I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 59 (Part 2)

The 12th city was under the jurisdiction of one of the four Grand Dukes (who was a lady): Luca’s sister-in-law’s — the Crown Princess’ — mother, from what I remembered. 

She was a strong individual. The city lords I had actually seen were the four from the 9th city on, but… perhaps “being strong” one of the conditions to be the lord of a large city?

As she stopped right in front of us, she brushed the loose strands of her hair away and smiled.

“It has been a while, Your Highness Luca. Hopefully you have been well?”

“It has definitely been a while, Duchess Charmant. Of course, I am doing very well.”

“Oh my, is that so? The whispers that you’ve changed after falling in love were true. That person is your rumoured partner, I assume?”

“I’m Zagan.”

The Duchess could see that Luca was hugging my waist. When I presented my name, she held out her hand with a jubilant smile. I was surprised she would ask for a handshake from someone with the dark attribute but I also had no reason to refuse, so I took her hand.

“I have heard rumours of you for some time now. I am happy to know you have been to this city a few times before. That aside, Zagan-dono is really strong. With this much strength, you could have easily ended the lives of so many… instead, you have endured well against the discrimination and even contributed to the kingdom as an adventurer. I give my thanks as someone of the Ducal houses. Thank you.”

Since I’d lived hidden in the Great Forest, I never had to endure blatant discrimination to my face, but it was true that I had not committed any murder, so I obediently nodded my head. When I did that, she smiled with a huff. Although she was a woman of strong character, her eyes were very gentle.

When I was thinking that way, Luca pulled my waist closer and hugged me tightly.

“Duchess Charmant, how long do you plan on holding onto him? Zagan is mine, so I wish you would let go.”

“Oops, sorry about that. I was merely impressed at how beautiful Zagan-dono is. Your Majesty has found a wonderful partner.”

My hand was released, though I got mixed feelings at being told I was ‘beautiful’ by a beautiful lady, though it could also be a compliment towards my strength rather than my outer appearance. 

Which is why, Luca, don’t hug me like you’re restraining me. You’re being laughed at.

“Zagan-dono is indeed beautiful! I can understand!”

Hearing Noel’s words felt like the final blow from behind, and I unconsciously got a faraway look.

Whether he realised the state I was in or not, Luca kissed my black hair and proceeded to rub his cheek against mine. His claim of ownership was too intense. We were being laughed at. 

 “Haha-ahahaha! Oh my, to have changed His Highness this much, Zagan-dono is incredible!”

“…I have no idea about the former Luca, but I’ll accept the compliment.”

“Please do so. …Ku–Haha, I apologise for laughing this much. Anyway, let me show you to the mansion.”

We entrusted our horses to the guards who offered to bring them to the stables. Then we headed towards the mansion together with the Duchess.

The girls were enthusiastically chatting while following along to the mansion, unlike in the previous cities. It was probably because we weren’t surrounded by knights. Also, there was no need to be wary of my surroundings even with my black hair exposed because there weren’t that many people around since it was dark out.

The Duchess also seemed to be in a really good mood and even told us the reason.

“I can say this now exactly because Your Highness has chosen Zagan-dono, but I am very grateful that His Highness’ partner is a civilian and a man. Despite knowing that His Highness has no interest in the throne, I could not be rid of the possibility that individuals with silly ideas would gather and make a puppet of Your Highness. Something like assassinating the Crown Prince and his wife after marrying off their own daughter to His Highness Luca.”

I see. Luca has the Light attribute even though he is the second child. On top of that, he was the descendant of God Soleil who possesses enormous mana. There were definitely people who would say that Luca was more suitable to be the King. If that were to happen, Duchess Charmant’s daughter, who was the Crown Princess, would be in a precarious position.

“However, those worries are now gone. As there can be no children born with Zagan-dono, His Highness no longer has value to them even as a puppet. Which is why I hope for the two of you to marry just like this. I apologise if the reason seems way too political.”

“No, rather I am pleased. With the backing of the Dukes, we can silence the troublesome ones.” (Luca)

There were various schemes brewing within aristocratic society. I knew that from the start, but hearing what she said convinced me of one thing.

That one thing was regarding the document that Duke Magnifique published in the national newspaper. 

It was written in it that I was Luca’s fiancé, but Luca himself didn’t know that. Normally, I wouldn’t be portrayed as his fiancé if the matter weren’t confirmed with Luca beforehand. Even if the Duke was present to overhear Luca say I was his beloved or found out Luca kept having sex with me in the tent, the safest approach would have been to say we were friends or comrades.

Thus, the reason I was written about as the fiancé was actually to keep all the nobles in check. The one Luca chose was a commoner man with no relation to the aristocratic society, and who could not give birth to any children. That was why Luca had no intentions of succeeding the throne, and that no one should approach Luca because his fiancé was an individual who could even subdue a dragon.

Hence, why the Duke went out of his way to raise the issue of discrimination against the dark attribute and backed me all the way. Because doing that would ultimately protect Luca, as well as the Crown Prince and Princess.

The four great dukes who protect the Royal family. The absolute loyalty they hold towards the Royal family despite their pact being ancient is admirable. 

“By the way, Zagan-dono. Will you continue to live as a commoner even after marrying His Highness Luca? Or will you return to the nobility?”

I put aside the fact that the conversation was moving forward on the premise of our confirmed marriage.  

“…Why do you ask that?”

“Because I know of a woman who looks just like you. She was my junior during my Royal Academy days, and I was told various stories about her because a good friend of mine fell in love with her. He said he couldn’t give her up even if their social status was different. That guy ended up becoming a hero after fighting the Evil God, then got married to that beautiful woman. I was still living in the Royal Capital at that time so I got invited to their wedding. I wonder how many times have I heard him boast that their son who was born resembled his wife? …I also heard that said son passed away.”

After Duchess Charmant looked at me, she glanced behind me. She was looking at Noel and Orobas.

The ‘good friend who became a hero’ was most definitely my father. Which would suggest that the Duchess should know Orobas, who had been by my father’s side since early childhood, although Orobas did not betray any sign of it. She also knew that Noel and I were siblings. 

The supposedly deceased son her friend told her about had appeared, very much alive. Not to mention, with black hair. 

“With this much strength, you could have easily ended the lives of so many… instead you have endured well against the discrimination and even contributed to the kingdom as an adventurer.” I wondered how much thought was put into those words? How much intention was behind the “How beautiful” compliment?

Naturally, as someone who didn’t know how close the Duchess, my father and mother were with each other, I wouldn’t know.

What’s more, I didn’t realise until that moment that being similar to my mother would have adverse effects. As long as I lived with Luca in the Royal Capital, I was prepared to make enemies of my surroundings merely because of my dark attribute. But it seemed there could be even more trouble ahead.


“I am Zagan. I always have been and always will be. I have no interest in royalty and titled nobility. Rather, when Luca is deeply hurt because of you people, I’ll kidnap him, no questions asked.”

“My, my. No, I shouldn’t be grinning about it. It would be a big problem if His Highness were kidnapped so we will make the utmost effort to protect him. ”

“My Zagan is too cool. I can’t contain it. I love you, I absolutely love you.”

 We ended up getting laughed at by the Duchess again because Luca kept rubbing his cheek against mine. However, since it had been a while since I was told I was ‘cool’, I was very satisfied. 

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Damn, it’s just sad Zagan was rejected by his mom.
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