a look, so he got down from the back of the bike.I also climbed off and put my bike away. My friends also came out of the carriage and put it away.

Noel was introducing Nina to Orobas. She was telling him she made a good friend. It was heartwarming, but this was not the best place for chatting so I urged everyone to head towards the outer gate.

After passing through the splendid outer gate, we were asked to wait by the guards, just like last time. They guided us to the watchtower right next to the gate. The guards served us some tea as they made a call on the communication device. Perhaps because the sun had already set or because it was cold outside, it seemed that the lord of the city would be the only one to come and greet us.

They said the lord would arrive any minute so I stepped outside to check and indeed I could feel a substantial amount of mana heading towards us. A woman clad in wind magic could be seen from afar. I appreciated the fact that she was making haste, but is it fine for a Lord to leap from roof to roof?

The Duchess descended to the ground with a thud. Heels click-clacking, she walked towards us.

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1 year ago

…wait a minute. A “sickly” young master named Ciel and his demon butler? LOL I didn’t put it together at all until now