I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 65 (Part 2) 

“Wouldn’t a ring work? You two are lovers after all.” (Camilla)

“Ah! That’s it, nii-sama! A wedding ring! Since Orobas has approved of your marriage, you should make the preparations while you can!” (Noel)

I see… a wedding ring. That does sound like something that would make Luca happy.

However, at some point, it seems even Noel’s perception changed to “me and Luca being allowed to get married” if Luca won against Orobas. Was it because Orobas needed to challenge Luca to a duel before he could approve of him? Didn’t we decide just a month ago that we needed to deal with the discrimination against dark attribute users first? Where did that decision go?  

Although I held these kinds of worries, it wasn’t like I disliked the idea of a marriage with Luca. If it would make Luca happy, then I would also be happy.

Moreover, I realized the merits of being married during this last month.

For instance, just by being beside Luca at the party hosted by Marquess Modeste, I was able to keep the troublesome nobles who tried to approach Luca at bay. If we were to get married and become partners, then it would be possible for me to join as Luca’s partner for any kind of social gathering. That way I can look after Luca who said it was the first time he had such a fun and carefree time at a party.

I also agreed with Duchess Charmant’s words. As long as Luca married me, a man, he wouldn’t be able to father children, thus losing any value he had as a pawn. Therefore by marrying him, I could protect both Luca and the crown prince and princess.

This was probably why, for the very same reason, Duke Magnifique decided to publish the fact that I was Luca’s fiancé in the national newspaper without my consent.

The main point is that ‘being married’ was considered a very important matter in aristocratic society, as it involved choosing the next heir, property inheritance, and connections between nobles.

The reason Luca, Noel, and the others had been accelerating the pace of Luca and my wedding was because they were concerned that the nobles would interfere. After all, there definitely existed those who would do anything for their own desires.

The noblewoman who went around saying that she was Luca’s fiancée was like that as well. Despite Luca standing right next to me and Noel supporting me at that time, she still decided to recklessly attack me.

Then there were those women who directed bloodlust at me during the party. I bet if I wasn’t there, those women would have hounded Luca. They dare try to steal Luca away from me? Unforgivabl–

No, wait a minute.

“Hey, Noel. Uhm, this may sound like a weird question but… does the Soleil Kingdom have a polygamous marriage system?” (Zagan)

It was a bit late, but I’d just remembered the game having a harem ending. An ending where you live in harmony with all the heroines. There may have also been a 7p sex scene at the end that would have appealed to the male audience.

I could forgive it when it happened in the game, but frankly, I had no interest in such an ending; Luca was the only one for me. 

In any case, polygamy might be a thing in the kingdom. If that were the case, then even if Luca and I got married, wouldn’t there still be people who would approach him?

If I’m wrong, then I could just laugh the question off, yet Camilla nodded with a sound of understanding before looking toward Noel. Noel furrowed her eyebrows and couldn’t look me in the eye.

“D-Don’t tell me, bigamy is possible?” (Zagan)

“Oh no, that’s not it. Bigamy is a crime, so please don’t worry. However, there is a system that is somewhat similar to that. It’s just that I am not very familiar with it so I have no idea how to properly explain.” (Noel)

“Then shall I explain it for you instead? It is the ‘mistress system’, so to speak.” (Camilla)

What the heck is that? Perhaps because I unconsciously made a face, Camilla let out a snort.

“The name itself may sound iffy, but it is not something that will have a negative effect on Zagan. The purpose of the system is for royalty and titled nobility to take in talented commoners so they won’t be taken by other nobles. In other words, it is impossible to take in the ladies who directed their bloodlust at you through the mistress system.” (Camilla)

I see, so commoners are the main target. That means that as long as Luca gets married, there won’t be any women who try to approach him.

“There are also other conditions. First, to even get a mistress, they must already be married.” (Camilla)

“That’s true. It doesn’t make sense to take in a mistress if they weren’t married. You need to get married first.” (Zagan)

“That’s exactly right. Things like not being allowed to marry unless they’re both nobles or being engaged at a young age are all things of the past. Mother married father, who was a commoner, and even Luca chose nii-sama. Injustice is not allowed!” (Noel)

When I nodded, Noel also vigorously nodded in agreement. In this time and era, the ones who would have a fiancé or fianceé since childhood would probably only be the crown prince and the four great dukes.

According to Camilla, the reason why this system was created was because there was a problem with childhood engagements.

Perhaps because they married for the sake of their family, there were quite a few people who didn’t love their spouses and cheated on them. What’s more, there was a time when it didn’t matter what kind of wrongdoing was committed against commoners.

Thus, the system was established in hopes of mitigating that problem as much as possible.

Now that the times have changed, a mistress would only be brought in when the couple is unable to conceive, for the sake of producing an heir. Or like Camilla explained, as a way to keep and prevent other noble families from taking away talented people.

Of course, the original meaning of “mistress” also remained.

“By the way, you can only have up to five mistresses. Moreover, it is impossible without the agreement from both the husband and wife. Anyway, since Zagan is a commoner in the first place, the mistress system does not apply to you.” (Camilla)

So it seemed.

Meaning that for the game harem ending, the hero would first marry Noel, the count’s daughter, and then take in the other five using the mistress system. Of course, with Noel’s permission.

It wasn’t polygamy. I’m glad.

When I let out a sigh of relief, Noel also seemed to be relieved, as she similarly sighed.

“So, about the daughters of aristocratic families, they’d never chase after Luca to the point that they’d throw their noble status away. Isn’t that great, nii-sama?” (Noel)

She grinned at me. I hadn’t thought that far ahead, so I was a bit surprised.

If those ladies decided to throw away their status for something like that, that would be going beyond mere passion and verging on stupidity. One wrong move and they’d just be stalkers. Among the nobles who stood above the masses, there shouldn’t be someone so stupid… the saddest part is that I cannot even say that for certain.

Probably because I was making a strange face, Noel apologized in a fluster.

“I-I’m sorry for scaring you, nii-sama. There are people like that everywhere, but there is no need for you to worry. As long as you marry Luca, your status will be that of a royal spouse and there will no longer be anyone who tries to attack or insult nii-sama. After all, doing that would be disrespectful, so please have peace of mind.” (Noel)

Noel clenched her fists and encouraged me. I was actually just slightly taken aback but she was that worried about me. She’s really a kind sister.

“So moving back to the topic of the birthday present ─ if Zagan prepares a ring and dashingly proposes, wouldn’t that make Luca so happy he’d cry?” (Camilla)

“Alright, let’s buy it. The wedding ring.” (Zagan)

I nodded in agreement to Camilla’s words.

Looking cool was important. It’s not the time to complain about having the dark attribute or being uncomfortable with the idea of having a family. Besides, the idea of marriage allowing us to be able to protect each other was very attractive.

I’m going to propose to Luca in my very own cool way.

“You…. Have you ever been called ‘easy’ by Luca?” (Camilla)

“? Of course Luca wouldn’t say that to me.” (Zagan)

“Well… that’s true.” (Camilla)

When I answered while tilting my head, Camilla let out a wry laugh. ……It seemed that Camilla felt that I am ‘easy’.

When I looked at her with slight annoyance, she apologetically handed me a rice cracker. There was no helping it, so I let it go. Mn, delicious.

“For the ring’s size, you can secretly measure Luca’s finger while he is sleeping. You’ll need thread and scissors so I’ll lend you my sewing kit.” (Noel)

The thing Noel held out to me was a palm-sized sewing kit. I guess I just need to use the thread from here, wind it around Luca’s ring finger, tie it, cut that off, and I’m done.

I gratefully accepted it and put it in my breast pocket.

“Let’s go to the accessory shop together after you measure. Although, we definitely have to bring Luca along since it would be fuel for gossip for me to be with nii-sama, not to mention the matter of the dark attribute. But while you purchase the ring, I will pull him away from nii-sama even if by force so please leave it to me!” (Noel)

That’s right. I want the proposal to be a surprise, so I can’t let Luca notice.

“I appreciate it, Noel. I think I can measure it by tomorrow morning, so let’s find time to go out.” (Zagan)

“Yes! I’m looking forward to shopping with nii-sama!” (Noel)

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Aww, good luck Zagan!

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I got obsessed with this series and just caught up thank u for all the translations! Cannot wait to see what happens next!