I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 60 (Part 2)

While I was being comforted by Luca, Orobas and Bennett cooked dinner.

The two of them were happily cooking. Considering Bennett was terrified at the possibility of dragons lurking around the city, she seemed unperturbed with a demon. Or maybe it’s because she hasn’t seen his original form. Well… with his current appearance, he is just a soft-spoken, middle-aged man.

As usual, we gathered at the table. Orobas, however, declared that he could not sit at the same table as he was a butler and stood beside the kitchen watching over us. His gaze was very nostalgic.

He always stood beside me when I ate in the basement. When I was young, no matter how careful I tried to be, I would spill some of my food and Orobas would wipe it away immediately if some got on my chin, or swiftly clean it up if it fell on the floor.

Miranda and Nina seemed uncomfortable with his gaze and their eyes wandered around the room. Luca and Noel were completely composed, as you’d expect from members of royalty and nobility. Bennett didn’t seem too bothered by it either, probably because as a former cook, she understood what it was like to be on the side serving the food. Meanwhile Camilla and Cindy weren’t the type to get easily fazed. 

Anyway, I tried the food that had been laid out. Mn, delicious. Moreover, this dish.

“It tastes somewhat nostalgic.”

Orobas’ eyes softened after I muttered those words.

“It is because I was the one who cooked Bocchama’s food. I was particular about the nutritional balance because I wanted you to stay healthy, even underground.”

“Was that so? I’m grateful, Orobas.”

“I was spared from any trouble because Bocchama had no particular food he disliked. Lyle-sama, on the other hand…”

After letting out a long sigh, he remained silent. And when I glanced at Noel who sat beside me, she let out a giggle.

“Father hates vegetables. He always tried to leave them out and Orobas would scold him. Even so, he said he could eat more than he used to.” 

I didn’t know that… because I never had a meal with my father before. Once I return to the Royal Capital, would I be able to dine with him at least once?

After dinner was over, while we were drinking tea, the conversation shifted to the topic of Lune.

According to Orobas, when Goddess Lune appeared as the Evil God, she was apparently over 200 meters tall. Her shape barely retained the form of a beast, but with just a swing of her tail, that was over 50 meters long, she could easily destroy buildings. When she raised her forelegs and roars, she was about the same height as the Royal Castle. It was understandable why people would be frightened. 

The goddess’ real form was supposedly that of a four meter long feline. Could you say about one size larger than a tiger? In other words, her size was directly related to the huge amount of demonic essence that she absorbs.

“Bocchama will have to enter that tremendous volume of demonic essence. If you use the dark attribute magic of sinking into the shadows, it may be possible to invade the demonic essence whether it has been hardened by the goddess’ mana or not. However, demonic essence is a mass of negative emotions. Which is why your heart needs to be strong so it won’t be consumed by the darkness. And then… find her, and save her please. I’m sure that if it’s the voice of her own kin, it will reach her. Please, I implore you.”

Orobas bowed his head.

In his self-introduction earlier, he mentioned that he was the close aide of Goddess Lune. Even the story of the past that was written in the Crown Prince’s letter was something that Orobas told him.

For 7,000 years, Orobas had witnessed the affectionately intimate daily lives of God Soleil and Goddess Lune. He had been witness to the days when the humans worshiped her and to how she gradually came to be thought of as an evil existence after the founding of the kingdom. And, a thousand years ago, he had been witness to the humans’ betrayal.

I wondered what he felt as he watched the battle between the two gods? What he thought as the goddess who protected the humans who had betrayed her turned into an Evil God?

What kind of feelings did he hold towards the humans of today, living carefree, oblivious to the fact that even now their god is trying to destroy them while the goddess protects them?

I didn’t ask since I had no intention to pry deeply into the matter. Instead, I nodded firmly. 

“Of course, I will save her. To the end, I’m doing this for my own sake.”

In order to eliminate the discrimination against dark attribute users, the fact that the goddess was not an Evil God, and that she had been the one who protected the humans, was crucial. My goal was not a lofty one, meant to merely save the goddess — I planned on using her.

I intended to tell him that, but Orobas smiled softly.

“I was doubtful until I could make sure of it with my own two eyes. With the circumstances of having to leave the mansion at the tender age of nine, not to mention joining a society that would be harsh towards you… you have done well to grow up so sincerely. This Orobas is deeply moved. Moreover, you were even able to reunite with Noel-ojousama and gain such wonderful comrades… I believe if it’s Bocchama, you won’t be overwhelmed by the negative emotions.”

Indeed, it would have been difficult to imagine how I had grown in the 15 years since I had left the mansion. So he wanted to make sure. If it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to hold up against the demonic essence, then another solution was needed.

Maybe because they were dubbed “wonderful comrades”, Miranda, Nina and Bennett seemed embarrassed. On the other hand there was Noel, Camilla and Cindy who looked at the other three affectionately. In the midst of it, Luca raised his hand.

“You’ve heard it before, right? In both Noel’s and my letters, that the Dark Organization had stolen six star fragments and that they plan to resurrect the Evil God? Has my brother taken any measures against that?”

“Yes. Everything has been reported to the King by the Crown Prince and preparation towards the resurrection of the Evil God are being made in the Royal Capital as we speak. While keeping in mind the dark attribute users’ monster summoning ability, all divisions in the Royal Capital have been allocated their own districts to guard. Stronger magic barriers have been formed around important buildings and evacuation sites have already been secured for each district. Additionally, civilians who can evacuate have started moving to different cities with the cooperation of the Adventurer’s Guild and Transportation Guild. I, too, have come this far while escorting evacuating civilians.”

I see. So that was why Duchess Charmant was so busy to the point that she was jumping on rooftops. It was because she was taking in evacuees. Father would also be busy as he is the Deputy Commander of the Royal Capital’s magic division.

Or rather, I think I was once again leaving out the option of making use of all the resources on hand. Even when the 9th city was about to be destroyed, Luca said he would use his status and authority.

A Royal Capital with a population of 100 million people. Protecting a city of that scale was definitely impossible to do alone. But Luca was by my side, and Luca has the Crown Prince and the King, who were his family. From there, it expanded to the nobles, divisions, guards, guilds and finally, civilians.

If a million people would then each do whatever they could to protect the country… If the whole country cooperated to take every possible measure, surely the loss of many lives could be prevented.

“I believe the details are written in this letter, so please take a look.”

Orobas approached Luca and handed him a letter he took out of his breast pocket. Luca received the letter and confirmed that it bore the wax seal with the imperial crest. It was the crest of the Royal Family. 

“Thank you, Orobas. Thank you as well for your hard work in escorting the evacuees.”

“I am humbled to receive His Highness’ words. However…”

The moment when Orobas’ presence shifted dangerously, my hand reflexively moved to my waist. But my dagger was in my bag and I let out a click of my tongue. However, what Orobas uttered next was…

“By order of Lyle-sama, I have come to observe His Highness Luca. I was told to ascertain whether Your Highness has grown to be a man worthy of being Bocchama’s partner. In the last few hours, I have learned that the two of you are genuinely in love with each other. As well as that, his highness is very different from what I have heard through Lyle-sama. However, as someone who has taken care of Bocchama since the day he was born, this Orobas cannot simply accept Your Highness that easily. Will Your Highness accept a duel with me?”

“…Of course, I will accept it.”

Luca’s smile was filled with antagonism as he hugged my waist. I was relieved it wasn’t a threat. The conversation went on and it was decided that the duel would take place at the Adventurer Guild’s training center tomorrow morning.

…No, wait a minute. He refuses to fight me, but is going to fight Luca instead. Isn’t that unfair?

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11 months ago

Donmai Zagan XD

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Having read all of your amazing translation of this novel as fast as I could, I can safely say, thank you for the chapter!

Also, Zagan is so cute as usual~

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Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

I imagine Zagan must be pouting right now. (Orobas sure is unfair. :P)
Thanks for the update ~♤

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Not Zagan being jealous of Luca having to prove he is worthy lmao

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