I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 60 (Part 1)

We received the key to the mansion and the Duchess left after giving us some encouragement on conquering the dungeon. It’s fine to jump from rooftop to rooftop, but won’t she get mistaken as a bandit by the knights and mages who excel in detection?

Anyway, we went inside the mansion. First things first, we put our luggage away in our rooms and changed our clothes, then started doing all the washing up that needed to be done after our trip.

Dirty clothes were placed into the magic washing machine while those clothes that had to be washed by hand we took care of ourselves. After doing maintenance on all the weapons and armour, the laundry was finished so I dried the clothing in our room.

Lastly I brought the futon I had used to the living room, hanging itover a ledge to let it dry by tomorrow morning. With this the washing up was over.

In the kitchen, Orobas was prepping the food instead of Bennett, and when I sat down on the sofa, he made me a cup of tea. I took a sip and exhaled a sigh of relief.

“It tastes like something I used to drink a long time ago. You even went out of your way to bring tea leaves, huh?” (Zagan)

“I see, Zagan grew up drinking this tea. Indeed, it is delectable.” (Luca)

“I am glad you like it. Please wait a bit more until everyone has arrived. (Orobas)

Having said all that, he went back into the kitchen. He seemed to be preparing the food since I could hear the constant chopping sound of the kitchen knife. Were butlers people who cooked as well? Well, who cares?

“You can’t really tell he’s a demon, huh? Still, he has a tremendous amount of mana. As expected of an SS-ranked demon.”

“Yeah. I didn’t notice when I was young, but now I can tell that he’s strong. Do you think you can win?”

“… There are some battles that I have to win.”

I couldn’t deny that, but wouldn’t it be fine for Luca to lose in this case? It’s not like he was told that they wouldn’t approve of the marriage if he lost. On the other hand, if I didn’t win, they might not tell me how to save the Goddess. 

As we were relaxing in the living room and I accepted Luca’s kisses on my head and cheeks, the girls arrived. After Orobas served them some tea as well, he looked over at us and slightly bowed his head.

“Once again, I’m Orobas. Currently I serve as butler to Lyle-sama, Count Brady, but in the past I worked in close association with the Goddess Lune. Everyone, I look forward to working with you.”

Everyone gave their own greeting in return. Amongst the greetings, Noel swiftly raised her hand.

“I have a question. How old are you Orobas?”

“It is hard to accurately say, but considering the day the country was founded… about 7 thousand years old, I would guess.”

That is short compared to the gods who have lived for hundreds of millions of years, but it is still a daunting length of time. But it’s possible I feel that way because I’m a human with a certain life expectancy.

Magic beings are creatures born of purifying essence and demonic essence. They are structurally different from humans and have different thought processes. Therefore, from the beginning they have the recognition that it is normal for them to live for a long time. That is why they can continue to exist for hundreds of millions of years.

Next to raise their hand was Cindy.

“I am Cindy. Thank you for lending me so many wonderful books. By the way, I’m almost finished reading all the books I borrowed, can I borrow some more?”

“You are almost finished reading that large amount of books already? What an avid reader. I still have plenty more, so I will lend them to you.”

“Ufufu, thank you so much. I am looking forward to it.”

Cindy smiled happily. Then Camilla who was sitting next to her also raised her hand.

“I have not finished reading mine, so I wonder if it’s okay to borrow them for a while longer?”

“As long as you return it properly, I do not mind.”

“I appreciate it. I am Camilla, I look forward to working with you, Orobas-dono. If there are books regarding alchemy, I would be grateful if you could lend them to me.”

“U-Um, I am Bennett. My speciality is cooking and doing housework in general.. Please treat me well.”

 “Name’s Miranda. I’m drinking buddies with Zagan. Nice to meet you, Orobas-san.”

When Miranda stuck her hand out, Orobas shook it. Miranda looked happy. Come to think of it, didn’t she prefer the older gentleman type? He fit the archetype, if only in appearance.

“I am Luca Soleil. Is it alright if I call you Orobas?”

“Yes. Although I’m a demon, I have integrated myself into human society, which is why I cannot allow His Highness Luca to call me with an honorific title.”

Nina had already been introduced by Noel, so now everyone had been introduced. 

“And when are we going to have our duel? I don’t mind if we have it tomorrow.”

I immediately brought up the main issue. Because it seems that the only one who can save the goddess who has been engulfed in demonic essence is me, who is her kin.

If we can save the goddess and appease God Soleil’s anger, the two gods will appear before us humans again. The whole kingdom will come to know that the goddess is not the Evil God, but a being who has been protecting the Soleil Kingdom for thousands of years. It should get rid of the discrimination against dark attribute users promptly.

However, Orobas frowned in confusion.

“I am sorry but I have no reason to fight with Cie─ Bocchama.”

“? But it was written in the Crown Prince’s letter that you would ascertain my strength.”

Was I mistaken? When I tilted my head to look at Luca, he immediately nodded. When I looked back to Orobas, he also nodded.

“The Crown Prince’s letter was written while he spoke to me, so I do have avague understanding of what was written there. However, what needs to be ascertained is whether or not you will be overwhelmed by the negative emotions once you enter the demonic essence. In other words, it is an issue of mental strength, not of physical strength.”

Wh…at? Then moving separately from Luca and the others in the dungeon was meaningless? No, another objective of mine had been to remodify the magic barrier, so there was some meaning to it after all. It’s just that I was lonelier than I thought, and I had also been looking forward to fighting Orobas.

…I see, so we won’t be fighting. I see…

“Zagan, please don’t feel down. Okay? I know that Zagan worked really hard.”

When I lowered my head in silence, I was hugged and had my head stroked by Luca.

Uuhh… even though I stayed up all night subjugating monsters until I got scolded by Luca, it’s sad that everything was for naught. Not only that, I made Luca feel lonely, I was forced to squirt, and the repercussions from the sex we had afterwards was so intense that I was thoroughly exhausted. Well, it did also feel good though.

Anyway, wanting to be healed from the shock, I buried my face into Luca’s chest with his arms still wrapped around me. Then I heard Noel’s voice.

“Is it really not possible, Orobas? Even just some light sparring?” (Noel)

“It is obvious that I will lose, and I would like to decline being on the side that gets trained instead. In the first place, Bocchama has become too strong. Maybe that strength is natural as a descendant of the goddess, but what do you intend to fight against by becoming that strong?” (Orobas)

“God, of course! I understand he is angry that the Goddess was almost killed, but it has already been thousands of years since then and we’ll be in a bind if he doesn’t stop trying to destroy the country!” (Nina)

“T-That’s right! Even if he is a god, to let the blood get to his head to the point he doesn’t realise that he’s hurting the person he loves is just the worst!” (Bennett)

“If I think about Sophie and various other things, I won’t be satisfied until I’ve punched Soleil at least once.” (Miranda)

All the girls here are really hot-blooded. But it’s not like I don’t understand how they feel. Due to the discrimination against the dark attribute, their loved ones were killed and their lives were disrupted.

If I hadn’t been discriminated against, I wouldn’t have been imprisoned in the basement of the mansion. If I hadn’t been shunned by my own mother, I would also not have made the young Noel cry.

All because Goddess Lune was of the dark attribute. Because she, who tried to protect the country, would occasionally get swallowed up by negative emotions and become the Evil God.

─ Because God Soleil still continues to try to destroy the country despite losing to the Goddess.

However, those were all just excuses.

The greatest cause of the discrimination was the humans themselves, whose self-conceit made them want to feel superior to others. Humans who were positive that they were better than anybody else. 

Even if the discrimination against the dark attribute was to disappear, a new target for discrimination might just be created. It is the way of humans, to push down those weaker than themselves in order to protect their own weak existences.

Even so, I want to end the discrimination against dark attribute users. To save those that have endured until now, to protect the babies being born, to stop people from getting hurt when they try to protect dark attribute users.

These desires were born from making contact with the intense hatred of those in the Dark Organisation and also from the sorrow of my comrades. They were things I would have never wished for when I was alone.

More than anything, I want to make it so that my precious Luca, who loves me, won’t get hurt because of me. That’s right. In the end it is because I myself am a dark attribute user that I wish to rid the world of the discrimination against them.

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